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Lear Capital Gold IRA Company Review

Disclosure: Some of the links in this article are from sponsors. The list below is an honest review gathered from thorough research, experience, and consumer-based feedback. 

Quick Summary

Lear Capital is a precious metal investment company that was started in 2001.

Kevin DeMerritt took advantage of his experience in the international banking sector to come up with the company.

Kevin is a highly experienced expert in the financial sector and decided to move into the world of precious metals since more retired investors need assistance in protecting their wealth in the current climate. 

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After careful analysis of financial trends, economic cycles, and trade in sovereign debt, the company was started. Lear capital has been growing since it was established but has a mix of positive and negative reviews. 

Investors looking to enjoy the best experience in their investments prefer the company. A section on the Lear Capital website is dedicated to keeping people informed.

People looking forward to staying informed on different issues that affect them can rely on the platform.

It is a highly reliable platform that comes up with the right finance advance for people to make the right investment decisions.

Those who would like to get financial help dealing with a wide range of issues can always work with the company experts; they are dedicated to coming up with the right strategies to help them grow.

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Pros of signing up at Lear Capital

People turn to precious metals investment as a way of diversifying their resources.

The company employs the right strategies that have made them very reliable. For instance, they have very fast customer support.

People get the required help they need before they can start the investment process. The different steps they take ensure they are very reliable when it comes to different precious metals investments. Some of the benefits of investing in Lear Capital are:

Easy to use website

The precious metals investment company offers services online. Those interested in precious metals investment can count on the company to get the necessary information they need.

They have a website that is maintained daily to offer the necessary updates about different issues that affect people.

With the blog section, those interested in precious metals investment can check out to get regular updates of different economies in the world.

The field of investment requires people to research widely about issues that are happening in their lives. From the timely updates offered, it is easy to get updates about the latest happenings in different parts of the world, affecting precious metals investment.

$50,000 Minimum Investment

Free portfolio reviews for all clients

*Most Professional

*Best Pricing

Expert analysis of economic issues across the world

People interested in precious metals would like to research widely before they can decide to invest.

From reviews offered by the experts on the company website, it is easy to get up-to-date information on different issues. 

The analysis of the different problems that can affect the price of precious metals is analyzed. Experts recommend researching before making any investment move.

The different issues explained on the company website make it easy for people to get the best deals. They are dedicated to making it easy for learners to make informed decisions in their investments.

Avoid making simple mistakes by relying on expert advice offered on the website. 

The website offers data about different things that people can do to enjoy the best investment decisions.

Education on a wide range of products

Lear Capital, like JM Bullion, is dedicated to explaining all details about the services that they offer.

From their knowledge base, it is easy to get a wide range of products due to diversification. 

Research shows that people who diversify their investments are in the best position of enjoying the best results when it comes to investing.

The company's different steps ensure they inform their potential customers before they can get their services.

Some of the products the company offers include:


The company offers a wide range of coins that meet the need of different people. There are some rare coins, and others are eligible for gold-backed IRA.

 Get to compare all the coins available at the company to make the right decision.

They make necessary efforts to explain the different coins available at the company before buyers can proceed.

The wide range of coins available creates room for people to choose different coins that can meet different needs.


The gold bullions come in different purity levels.

Some billions can be used in certain applications or stored in gold-backed IRA.

The company stands out in having a wide range of bullion for people to choose from.

They have the widest connection of suppliers who ensure they have enough products that can serve in different areas.

They are dedicated to making it easy for investors with different moves to make the right decisions.

 The few steps they take ensure they stand out in their investments.

Physical gold

Some investors are interested in buying physical gold in bulk.

The company has physical gold bars that meet different specifications. 

People interred in gold investments have the opportunity to invest in different gold bars. They have the gold bars from the best suppliers.

The fair pricing of their services makes many buyers prefer them.

The process of buying gold has been simplified by the different steps the company has taken.

They are keen to develop the right steps that ensure they have the right investment opportunities for all people.

Investing in gold stocks

Some would not like to invest in physical gold but rather go for gold stocks.

They can use the services offered by the company. 

Get advice help on how to go about gold stocks investment the right way.

They have taken different measures to ensure they simplify the process of investing in gold.

The company is among the best that has been very reliable in coming up with the right investment strategies that lead to the best experience when investing in gold stocks.

Minimum distribution calculator

The company offers a useful tool to determine how much to take out of the savings when the time comes. 

Keep informed on the right steps to take when investing in gold IRA and other retirement-related savings.

They take the right steps to ensure they avail the best services that serve the needs of different people. The different steps they take assure investors value for money.

Attractive sign-up incentives

People get free $100 after they sign up and make a deposit of more than $5,000. The amounts are applied as a credit against the purchase. People interested in saving money and making the right investment decision prefer the move. It is a great way to save money

Cons of Lear Capital

There are a few drawbacks associated with Lear Capital, similar to those of Monetary Gold.

The company is among the best to consider for precious metals investment but be sure to check out some of the drawbacks associated with the company.

Here are some of the few drawbacks that should be considered:

They do not offer palladium or platinum

Some precious metals investors are interested in other products such as palladium and platinum.

The products fail in the company.

It may not be the best option for those interested in palladium investment.

They explain alternative investments that can be taken instead of the two metals.

It can be a restrictive feature for people interested in the two metals.

Focuses on gold and silver coins

Although the company offers information about other precious metals such as bullion and bars, they focus on selling gold and silver coins. 

It may be a limiting issue for those looking for other types of investments or are after diversification.
Lear Capital is among the best company for buying and selling precious coins.

They do not have set minimums because people pay for the products.

Their fees are not clearly defined.

From many Lear Capital reviews, the company is among genuine places where people can easily buy precious metals online.

Their experts are highly experienced in the field of precious metals investments.

Doing business with the company is a big step towards making profits.

They simplify the process of precious metals investments by availing enough information about different precious metals-related investments.

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