The Best Silver IRA Companies of 2022

With inflation rates skyrocketing and the stock market looking uncertain, investors are rightfully concerned.

The need for investors to find alternative investment options is rapidly becoming more apparent. Can you afford to feel the effects of inflation by leaving all your money in the US dollar?

One of the best investment options in an uncertain economy is precious metals. For retirement investment, this takes the form of a Silver IRA. A Silver IRA offers more security through portfolio diversification.

Investing in a Silver IRA might seem like a daunting task. With the ability to roll over traditional IRAs and a large number of excellent precious metal IRA companies to choose from it doesn’t have to be.

My lengthy review process first found 16 silver IRA company options. Then, I looked over the options with the highest consumer ratings from the  Business Consumer Alliance  (BCA) & the Better Business Bureau (BBB), which narrowed it down to 6 companies. 

I then screened these companies for the best ratings in the categories of: Customer service, diversity of investment options, compliance aid, educational resources, client feedback, and fees & prices

Best Pricing

4.5/5 Rating

  • Most inclusive
  • Competitive fee structure
  • Low minimum investment

Some of the links in this article are from sponsors. The list below is an honest review gathered from thorough research, experience, and consumer-based feedback.

Our top silver IRA company picks 

Most silver IRA companies have similar services and client feedback, but the ones on my top list stand out for transparency, professionalism, and experience.

We’ve looked at the best silver IRA companies in the industry and came up with our top 5. This article gives you an overview of each company and a few of the pros and cons we found with each.

#1 Augusta Precious Metals - Top Overall Pick

Best Customer service: Augusta. With 4 dedicated departments that support you through the lifetime of your account, You get everything from education to assistance in filling out your paperwork.

Benefits of investing with Augusta:

  • Sole silver IRA company with no BCA or BBB complaints since they began in 2012
  • Unique one-on-one educational web conference led by on-staff Harvard-trained economist
  • Chosen anonymously by Joe Montana’s personal advisors from all gold IRA companies
  • Most transparent and best pricing, you can even get up to 10 years of fees waived
  • No-commission sales floor, which means no fear tactics or gimmicks, unlike all others
  • Solely focused on gold and silver IRAs, with "account lifetime support”

#2 Goldco- Most inclusive pricing

Goldco is known for their low startup investment of $25,000.

They have a stellar customer assitance team and are one of the most transparent IRA companies you'll find.

This is a great choice for beginner investors or those who like full transparency.

#3 Birch Gold Group- Best for beginners

Birch Gold Group is great for beginner investors because they have a transparent process and walk you through exactly what the plan is and how they are going to handle your investments. 

If you're looking for an educated process and someone by your side, Birch Gold Group is a great choice. 

#4 American Hartford Gold- Best customer service 

The reason American Hartford Gold gets my pick for best customer services is because of their friendly and informational approach, as well as their buyback program to put you at ease.

Anyone with American Hartford Gold will get a helping hand in their precious metal investment journey. 

#5 Regal Assets- Most diversity 

Regal Assets takes my most diverse choice because they are an experienced company who has been around for a while, while also stepping up their game to give their clients the option to invest in crypto, too.

They are fast movers in the investment space and make room for those looking to invest in both precious metals and newer commodities hitting the market like crypto. 

Let's Get into the Comparison of These Silver IRA Companies....

1. Augusta Precious Metals- Best Overall

Augusta Precious Metals has a stellar reputation in the industry for good reason.

They have exceptional customer support from day one and that support continues for the entire lifetime of your Silver IRA account.

They also offer some of the most comprehensive educational resources of any silver IRA company, including books, pamphlets, blog posts, and web conferences. They have a reputation as one of the most transparent companies in the industry. 

Augusta Precious Metals openly publish their fees and prices with no surprises and has a no commission sales floor which naturally makes the buying process easier, with less pressure to make a decision or buy after a certain amount of time than with other companies.

Augusta Precious Metals is our top choice because they treat you with the respect and support that you would expect from your own family. 

Augusta Pros & Cons


  • Perfect 5.0 score with Trustlink and no complaints filed with the BBB or the BCA since their founding in 2012.
  • Extensive educational resources, including one-on-one web conferences led by on-staff experts in retirement investing.
  • Fees may be waived for up to 10 years in certain circumstances. 
  • Streamlined process is stress-free.
  • No-commission sales, which means no fear tactics or gimmicks
  • Voted “Most Trusted in the U.S.” by industry rating company


  • Focus solely on Gold and Silver IRAs
  • The minimum investment of $50,000 is higher than many other Silver IRA companies

2. Goldco

Goldco gets high marks from me because it is an excellent choice for first-timers as well as veteran investors. Goldco is known as one of the most transparent and straightforward companies in the industry. They are industry veterans, too, having been founded in 2006.

Goldco provides excellent customer service combined with accessible barriers of entry, making them a very well-rounded choice.

Goldco’s agents meet you where you are and ensure that you are comfortable with every step of the investment process. At no point will their agents pressure you into making an investment that you are uncomfortable with.

Especially as a first-time investor in a Silver IRA, you may not be ready to invest a big chunk of money. Goldco’s minimum investment of $25,000 is a low barrier to entry. They are one of the most accessible silver IRA companies.

Goldco Pros & Cons


  • Exceptional educational resources available
  • Minimum investment of $25,000
  • A+ rating with the BBB and AAA with the BCA


  • Focused only on Gold and Silver IRAs
  • No direct sales 
  • To get started you must first sign up through this link:
    Link Here

3. Birch Gold Group

Birch Gold is one of the oldest silver IRA companies in the industry, having been founded in 2003. Their focus in one-on-one customer interactions ensures that every client can feel comfortable with every step of the process.

When you purchase through Birch Gold, you are assured that you will receive directed, individualized attention from their representatives. They keep you informed at every step of the process and go the extra mile to make it as painless as possible.

They have industry experts readily available to discuss stock market trends and how that could impact your silver IRA account. These agents are available to you at any point during the lifetime of your account.

Birch Gold’s mission is to empower their clients to make informed decisions that are the best for them. They are specialists in helping customers to rollover IRA, 401(k), and other tax-advantaged retirement accounts into Silver IRAs. For that reason, they rank high on my list.

Birch Gold Group Pros & Cons


  • Comprehensive and extensive investment options
  • One-on-one communication
  • Unlimited access to informed market experts
  • Wide variety of precious metals to choose from


  • Gold prices not readily available 
  • Expensive shipping costs

Benefits of a Silver IRA Investment:

4. American Hartford Gold

American Hartford Gold is a family-owned precious metals investment company. They offer some of the best lifetime account support features of any silver IRA company.

If you have concerns about setting up a silver IRA or questions about how the process works, American Hartford Gold is a great place to start. They have representatives readily available to help you with the entire process. They also offer comprehensive resources on their website.

American Hartford Gold offers direct purchase of precious metals as well as precious metal IRAs.

One of the best things about American Hartford Gold is its guaranteed buy-back policy. Most silver IRA companies do not guarantee that they will buy back your silver when you are ready to cash out your account.

American Hartford Gold Pros & Cons


  • Guaranteed buy-back program
  • No fees for secure storage of your precious metals
  • No shipping fees
  • Lifetime customer support


  • The price of silver and annual fees are not listed publicly
  • Buy-back prices are not listed publicly

5. Regal Assets

Regal Assets has a decade of experience in the precious metals investment industry and in that time they have earned a reputation of excellence. They make my list because of their unique approach to account management.

They shine among their competitors for offering cost-saving benefits to their clients. One benefit they offer is free delivery to your door anywhere in the world.

Another benefit is segregated storage for your precious metals at no additional cost, meaning that your investment will not be stored with other clients’ in one storage unit.

Regal Assets is one of the up-and-coming silver companies. They have been reported on in Smart Money, Forbes, Yahoo! Finance, and Market Watch. They ranked #20 in Inc. Magazine’s top 500 list.

Regal Assets Pros & Cons


  • Free delivery anywhere in the world
  • Flat $250/year fee
  • No additional cost for segregated storage facilities
  • Member of the Forbes Finance Council


  • The price of silver may be higher than other companies
  • They operate in a limited number of locations.

Silver IRA FAQ

What is a Silver IRA?

IRA means Individual Retirement Account and is a type of IRS-approved investment account.
An IRA allows pre-taxed income to be invested in your retirement. This means that the account avoids any capital gains or dividends. Income tax is not taken out of this money until you withdraw from the account.

There are several types of IRAs. A traditional IRA is an investment in money, stocks, or bonds. A Roth IRA is similar to the traditional one except it only allows investment in stocks and bonds.

Following this logic, a silver IRA then is a silver-backed retirement account. Silver IRAs have certain regulations as to what types of coins, bars, and bouillon are IRS-approved.

This means that rather than money or stocks and bonds, a silver IRA is backed by a physical asset: silver! This is important because, unlike other investments, physical assets will always retain some value. For more
information on gold IRAs, click the link.

$50,000 Minimum Investment

Free portfolio reviews for all clients

*Most Professional

*Most Transparent

Silver IRA Accounts: Tax Rules & Regulations FAQ

Silver IRAs have many rules and regulations put in place by the IRS. It’s important to understand them before making any investments. 

What Can Be Held in a Silver IRA?

Silver IRAs are limited to silver bullion, bars, and coins. The IRS does not allow for collectible items, such as coins, to be included as they rarely meet the purity requirements. The IRS requires that all precious metals in a Silver IRA be of a minimum of 0.995 purity.

The silver must be purchased from an approved precious metal IRA company that will ensure that everything meets all of these standards.

Silver IRAs may also include certain non-phyical assets. These include precious metal mutual funds, stocks in gold mining companies, precious metal commodity futures, and gold commodity exchange-traded funds.

How is a Silver IRA Taxed?

A Silver IRA is tax deductible like other types of IRAs; they are not subject to capital gains tax, unlike direct purchases of precious metals.

How Do I Avoid Capital Gains Tax on Silver?

You can avoid this by investing in a silver IRA instead of physical metals outside of an IRA.

Early Withdrawal Exceptions

In most cases, early distribution does earn a 10% levy tax. This penalty does not apply in specific situations:

* the owner dies and the beneficiary makes the withdrawal
* the owner uses the distribution to pay medical bills they would otherwise not be able to afford
* the owner uses the distribution towards a down payment on their first home
* the owner uses the distribution to help fund the education of a family member or themselves
* the owner loses employment

They are not subject to capital gains tax, unlike direct purchases of precious metals.

Contribution Limits

The minimum required investment for a silver IRA will vary from company to company.

The IRS does have annual maximum investments. That amount varies depending on your age. It is $6,000 annually until you are 50 years old when it increases to $7,000.

Age Restrictions

You cannot take distributions from your silver IRA until you are 59.5 years old unless you meet one of the exceptions listed above. You must take your distribution once you are 70 years old.

Administrator Requirements

While silver IRAs are self-directed investment accounts there are certain restrictions in place for administration.

You must make your purchase through an approved precious metals IRA company and you are required to have an approved custodian to manage the assets.

This means that your silver has to be stored according to certain guidelines.

How Are Silver IRAs Stored?

Silver IRAs must be stored in an IRS-approved high security facility. They cannot be stored in your home or self-stored elsewhere.

Many silver IRA companies are partnered with approved dispensaries around the world where your gold can be safely stored. Most offer a selection of locations for you to choose from. There are secure locations in several major US cities as well as internationally.

You are allowed to choose your own secure facility rather than use one recommended by your silver IRA company but the delivery of the silver must come directly from the company. While you will be able to make an appointment to view your silver at the secure facility it must remain in their possession.

The custodian must be approved by the IRS. Some of the most popular secure vault companies are:

*Brinks Security
* Delaware Depository
* CNT Depository
* Delaware Depository
* Scotia Mocatta
* JP Morgan Chase Bank North America

What Fees Should I Expect for a Silver IRA?

Silver IRA investments have several types of fees that you should expect.

Most silver IRA companies will have their fee structure readily available for you to review. Some companies publish these fees on their websites.

Fees can be divided into two types: one time and annual. One time fees typically include an account setup fee, shipping costs, and purchase fees. The annual fee is a custodial fee for the ongoing storage of your precious metals.

Each company has its own fee structure and its own rates. Some companies have guaranteed rates that will not change over time and others have a variable structure. This is something you should discuss with them when making your decision.

Why Should I Invest with a Silver IRA Custodian? 

There are many reasons that you should invest in a silver IRA. While you may be more familiar with traditional IRAs, silver IRAs offer several benefits that they do not.

  • Portfolio diversification - Investment in a silver IRA has the benefit of diversifying your investment portfolio. It’s risky to limit yourself to a single investment or asset, especially in such a turbulent economic climate. Silver IRAs are a departure from traditional investments that lend security to your retirement portfolio.
  • Economic stability - Silver and other precious metals are historically less impacted by turbulent economic turns than other types of investments. Silver IRAs are considered a low-risk investment because physical assets retain value more reliably than non-physical assets.
  • Protection from inflation - Inflation causes the value of the dollar to fall, which negatively impacts your buying power. The same $20 in 1982 has much less value in 2022. Historically, silver and other precious metals have reliably outpaced the value of the US dollar.
  • Widely used - Silver has been considered valuable for centuries, but it is useful for more than just jewelry making. Silver is used to make mirrors, dental alloys, solder and brazing alloys, electrical contacts, and batteries. With its use in so many industries, demand is unlikely to decrease much.
  • Silver is a low-risk investment option because it is market resistant and the value of precious metals has steadily increased over the last few years. The market trend is that usually when the economy and stock market are unstable, the price of precious metals increases. However, no investment is 100% risk-free. 

When is a Good Time to Invest in a Silver IRA Account?

Now is a great time to make an investment in a Silver IRA.

The price of precious metals has steadily increased over the last several years, meaning that investing sooner rather than later is to your benefit.

The stability of the stock market and the economy are uncertain. You should be considering what risk this poses to your retirement accounts and what you can do to lessen that risk. Who knows what tomorrow could bring.

Inflation increased by a whopping 5.6 points to 7 in 2021 and predictions are that it will only raise more in 2022. As inflation increases your spending power decreases. This means that your retirement accounts are likely being outpaced and could be decreasing in value.

Silver and other precious metals are inflation resistant because the price usually outpaces the dollar. Historically, the price of precious metals tends to increase when the economy is unstable. 

Augusta Precious Metals

Augusta is the leading provider of Silver and other precious metal IRAs. They offer exceptional customer service and diversification options for their clients.

Conclusion: Is Investing in a Silver IRA a Good Move?

Choosing the right Silver IRA company is important. It’s your future, so you need to make an informed decision to safeguard it. It’s vital to choose a company with integrity, that has your best interests at heart.

You need to feel secure in your future and investment with the right Silver IRA company will help.

Silver IRAs are a great investment option, especially with the economy being unstable and inflation rapidly rising. Whether you decide to roll over existing retirement accounts or as an additional investment to diversify your portfolio, a Silver IRA will offer a greater sense of security.