BullionVault Review

December 11, 2021
Written by Peter Anderson

Lowest Fees

4.5/5 Rating

  • Best for IRA rollovers
  • Best fee structures
  • Most inclusive

Disclosure: Some of the links in this article are from sponsors. The list below is an honest review gathered from thorough research, experience, and consumer-based feedback. 

What is BullionVault?

BullionVault is an online trading platform founded in 2005 and is based in the UK, London.

The platform is under the ownership of Word Gold Council.

What the site does is, allows buyers, sellers, and investors to trade and store precious metals including gold, silver, and platinum.

 Today, the site has an investment of $3.8 billion, with more than 95,000 users worldwide.

BullionVault operates like other trading platforms, with the members having access to bullion trade markets.

Professional Gold and Silver Trading with BullionVault

While many precious metal investment companies tend to associate their dealing with future investment or protecting assets from depreciating, the BullionVault site is all about trading, storing, and making profits.

You can own any amount of physical gold with the BullionVault platform within hours of trading. You can transfer the amount of money you have acquired to your account within two business days. Trading with the site is quick and easy.
What this implies is that if you are new to such kind of trading, you might end up losing it all instead of making wise investment profit.

At the same time, the platform may be of great assistance to professional traders. For people with the idea of investing, BullionVault may not be the appropriate place to look into when trying to secure your future investment.

Reasons to trade on the platform include:

  • Largest online bullion market with an amount of gold amounting to $2.4 billion.
  • Lowest trading rates. Maximum of 0.50% on their overboard for all precious metals.
  • Withdrawal days only range to a minimum of 24 hours within the two working days
  • Every client owns their precious metal. They can be stored in any country of choice located within the countries allocated by the site.
  • Allows a 24/7 hour clock exchange of the precious metal using a variety of currencies, saving traders from the cost of conversation.

Ratings & Complaints

On most platforms, the probability of receiving positive and negative reviews isn’t new. 

Much of BullionVault's feedback was received with overwhelming praises from different organizations and professionals.

Below are some of the reviews from clients and organizations working with BullionVault.
On one of the reviews center about the Online Trading platform, Financial Times said that BullionVault had cut the cost of owning precious metals.

On the Reseller ratings, Daily Telegraph said that Bullionvault was a highly successful online trading site for gold bars and silver that has overcome the technological gaps to securely link investors names with their holdings vaults in countries like London, Hong Kong, and New York.

While on the glassdoor review, MSN Money lamented on the BullionVault review by saying the platform has made it easy to trade with the precious metals in small quantities and have the opportunity to acquire large physical gold without the hardships of wondering where to store it.

Wall Street Journal wrote that “BullionVault is an online bullion market with more gold vaults than those of central banks reserves of Canada, Hong Kong, and Qatar all put together.”

The below figures gives the official ratings for BullionVault.
5.63/10 –For Reseller Ratings
4.5/5 – For Review Centre
2.5/5 – For Glass Door

Since clients are criticizing the operation of the site, there is a need to think through before making your move into making any dealings with the platform.
Bullion provides individuals and traders with the easiest, safest, and probably the lowest trading rates for trading gold, silver, and platinum but do not be tempted to put all your investment in it.

Final Verdict

The following verdicts have been revealed if you want to take your chances and trade with the BullionVault platform.

  • There is a lot to gain for professional traders when you trade with their platforms.
  • For newly individuals who have less experience in the trading of precious metals stay away from the platform
  • Since bullion is the leading online trading platform, clients can get the prices of gold, silver, and platinum at wholesale price.
  • BullionVault site allows the exchange of assets through direct negotiations. Individuals are in a position to come up with their own competitive prices.
  • BullioVaults platform allows traders and individuals to negotiate directly, cutting the extra costs of intermediaries.
  • Through the allowance of the use of different currencies, the platform has cut the additional conversions costs which push traders into making more trades on the platform.
  • Bullionvault is the only bullion market that publishes its audits online.

What is the value of the precious metals on the site? 

The answer is that they are all determined by the vault users who trade on the site, and as stated BullionVault has over 95000 users in over 179 countries.

Since the platform is a member of the London Bullion Market Association, it provides you with one of the safest platforms to trade and even store your precious metal.

The platform is found in UK matters to do with taxation of the precious metals would be determined by the current taxation laws of the state you are.

If individuals need to contact the site representative for further dealing, users can hit the contact button, and automatic you will be connected to one of the representatives.