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SD Bullion Review

Disclosure: Some of the links in this article are from sponsors. The review below is an honest review gathered from thorough research, experience, and consumer-based feedback. 

To Summarize

SD Bullion is a precious metals company that specializes in gold and silver.

They offer many different products to their customers, such as coins, bars, rounds, etc.

The company has been around since 1965 and they have an A+ rating with the BBB.

It's important for any business to strive for customer satisfaction- SD Bullion knows this all too well!

This article will review the different types of services offered by SD Bullion so you can make an educated decision about whether or not they are right for your needs.

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About SD Bullion

SD Bullion is located in San Diego, California. 

They have been in the precious metal business since 2004 and they specialize in selling products like bars, rounds, coins, and collectibles.

They are a well-recognized dealer of these types of goods. They handle a wide range of silver and gold products that come from all over the world.

Products Offered by SD Bullion

They offer a large selection of precious metal bars and rounds which comes in many different weights and sizes. 

The items you can purchase include:

  • 1 Oz bar
  • 10 Oz bar
  • 100 Oz bar
  • 1000 Oz bar
  • 1 gram round 
  • 5 Oz round 
  • 100 gram round
  • 1000 gram round

From the USA you can buy products that are made by Sunshine Minting Inc., Republic Metals Corporation, Golden State Mint, Northwest Territorial Mint, Highland Mint, and others.

 The bars come in gold as well as silver.

All bars offer great premiums over spot prices for the weight.

They also sell a large variety of coins from all over the world. 

These include 1 Oz, 2 Oz, 5 Oz, and even 50 Oz American Silver Eagles provided by the US Mint.

 They offer extremely competitive prices for these products with some of them even cheaper than what the US Mint offers!

 There is no doubt that SD Bullion always has a great product on hand with a huge variety of items from which to choose.

The prices are competitive, but it is important to note that they have one of the lowest premiums over spot compared to most other dealers you will find online.

SD Bullion also accepts bitcoin as a form of payment for their products which many other precious metal dealers don't seem to do.

Services offered by SD Bullion

 SD Bullion offers a large variety of products to choose from, right behind Noble Gold Investments, Oxford, JM, and before 7k and Monetary Gold.  

They have an excellent selection of coins, bars and rounds made by some of the best mints in the world, and a good track record unlike Allegiance Gold, Acre Gold, and Goldline

They also accept bitcoin which is great!

The prices are about average compared to other places you can get these products.

The website can be slow at times which is frustrating to deal with, but other than that they are a great company to work with!

 SD Bullion ships all over the world. 

They offer free first class shipping within the US: 

$99 on orders $1000-$4999 and

$150 flat rate on everything else.

International rates depend on what country you are in of course, but they do offer all of their products listed with bitcoin as an accepted method of payment which makes doing business with them even easier.

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Pros & Cons


  • 100% satisfaction guarantee on all their products. Your purchase is protected by this policy.
  • Website is very easy to navigate and use
  • Fast, easy secure checkout process that allows you to order with ease.
  • You can buy with bitcoin on the website!


  • prices are a little high compared to other competitors
  • Bad reviews and issues with orders
  • Their website can be a little slow

Why is SD Bullion a scam?

 Throughout the years that SD Bullion has been in business, there have been multiple complaints from customers who say that their orders were never received and after contacting customer service, they were told to wait for a refund or resend their order.

 Neither of these things ever happened for customers, and the company still has $15 million in accounts receivable listed on its site as of October 20, 2014.

What is the overall consensus from people who have worked with them?

 The consensus is that SD Bullion is not to be trusted.

Even given the benefit of the doubt (for example, assuming that all of their shipments are made on time and arrive in great condition), it sounds like there are too many complaints about people not knowing where their product is, or getting stuck with something they didn't want after agreeing to a refund.

However, if you're willing to take the risk on SD Bullion, at least now you have some idea of what other people are saying about them.

SD Bullion Fees

They charge $9.95 on orders under $250, and 4% on all credit card orders (the minimum amount you can order 50$).

Shipping is free within the US, they charge 9% for orders over $99 and under $1000. It's 12% for orders between $999.99-$4999.95 and it's higher after that (15%).

International rates depend on what country you order from, but they do offer bitcoin as an accepted method of payment which is great! All of the fees are listed on their website. If you're into crypto, check out Lear Capital too.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is bitcoin and how does it work?

 Bitcoin is a way of paying for an item without having to use fiat currency. It's basically like digital money, but it has no central authority (there is no bank or organization that controls bitcoins). Instead, bitcoins are controlled by the people who use them.

What is bullion?

 A bullion is a bar or coin that has been made out of precious metals like gold and silver. Precious metals are commonly used in jewelry, but there are also many industries (like technology) that rely on them.

Will SD Bullion accept my credit card if I live outside of the US?

 Yes, they will! They offer many payment methods for international customers. You can pay with your bank account, credit cards (Visa / Mastercard), cashier's check or bitcoin. They do not charge any fees for orders paid with bitcoins.

What is the difference between numismatic coins and bullion coins?

 Bullion coins are basically standard coins that are valued by their weight in gold, silver, or other precious metals. They can be used as currency if you wanted to, but they are generally considered more valuable because of the metal content. Numismatic coins are usually rare/valuable collectibles that have been produced by the US Mint - they are considered to be even more valuable than regular bullion coins. 

Why would someone want to purchase precious metal products with bitcoin?

 Someone might want to purchase them with bitcoin for several reasons. First of all, they are cheaper than fiat currency which allows you to spend less on your purchase (bitcoin is lower in value than fiat currency at the time of writing). Another reason is that these coins are backed by physical metals which makes them even more valuable. With many other e-currencies, it's not possible to purchase tangible assets with them, but bitcoin allows us to do this!

What people might not like about SD Bullion?

 First of all, they don't offer free consultations (which many other dealers do). The website can be very slow at times which makes it very annoying when you try to use it. They also don't provide any information about the precious metals themselves (like exact weight and purity).

What people might like about SD Bullion?

 They offer very competitive prices which makes them a great choice for those who want to find bullion at an affordable rate. Their website provides a lot of great information and it's really simple to use. They have a great reputation and they have been around for quite a long time.