February 6, 2022
Written by Peter Anderson

About Me

About me and my investing journey.

Coralgold.com owner

Peter Anderson

Coralgold.com was created when I started investing in precious metals over 30 years ago. It is a collection of guides and reviews to help people navigate the waters of inflation hedging and retirement saving. 

I started this site after a conversation I had at the golf course with an undercover billionaire. After many rounds of golf, I learned some of the secrets that the ultra wealthy use to protect themselves against inflation and monetary policies.

They invest in precious metals because they are not subject to inflation. Precious metals have properties that will always be valuable and when fiat currencies crash, people rush to precious metals like gold. In times of war, the wealthy would use precious metals to protect themselves. 

After many conversations with my billionaire friend, I took a deep dive into understanding precious metals and alternative assets. There wasn’t a lot of information online at the time, so that’s why I created this website. I wanted to give people information that I wish I had so that hard working Americans like my parents could retire comfortably.

When the market crashed in 2008 my parents’ retirement was wiped out. I had warned them against investing in real estate and the stock market because I knew a little secret that no one was talking about. Major news networks and economists were still bullish on the economy while few experts knew it was going to crash.

Right before the 2008 crash, investors like Peter Schiff knew there was a massive bubble and it was bound to pop. If you go back and watch the interviews before the crash, no one took him seriously. He had been warning of the crash and fellow economists and investors would laugh and ridicule him.

This is another unique time in history where there’s a massive opportunity to protect your retirement while the rest of the world is in recession. The recession coming may be worse than the Great Depression, and the only way to be safe from that is by owning precious metals like gold. 

A little more about me, I am a Christian and family man that works in engineering. I have a beautiful wife of 36 years, Ashley, and 2 children. I grew up in Texas and went to college at the University of Michigan. Most of my free time is spent with my wife, 5 grandkids, or golfing. Aside from that, most of my focus is currently turning towards protecting my retirement. 

Thinking back to pre-investing days, it never occurred to me that the U.S. government would put us all in such an unfavorable environment for retirement. Now it’s up to us to make up for their mistakes and save what we can of what we’ve made.