American Hartford Gold Review

October 16, 2021
Written by Peter Anderson

Quick Summary: American Hartford Gold is one of the top 5 gold IRA companies on the market. They have many qualifications: from comprehensive educational materials, a great buy-back program, & competitive pricing, American Hartford Gold is an excellent choice for both first-time investors and veteran investors alike.

Disclosure: Some of the links in this article are from sponsors. The list below is an honest review gathered from thorough research, experience, and consumer-based feedback. 

Some Key Points of American Hartford Gold's Review:

  • Bill O’Reilly & Rick Harrison's trusted and recommended precious metals dealer
  • Buyback commitment with price-match guarantee and NO back end fees
  • Over $1 billion of precious metals delivered
  • A+ Rating from the BBB and a 5-Star Rating on Trustpilot
  • Offers both precious metal IRAs and physical metals
  • Ranked #1 Fastest Growing Gold Company on INC 5000 List

The firm is a market leader of precious metal IRA services. With lots of experience, and over $1 billion in precious metal sales, they are an acknowledged leader in the field.

Among their customers, they maintain a strong reputation for providing excellent customer service. In this article, we take a closer look at the company's offerings to provide potential investors with further insight into what makes them stand out from the competition.

Pros & Cons


  • Family owned and operated business
  • No minimum Contribution
  • Wealth-Protecting IRA set up in 3 easy steps
  • A+ rating with the BBB & AA with the BCA
  • Price match guarantee
  • Buyback commitment


  • Precious metal prices not publicly listed
  • Fee structure not publicly listed
  • Does not ship outside the US

American Hartford Gold Company Overview

The precious metal investment firm is a family-owned company that operates out of Los Angeles, CA. They specialize in the brokerage of gold, platinum, and silver for clients looking to invest in precious metals IRAs.

The gold company is dedicated to providing its customers with the best possible educational resources and access to industry experts to make informed decisions that are the best for them.

They have product specialists that are with clients every step of the way, another reason they are an excellent choice for investors. Speak to a specialist

The company understands that every client’s situation is unique. They strive to meet each customer where they are and provide individualized care to best meet their needs. They ensure that clients never feel pressured to make any decisions.

American Hartford Gold Ratings, Complaints, And Customer Reviews

  • BBB Rating is an A+ ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ (4.94/5) From 272 reviews
  • Consumer Affairs Rating is ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ (4.95/5) Ratings - From 94 Reviews
  • BCA Rating is an AA ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ (4.9/5)
  • Trustpilot Rating is "excellent" ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐  (5.0/5) From 1,062 reviews
  • Google My Business Rating is ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ (4.9/5) Ratings - From 409 reviews

American Hartford Gold Investment Minimum

They offer both Precious Metal IRAs and cash purchases of gold, platinum, and silver. There is no specific minimum investment for a self-directed IRA.

What Services Does American Hartford Gold Offer Its Customers?

The precious metal company is a precious metal dealer that offers gold and silver investments, as well as other precious metals. They have world-class customer service and some of the lowest minimums you will find. For self-directed IRAs, they have no minimum investment.

They specialize in gold IRAs, which provide investors with access to the wide range of precious metals available on the market.

Customers can take advantage of American Hartford Gold’s buyback commitment and receive top dollar for their purchases. 

With them you will always receive exceptional customer service from start to finish, ensuring that every client has a safe and secure experience when it comes to investing in gold IRAs or other forms of gold bullion and other metals. 

From setting up accounts to helping select the best assets for long term growth – American Hartford Gold stands out as one of the leading providers of services related to gold investment today.

American Hartford Gold Fees

Any precious metal company's fees are an important issue to consider when investing your retirement funds. Understanding the fees is essential when turning traditional IRAs into gold IRAs what type of investment is right for you. AHG doesn't advertise their fees but they have:

  • Storage Fee 
  • Management fee

Can I Trust American Hartford Gold?

When it comes to investing, trust is a key factor. American Hartford Gold has earned its reputation as one of the most trusted precious metals dealers in the US.

The family owned business was established in 2015 and is located at Wilshire Blvd in Los Angeles, California. It specializes in offering precious metal IRAs and high-quality gold and silver coins and bullion products.

American Hartford Gold Group reviews are mostly positive with many customers stating that they have had great experiences when buying coins or bullion from them.

They also offer competitive prices on their products which can be found online or through their offices. Customer service representatives are available 24/7 for questions about ordering and shipping items.

*No Minimum Investment

*Buy-back program

*Price-match guarantee

Getting in Contact

Step 1: Talk to a Specialist

Once you contact American Hartford Gold, the necessary paperwork can be completed and processed in as little as three days.

Step 2: Fund your account

This could be rolling over existing IRAs and 401(k)s or funded directly from a bank.

Step 3: Purchase your gold/silver

Product specialists will assist in the selection of gold, silver, and platinum products to suit your needs.

Once the precious metals are selected and the purchase is finalized, the products will be transferred to a secure depository location.

These could include DDSC or one of several Brinks locations. 

The specific location where your precious metals will be stored varies and can be better determined by speaking with a product specialist.

Is American Hartford Gold a Scam?

The company is not a scam. It is one of the few established and reputable precious metal investment firms that has been in operation since 2012. The company was founded by Scott Gerlis, who sought to provide experienced investors with quality products and attentive customer service. They stand against some of the big names in the industry including Goldco, Augusta PM, and Red Rock.

They even work with Brink's Global Services, one of the world’s most trusted names in secure storage solutions, so clients can be sure their investments are safe and secure.

The company offers competitive pricing on its metals inventory which includes a range of coins, bars and rounds from North America, Europe, South Africa, Australia and other parts of the world.

They also offer free shipping on orders over $99 as well as a 30-day satisfaction guarantee for any item purchased through them. Additionally, customers have access to educational resources such as videos and live webinars about investing in precious metals.

High-quality services at reasonable prices for those looking to invest in gold or silver bullion are offered by this gold dealer, AHG.

Their knowledgeable staff helps guide customers through the process from start to finish while providing answers to all questions along the way.

With reliable security measures implemented by Brink's Global Services and excellent customer service provided by American Hartford Gold Group, it’s clear why this company continues to be chosen by many serious investors around the world

American Hartford Gold FAQ

What is a Gold IRA?

A Gold IRA is an Individual Retirement Account (IRA) that allows for in gold, silver, and other precious metals investments. These accounts are setup to help investors diversify their retirement portfolios with a range of gold investments.

With this type of account, investors can hold physical gold coins or bars as well as exchange-traded funds (ETFs). The IRS has specific regulations about the types of gold and other metals that qualify for these IRAs.

Investors who open a Gold IRA have several benefits over traditional investments such as stocks and bonds.

For instance, gold prices tend to move independently from stock markets; so when stock values go down, it's possible that gold could increase in value. Additionally, inflation is often less severe on gold than paper currencies because its price tends to remain relatively stable over time.

This means more protection against economic downturns that might devalue paper money. Gold IRAs also offer tax advantages not found in other investment vehicles. Precious metal investments inside an IRA are exempt from capital gains taxes if they meet certain requirements established by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

When selling any asset held within an IRA there are no income or capital gains taxes due until distributions start being taken out at age 59 1/2 . By investing in a Gold IRA you may be able to reduce your exposure to risk while potentially increasing returns based on long term market trends.

What types of gold, platinum, and silver does American Hartford Gold sell?

Gold, platinum, and silver in many different forms. This includes bouillon, coins, and bars. All precious metals sold for Precious Metal IRAs meet the IRS standards of purity.

The IRS does not allow for other items such as collector coins because they are rarely pure gold or silver.

How is precious metals storage handled?

In the case of precious metal IRAs, gold, platinum, and silver will be delivered directly to the secure custodial facility.

They partner with IRS-approved facilities where the IRA metals will be securely stored. These facilities are likely to include the DDSC in Delaware and several Brinks depository vaults.

In the case of direct purchase, the precious metals will be sent directly to your home in the form of an insured shipment.

How do I roll over my existing IRA or 401k to a gold IRA?

Rolling over an existing IRA or 401(k) is an easy way to fund a gold IRA.  

Once the paperwork is completed the new self-directed IRA is funded. This can be done in as little as three days.

After this process is completed then the next step is to purchase the gold and silver that best suits your needs. American Hartford Gold’s experts will help you make these selections.

Is American Hartford Gold Insured?

The company is, indeed, insured by The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC). Specifically, it insures deposits up to $250,000 per customer at each FDIC-insured bank.

As such, customers can rest assured that their money is safe when investing with them.

They are also backed by the Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC) which provides protection against losses due to insolvency within limits set by law.

It should be noted that while both of these organizations offer some kind of insurance coverage, there are still risks associated with any investment product.

Customers should understand all terms and conditions before making a decision as different products may present varying levels of risk depending on factors such as market volatility and other economic factors.

It’s essential to research options thoroughly and consult financial advisors if needed in order make informed choices regarding investments.

How Does The American Hartford Gold Account Compare To Other Gold Accounts?

They offer:

  • 24/7 customer support
  • Flexible deposit sizes
  • Accessibility across multiple devices
It’s clear that each investor’s preferences and financial objectives will dictate which product they ultimately choose; however understanding the inherent risks within each offering allows individuals make informed decisions regarding their money management strategy going forward.

What Types Of Gold and Silver Does American Hartford Gold Offer?

The investment company offers a variety of gold and silver options for customers to choose from. These include both physical and IRA investments in gold and silver.

Physical: gold and silver coins, and bars. Investors can also purchase certificates that represent ownership in specific bullion products such as Krugerrands or American Eagles. 

In summary, AHG offers various types of gold investments ranging from physical coins and bars to paper assets including ETFs and certificates.

Depending on individual needs such as liquidity requirements, budget constraints or risk appetite levels it is important for investors to evaluate all options carefully before making any decisions about how they want to diversify their portfolio with this precious metal asset class.


How Long Does It Take To Open An Account With American Hartford Gold?

Opening an account can be a simple and straightforward process. Before beginning, it is important to know the types of gold offered by the company. Once this has been determined, customers are ready to begin the registration process.

The first step in opening an account involves going online and filling out an application form. This takes only a few minutes and requires basic information such as name, address and contact details.

Customers must also provide government-issued identification documents for verification purposes. After completing the form, customers will receive confirmation of their request within 24 hours via email or telephone call from their customer support team.

Once all necessary documentation has been received by American Hartford Gold, they will review it thoroughly before granting approval for the new account. Depending on how quickly all required paperwork is submitted and processed, new accounts may take anywhere between 1 - 2 weeks to open successfully.

During this time period, customers should expect regular communication updates regarding their pending applications status. It is recommended that customers remain patient throughout this process to ensure accuracy when finalizing their accounts.

In order to start buying gold products through their newly established accounts, customers need to deposit funds into them first using either debit cards or bank transfers.

Withdrawals of funds or physical delivery of gold bars can then occur after sufficient balance is available in these accounts. 

Are There Additional Costs For Shipping And Storage With American Hartford Gold?

Opening an account may be a bit of a process, but what about the costs associated? Are there additional charges for shipping and storage? It's important to consider these details before signing on.

Below is a list of 3 key points regarding the costs:

-There may be fees for shipping or storing gold
-These are usually handled by the custodian chosen by the customer
-The amount can vary depending on market conditions

Shipping and storage fees depend upon which custodian you choose, as they will handle those costs directly. It’s also helpful to remember that prices can fluctuate based on the market in general.

That means if you're looking into investing long term with them, it might be wise to plan ahead and budget accordingly. In any case, make sure to do your research so you know exactly how much you'll need to cover all expenses related to your investment portfolio.


It is clear that American Hartford Gold provides unparalleled customer service, and a secure and reliable way to invest in gold.

They offer an array of different types of gold, which can be purchased quickly and easily with their online account opening process, and they do not charge additional fees for shipping or storage, making them one of the most cost-effective options on the market.

Overall, American Hartford Gold is a great option for those looking for a secure and convenient way to invest in gold without worrying about additional costs associated with shipping or storage.

Their comprehensive selection of gold products gives investors plenty of choices when deciding where best to put their money and their insurance policies provide added protection against unforeseen losses.