Amerigold Review

May 4, 2023
Written by Peter Anderson

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Amerigold Background

Amerigold is a leading precious metals dealer, led by CEO and founder Greg McCoach. They provide customers with quality products such as gold coins, rounds, bars, and jewelry.

In addition to their main warehouse in the US state of Arizona, they operate two other warehouses throughout the world stocking their amazing Amerigold Suites line.

The company has seen incredible growth since its founding over 20 years ago with no signs of slowing down any time soon - it's estimated that this year alone sales will be up 35%!

This success can mostly be attributed to McCoach’s passion for making sure customers are getting only top-notch products at reasonable prices. His commitment to excellence was something he held dear from day one when starting out in his garage office.

Amerigold prides itself on providing outstanding service both before and after purchase. They have an experienced team ready to answer questions about all sorts of precious metal products; from gold bullion to ancient coins, there’s nothing these folks don’t know about the industry!

Thanks to Amerigold and its staff, you can rest assured your investment into the future is safe and sound. With that said, let's take a look at who leads this incredible organization...

Amerigold Management

Amerigold's management team is one of the strongest in the industry. They have years of experience and expertise, which gives them an edge over competitors when it comes to products and services. As a result, AmeriGold has become one of the top rated companies for their type of product across many locations.

Their leadership plays a big part in this success. The way they manage times, resources, and personnel ensures that customers receive quality products at all times. Their rating system helps customers identify what type of product or service would be right for their individual needs.

The company also values its employees highly as they are seen as key players in delivering quality services to every customer. With their location-based approach, they're able to provide on-the-ground support to customers no matter where they may be located.

This means that AmeriGold can make sure each customer gets the best possible quality for their product or service regardless of time or place - something that sets them apart from the competition.

In short, Amerigold's Management Team provides great leadership with a focus on excellence throughout the organization - from production lines to customer service representatives - so that customers get exactly what they need wherever they are located. That kind of dedication makes AmeriGold stand out among other providers and puts them ahead of the curve when it comes to providing top notch products and services.

Amerigold Products and Services

When it comes to physical gold, AmeriGold is dedicated to providing the best products and services for their customers. They offer a wide selection of coins including American Gold Buffalo 1 oz, American Gold Eagles, and Austrian Gold Philharmonic 1 oz.

All of these coins come with an authenticity guarantee from the manufacturer and are backed by the US Government. AmeriGold also offers competitive pricing on all their sales of gold coins.

Their prices are often lower than those offered by other dealers in the industry, allowing you to save money while investing in your future. They provide free shipping on orders over $100 so that you don't have to worry about any additional costs when purchasing your investment items.

It's clear that AmeriGold takes pride in providing quality products and services at an affordable price - making them a great choice for anyone looking to invest in physical gold. With their vast selection and unbeatable prices, there's no better place to get started with investing physical gold in your IRA!

Why Invest Physical Gold in Your IRA?

Investing physical gold in an IRA is a great way to diversify your savings and get ahead of any financial problems that could arise. With the right portfolio, you can take advantage of what’s called “inventory control” — buying when prices are low and selling when they’re high.

You can add American Silver Eagles, Gold Bars or Krugerrands to your IRA without worries about taxes or other hassles. The bull market for gold investing isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Prices have been steadily increasing over time, whether it's ten years ago or today.

Gold never loses its value like paper money does with inflation. That means you don't need to worry about losing out on gains if something changes suddenly since the precious metal will always stay valuable no matter what happens.

Gold IRAs give peace of mind knowing that your nest egg won't be affected by economic downturns because the price of gold remains steady regardless of market conditions. Not only do these accounts offer stability but also potential for growth as well!

So why wait? Start exploring now and see all the ways having gold in your retirement account can bring you closer to achieving financial success.

What Is a Gold IRA?

When it comes to investing, gold can be a great choice. A Gold IRA is one of the best ways to get your hands on some precious metal and make sure you’re getting the most bang for your buck.

We’ve all heard about that employee benefits package or inventory supervisor at work who has a whole stash of American Silver Eagles 1 oz coins hiding in their office drawer - but if you want to do something more with your money than hide it away, then a gold IRA could be just what you need!

To start off, here are some reasons why gold IRAs are awesome:

  • They provide financial security through diversification of assets;
  • You can choose from many different types of bullion dealers when setting up an account;
  • Precious metals often rise in value during inflationary times;
  • Your investment grows without incurring taxes until withdrawals begin.

With these factors taken into consideration, there's no doubt that having a gold IRA is worth considering as part of your overall portfolio. As far as investments go, they're pretty low maintenance and offer excellent protection against volatility and economic downturns. When done right, they give you access to even greater returns over time.

So if you're looking for solid retirement planning advice or simply have questions about which type of IRA would suit you best – exploring the option of gold should definitely be on your list!

Now let's take a look at how Gold IRAs compare to traditional IRAs...

Gold IRA vs. Traditional IRA

A Gold IRA is an individual retirement account that consists of physical gold, silver and other precious metals. This type of investment allows investors to diversify their portfolio with a tangible asset instead of just stocks or bonds.

It is becoming increasingly popular among those looking for reliable long-term investments. Gregory McCoach, a financial analyst from AmeriGold, says “The goal for many people is to build wealth through savings and investing over time, but traditional IRAs don’t always offer enough security due to the volatile stock market. A Gold IRA provides more stability in uncertain times”

On the other hand, Traditional IRAs are much more common than Gold IRAs and have been around since 1974. They contain funds such as mutual funds and stocks which can be risky when it comes to protecting your money against inflation.

Kyle McCoach, Sonie McCoach's husband comments on this stating: “Traditional IRAs are great if you want steady growth without too much risk involved; however they do come with certain limitations compared to a Gold IRA. With a traditional IRA, you won't find any protection against possible depreciation caused by rising inflation rates.'

That being said, each option has its own advantages depending on what kind of investor you are - whether you're conservative or willing to take risks with your future finances. If you choose carefully between both options based on your goals and risk tolerance then either one could turn out successful for you eventually.

However, if you decide on a Gold IRA there is no doubt that it will deliver greater returns while allowing you to hedge against potential losses in the future due to inflation or economic instability. Now let's discuss how easy it is open up an Amerigold Precious Metals IRA!

How to Open a Precious Metals IRA With Amerigold

Investing in precious metals is like a treasure hunt - you never know if or when the price of gold and silver will skyrocket, making you plenty of money. With Amerigold, you can join the search for these hidden gems with their Precious Metals IRA program. It's an easy way to diversify your portfolio, whether you're just starting out in investing or looking to change up your career advice strategy.

Setting up a Precious Metals IRA with Amerigold is straightforward as well; first, find out what type of metal works best for your needs and budget.

Then check the current selling prices from reputable sources such as and compare it to Amerigold’s rates before purchasing – be sure that they are competitive!

Once everything is good to go, all that’s left is transferring funds into the account and selecting which products you want delivered straight to your door.

The team at Amerigold is dedicated to helping customers make informed decisions about their investments so they can secure financial freedom for years to come. They also provide excellent customer service every step of the way – no matter how big or small of an investment you make, they'll always ensure it’s one worth celebrating!

Now let's move onto shipping...


Once you have opened your IRA with Amerigold and added precious metals to it, the next step is shipping.

The process starts with a forklift from Amerigold’s warehouse taking inventory of the market. This helps them determine whether they will need to buy more coins or bars for their customers.

They then work as a team over the course of several days to build orders so that when it comes time for shipment, everything runs smoothly.

The actual process of shipping out products can be quite labor intensive but Amerigold does its best to make sure all orders are fulfilled in an efficient manner.

Orders usually take about 7-10 business days before being shipped out; however, depending on how many other shipments are currently being processed at once, this amount may vary slightly.

All shipments are done via USPS priority mail, which is both secure and fast - meaning your order should arrive shortly after it leaves the warehouse!

Amerigold works hard to ensure each customer has a hassle free ordering experience no matter if they're opening an IRA account or selling precious metals back.

Their team takes pride in providing quality service and strives to keep customers satisfied every single day.

With their top notch customer support system, you'll always feel like your order is in good hands!

Selling Your Precious Metals to Amerigold

When it comes to selling your precious metals, you want to get the best bang for your buck. That's why Amerigold is one of the most trusted dealers on the market. As an authorized dealer, their rate scale and buying process are top-notch – so you know you're getting a fair deal when you work with them.

The great thing about Amerigold is that they offer career opportunities if you decide to become a professional gold buyer. Whether you do it full time or just as a side hustle, there's always something new to learn in this ever growing industry! They provide excellent customer service and support throughout the entire process.

Here’s a quick rundown of what working with them looks like:

  • You can buy or sell physical gold/silver coins & bullion through their network of approved dealers
  • They have an online platform where customers can check prices & place orders at any time
  • Their team provides comprehensive training for those interested in becoming professional buyers
  • They are able to purchase large quantities from individuals & companies alike

Amerigold makes sure everyone involved gets the most out of each transaction. With years of experience in the business, they understand exactly how important it is for all parties involved to be satisfied with their dealings – which means more money in your pocket!

So if you're looking for a reputable company who knows how to treat its customers right, look no further than Amerigold –they'll take care of everything else!


I've never been more sure about my investments than I am now that I'm with Amerigold. They make it super easy to buy and store gold, so all the hard work is taken care of for me.

Their customer service team goes above and beyond to answer any questions or concerns you have. It's a great feeling knowing your money is safe and being put to good use with Amerigold!

With their help, I know I can trust my future financial security is in the right hands.

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