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American Hartford Gold Review

October 16, 2021

American Hartford Gold Review finds that American Hartford Gold makes up a big chunk of the investment community. “American Hartford Gold” is run by Jon Whitacre who has been an integral part of the gold market since its inception. He has personally managed funds for thousands of clients worldwide. This review finds that this is because he knows where his clients’ assets are and because he has the experience to spot gold when it’s dropping in value.

About American Hartford Gold

American Hartford Gold Review takes a look at the American Hartford Gold Investment minimum deposit requirements and the different ways in which one can invest with them.American Hartford Gold” is an internet-only company which is one of the largest gold trading companies on the web today. They have an account facility which is available with zero fees. “American Hartford Gold” is run by Jon Whitacre who has been an integral member of the gold market since its inception. He also has years of experience running his own international gold trading firm and has the knowledge to guide potential investors through the process of investing in gold. Other gold IRA companies on the market like Goldco, or Augusta Precious Metals, stand up close to American Hartford, but few meet the same levels of expertise.

American Hartford Gold Products & Services

This American Hartford Gold Review takes a look at how people new to investing in gold and metals can protect themselves from scams. This is because American Hartford Gold is one of the few online brokerages which do not sell futures and options which means that there is no way they can lose money on the transactions. The company does however offer “buyback” and “sellback” programs like Birch Gold Group. The buyback program is designed to help an investor to buy back their previous gold investment at a lower price, allowing you to lock in your profit before the market turns.

American Hartford Gold Fees

One of the best parts of this American Hartford Gold Review is that it gives you a full breakdown of how each of these features work. The buyback program allows investors to sell gold stocks at a profit, even when the market is falling, and still be able to pay cash for it, since they pay cash for any shares which are purchased back under this program. You can also get “free” wire transfers and certificates of deposit when you invest with American Hartford. And just so you know, they offer over nine hours of business phone support, twenty-four four hours a day.


If you follow the American Hartford Gold Review, then you already know about their “fly by night” scheme, which saw them pay people in advance for placing fake bids on shares. Although this did not go over very well with American investors, the firm is still open for business, and continues to this day to employ over three hundred employees, who are paid hourly and have benefits. So, if you need a safe place to invest your money, this is definitely a viable option.


American Hartford Gold Review takes the bull by the horns and gives it all. They’ve proven their honesty and integrity throughout this entire process, which is why they’re still in business today. They’ve also implemented quality control measures which cut down on the amount of people calling in with complaints, and it’s all because they’ve done their homework, and listened to their customers. Their customer service show details include everything from how they do business, to how good their financial planning is, and how responsive they are to any questions they may have. This is what separates the good companies from the rest, and American Hartford Gold Review is proud to be one of the few companies to endorse this fine firm.

American Hartford Gold Client Reviews

American Hartford Gold Review does an excellent job of explaining to their customers the pros and cons of owning precious metals such as gold, silver, platinum, palladium, and nickel, as well as, the ins and outs of buying gold in the form of etfs and coins. They also explain to the reader exactly how the gold investment process works, and provide data and statistics regarding minimum purchase balances and the total amount of funds a person can own before they must begin paying commission fees. All of these important points are covered in an easy to read and understand format that doesn’t leave anything to the imagination. American Hartford Gold Review takes their role seriously and is devoted to educating customers about all aspects of the gold investment industry, which is why they continue to work diligently to maintain customer satisfaction.


American Hartford Gold Review is definitely not your run of the mill scam or “get rich quick” scheme. They offer legitimate, helpful information that will hopefully help you make an informed decision when it comes to making an investment in precious metals. The author and creator of this site, Michael J. Gerber, is a certified public accountant who has been in the investment business for over fifteen years. He is dedicated to helping his customers make well informed, educated decisions about private financial investments and he genuinely believes that his methods are superior to all the other sites on the Internet that all promise wealth in equal amounts.