JM Bullion Gold IRA Company Review

October 16, 2021
Written by Peter Anderson

Disclosure: Some of the links in this article are from sponsors. The list below is an honest review gathered from thorough research, experience, and consumer-based feedback. 

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Typically, when it comes to making choices on suitable investments, you would want to place your money on something that has stood the rigors and test of time.

There is perhaps nothing more solid in regards to investment than gold.

For many centuries, gold has been the semblance of wealth. 

Whether it is jewelry for donning or used as a currency, gold has its shine and value.

Consequently, this has made gold a hotly sought-after metal since it can appreciate value over time.

In the current world, investors are looking for it in whatever form they can get – jewelry, coins, or bar.


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A Quick Summary

 Now, when looking to buy gold, you will want to get the best deal for your money or exchange value. This is where you need a reputable dealer who has had adequate experience dealing with this precious metal.

One such dealer is JM Bullion. 

Typically, when it comes to purchasing gold, you will want to get the most competitive price. Additionally, it doesn't hurt to know that the investment you are getting into is safe, genuine, and offers the best premium quality.

This post will take a detailed look at JM Bullion, its offerings, and the possible shortcomings.

This will essentially help you make an informed decision in regards to your investment.

To hear more about the best gold IRA companies on the market, check out my review. 

 About JM Bullion

 JM Bullion is an online retailer and seller of gold, copper, silver, and other precious metals such as platinum.

Typically, JM Bullion is known for its great gold bars and coins, which make its products of significant value. 

This makes the products by JM Bullion quite attractive to investors.

Founded in 2011 in Lancaster, PA, the company was later relocated to Dallas, Texas, after making record sales of $1 million in a day.

It has grown very quickly to become the fastest-growing precious metal company in the United States of America.

Despite this growth, the company has remained to be relatively a very small operation. It has just 30 employees and operates within the US through its call center and website only. However, you shouldn't be deceived by the size of the operations. 

The company has vast offerings for precious metals and has the quality and decent client feedback to speak on behalf of them. 

It also remains to be a very lucrative player in the world of tangible investments.

Services Offered by JM Bullion

 JM Bullion has specialized in selling precious metals such a gold and silver. 

However, the company's main focus is on actual and physical products that come without necessarily making paper investments. Aside from this, they also offer gold IRA investments.

Typically, an investor has the option to purchase gold in the form of bars or coins. Now, there are different types of gold coins available.

The range for these coins include:

  •  South African coins
  •  British coins
  •  American coins
  •  Australian coins and
  •  Canadian coins

 Typically, when you place your order for either gold or silver, the price you get is essentially a figure that you get to agree on with the company. Other companies like PatriotSD Bullion, Oxford, 7k Metals, and Monetary Gold offer similar products. 

Apart from the value of the precious metals, they are also very collectible items popular as heirlooms. JM Bullion also sells coins made of silver, platinum, silver, copper, or palladium. 

If, however, you need popular culture coins such as one on star trek or Disney, you can get them.

 Normally, when we think of buying gold, the first thing that comes to mind is the image of gold bars. These make the bulk of JM Bullion and Noble Gold Investments supply and retailing. 

Additionally, they are very popular with the buyers on the website.

However, if you are looking to purchase other precious metal bars, you don't have to worry yourself. JM Bullion also offers copper, silver, palladium, and platinum bars.

 Though JM Bullion is not considered a jeweler in the traditional sense, you can still pick various great jewelry pieces from them.

For instance, they have a Hammered Gold Bullion Bracelet that retails at over $1800. Though only available in gold, this bracelet is a piece to behold.

 There is also a good number of investors who have a preference for mixing intangible and physical assets to diversify their portfolios.

If you are one of them, JM Bullion precious metals can also be passed down through generations as heirlooms.

With gold being one of the most stable and well-established currencies to this day, it is a better preference than some other investments. Additionally, it is way less risky.

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Pros and Cons of JM Bullion

 Just like with all good things, JM Bullion has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. The following is a detailed list of the Pros and Cons of this company.


 • Wide range of metal selection. Essentially, an investor has the option to select from an extensive list of offerings from JM Bullion. Among the available options, the company offers gold, copper, silver, and other precious metals in the form of gold coins or bars. The coins also come in a range of denominations. 

 • The company does not charge for services. This is another excellent feature for JM Bullion. Lack of service charges makes purchasing precious metal products from the company more worthwhile and less expensive. The total cost that you will have to bear is the cost indicated in the list price and shipping charges that might apply. Also, the company does not charge a commission from the listed price.

 • Updated product prices. At JM Bullion, you get to purchase your precious metals at the latest price. The prices are essentially based on the current market price that is always updated through a data feed. If you want, you can use the lock-in feature to hold the price of your preferred product for 10 minutes. This feature is essentially available during the checkout process.


 • Lack of storage services. The company does not offer storage services for the purchased products. Typically, this is a service that most investors are looking for since it can be a hassle finding storage for precious metals.

 • The company is not listed with US Mint. Investors also want to feel that they are dealing with a company recognized by the relevant authorities. Currently, JM Bullion is not listed with US Mint as a dealer. Comparing precious metal dealing companies takes the recognition of the listing on the US Mint and a valid ICTA membership. The lack of the two makes a company less credible.

 • Like Lear Capital, the company does not have a TRUSTe verification. Most of the purchases and transactions at JM Bullion are conducted online. For this reason, the company should have an online transaction verification certificate such as TRUSTe. Though the company's reputation is already good, a good number of new investors may feel uncertain about the lack of TRUSTe verification.

This verification is essential for ensuring that the investors have peace of mind when making the purchase.


  • Low yearly fees
  • Wonderful customer feedback and services
  • A do-it-yourself buyback feature


  • Bad client reviews
  • Limited stock options
  • US investors only

JM Bullion Fees

 JM Bullion and IRA fees include the initial setup fees, the annual admin fees, and depository fees. Most of these fees depend on your custodian and vary.

Since the company does not offer storage services, it does not charge storage fees. 

Additionally, there are no minimum purchase amounts in regards to JM Bullion products.

One-time Fees:


IRA Setup Fee

TBD by investment

Admin Fee

TBD by investment

Investment Minimums

 In essence, JM Bullion does not offer an investment minimum for any purchase. However, there are restrictions on the upper range of the amount you can make regarding payment.

These restrictions are, however, based on your chosen payment method.

If you decide to make a bank wire transfer, there is a minimum limit of $1000. Credit cards, debit cards, PayPal, and cryptocurrencies only have an upper limit.

Investment Minimums:




Physical products


General Investment FAQs

Does JM Bullion Have Limits In Regards To The Purchase Amount?

The company essentially does not impose any limits.

However, the payment processing methods have limits to how much can be transacted.

Typically, these are upper limits for credit cards, PayPal, or cryptocurrencies. A bank wire transfer also requires a minimum of $1000.

Is JM Bullion Legitimate?

 The company is a legitimate precious metal dealer with high ratings on BBB and great testimonials.

Are the Shipped Products Insured?

The company ensures all the shipped products. The company also tracks and traces the movement of the product until it is delivered to you.

What Makes the Company Unique?

 JM Bullion is known for its clear pricing strategy and a simple purchase and selling process. Additionally, the company offers the most competitive pricing depending on the current market value.

Investing in Gold & Silver

 Investing in either gold or silver ensures that you can still hold on to the value of your investment for a long time.

Gold is known to be a measure of value and can last for a very long time. Additionally, you can pass the precious metals down to your generations as heirlooms.

 In a nutshell, getting the best dealer for your precious metals translates to better quality, great service, and saving.

JM Bullion allows investing in precious metals while at the same time offering you great prices with no service charges.

The company is also great on portfolio and can deliver jewelry in addition to precious metal coins and bars.

Augusta Precious Metals

Augusta is the leading provider of Gold and other precious metal IRAs. They offer exceptional customer service and diversification options for their clients.