BullionMax Review

April 25, 2023
Written by Peter Anderson

BullionMax is a well-known online bullion dealer, offering customers the ability to purchase gold and silver in various forms. It has become increasingly popular over recent years due to its vast selection of products, competitive prices, and convenient payment options.

This article provides an overview of the service by examining its features, customer reviews, and competitors.

The first section outlines what makes BullionMax stand out from other dealers in terms of product range, pricing structure, and payment methods. Customers can expect to find a variety of coins and bars available for purchase with different denominations both in standard bullion form as well as certified collectibles or numismatics.

Prices are often discounted compared to physical stores while delivery charges are also minimal or free depending on order size. Payment options include credit/debit cards, bank transfers, PayPal, check payments and even bitcoin transactions.

The second section looks at customer feedback surrounding BullionMax's services which generally tend to be positive with many praising their fast shipping times, secure packaging procedures and helpful staff members who have provided additional information about specific purchases where needed. The occasional negative review may comment on slow communication between buyer and seller but this appears to be relatively rare given that most customers seem satisfied with the overall experience offered by BullionMax.

This piece compares the company against some of its main rivals including APMEX (American Precious Metals Exchange), JM Bullion and Silver Gold Bull to provide readers with an idea of how it fares against others within the industry.

Disclosure: Some of the links in this article are from sponsors. The list below is an honest review gathered from thorough research, experience, and consumer-based feedback. 

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BullionMax Info

BullionMax is a precious metals dealer that specializes in selling gold and silver coins. They have been operating and headquartered in the United States, with affiliates located around the world. Their mission is to provide their customers with the highest quality service when it comes to purchasing or investing in physical bullion. 

BullionMax offers a wide range of products from some of the most reputable mints such as Royal Canadian Mint, Perth Mint, South African Mint, US Mint and more. Customers can purchase items such as American Silver Eagles, Maple Leafs, Krugerrands, Lunar Coins, Palladium Bars & Rounds amongst many others.

They offer an exclusive collection of collectible coins known as “The Vault Collection” which contains rare pieces that may not be available elsewhere. With competitive prices and fast shipping times on orders placed within 24 hours; BullionMax has become one of the go-to destinations for investors looking to buy higher end gold and silver coins.

What Is a Precious Metals IRA?

A Precious Metals IRA is an Individual Retirement Account (IRA) that allows investors to invest their retirement funds in physical gold and other precious metals.

According to the Investment Company Institute, allocations of alternative assets such as gold and silver accounted for more than 20% of total individual retirement account investments in 2020.

A self-directed IRA with a custodian like Strata Trust Company or GoldStar Trust may be used to purchase IRS approved precious metals such as platinum, palladium, coins and bars.

When opening a Precious Metals IRA, the investor must first open a self-directed IRA through a financial institution or trust company before investing in any form of physical gold. The investor must then transfer funds from their existing traditional IRA into the new self-directed account so they can begin making purchases of approved physical bullion items.

When purchasing these products, it is important to remember that not all forms of gold are eligible for inclusion within an IRA account; only certain types meet the current Internal Revenue Service requirements. Investors should research carefully which items can be held within an IRA before making any purchases.


Limitations on Precious Metals Held in an IRA

Investing in precious metals has been a popular choice for many people looking to diversify their retirement accounts. The Royal Canadian Mint is one of the most trusted names in the industry and provides investors with quality gold, silver, platinum, and palladium products.

While there are numerous benefits associated with investing in these metals, it’s important to understand the limitations that come along with them when held within an IRA account.

Retirement account custodians have specific rules regarding what type of investments can be held within an IRA, including which types of physical bullion coins or bars can be bought or sold through the IRA trustee.

Some common restrictions include prohibited transactions (certain parties who cannot transact business with the retirement plan), self-dealing (prohibited transactions between you and your own assets) and private use (use of assets outside of investment purposes).

And, some custodians may limit the number and/or value of certain types of coinage allowed into a particular IRAs as well as restrict any transfers out prior to maturity.

It's essential to understand all applicable regulations before making any decisions about investing in precious metals inside an IRA. Doing so ensures that your investments remain compliant while also maximizing potential returns over time.

What Is Precious Metals IRA Rollover?

Precious metals IRA rollover is a process by which investors can move their retirement accounts from one custodian to another or from one asset class to another, such as precious metals.

BullionMax specializes in helping clients navigate the complex world of precious metals investments and provides them with everything they need for a successful transition.

Their team of experienced professionals have extensive knowledge and experience in the precious metal markets and are committed to providing high quality products at competitive prices. They offer an array of gold, silver, platinum, palladium, base metal coins and bars that meet industry standards. They provide portfolio management services tailored to individual investor needs.

BullionMax Management Team takes great pride in offering personalized customer service. Clients can expect prompt response times on all inquiries as well as assistance with paperwork required for transferring assets into an alternative investment account like a self-directed IRA.

Customers benefit from access to top-notch research materials on the latest trends in the precious metals markets so they can make informed decisions when purchasing these products.

With its range of services and expert advice, BullionMax Review helps ensure that clients get the most out of their investments while minimizing any risks associated with them.


What's a Self-Directed IRA?

A self-directed IRA is a retirement investing strategy that allows individuals to take full control of their investments. It offers investors the flexibility to invest in assets not typically held in traditional IRAs, such as real estate and gold bullion.

With a self-directed IRA, you can choose your own custodian or trustee who will handle transactions and oversee all purchases made with the account. Equity Trust Company is one example of a custodial services provider for these types of accounts, while Goldstar Trust Company specializes in gold and other precious metals investment vehicles within an individual’s retirement portfolio.

There are several benefits associated with using this type of retirement savings plan over more conventional options like 401(k)s or traditional IRAs.

A self directed IRA provides greater tax advantages than typical plans since it gives investors access to potentially higher returns due to the wider range of investments available through the plan. There may be fewer restrictions on the types of assets which can be purchased, giving individuals even greater freedom when it comes to growing their retirement nest egg.

The Various Types of Bullion

BullionMax is a leading precious metals company that offers an extensive array of bullion products, including gold and silver coins, bars, rounds, and other forms.

BullionMax carries a wide range of different types of bullion products from various mints around the world including Gold maple leaf coins from the Royal Canadian Mint, Silver Maple Leaf coins from the Royal Canadian Mint, American Silver Eagles from the United States Mint, British Sovereigns from The Royal Mint in London England, Austrian Philharmonics from Austria’s national mint as well as Krugerrands from South Africa’s Rand Refinery.

In addition to these popular coin programs they also offer a variety of interesting collectible coins such as Chinese Pandas and Australian Koalas. They also carry a large selection of gold & silver bars ranging in size up to 400 ounces for both gold & silver with premiums that are among some of the lowest available on the market today.

All BullionMax products come with free insured shipping throughout Canada if you order over $1000 worth of goods so there's no need to worry about your purchases getting lost during transit. All orders are safely shipped within two business days after payment is received ensuring customers get their orders quickly without having to wait too long. 

With its convenient online ordering system and excellent customer support team it's clear why so many Canadians choose BullionMax when purchasing precious metal investments.

Selling Precious Metals to BullionMax

BullionMax is one of the leading precious metals retailers in North America, offering customers a wide range of bullion coins and bars.

They are known for their competitive pricing and fast delivery times. With over 20 years in business, BullionMax has built an extensive customer base due to their commitment to providing quality products and services at reasonable prices.

When selling precious metals to BullionMax, it's important to understand what you're getting into before making any commitments. This includes familiarizing yourself with the types of products they offer and researching customer reviews to get a better understanding of how others have experienced working with them.

Here are some key points that can help you make your decision:

  • BullionMax offers a variety of different gold and silver bullion coins from reputable mints around the world, as well as physical bars made from both metals.

  • Prices are always fluctuating based on market conditions so it’s best to stay up-to-date by regularly checking their website or subscribing to their weekly price alerts.

  • Their customer service team is available 24/7 via phone or email should you encounter any issues during the buying process or after completing your transaction.

It’s also important to keep in mind that when purchasing from BullionMax, there may be additional costs associated with shipping and insurance depending on the value of your purchase.

Being aware of these fees ahead of time can help ensure that you don’t end up spending more than necessary on your order. By doing some research beforehand and understanding all aspects involved with selling precious metals through this company, customers can rest assured they will be able experience a hassle-free transaction each time they shop with BullionMax.

Is Bullionmax a Scam?

Many people have had questions about BullionMax, and one of the main ones is whether or not it’s a scam. On the surface, it might appear that way due to all the negative reviews online. 

In truth, however, BullionMax is an honest business with competitive prices for gold and silver bullion products. They are also known for their fair pricing structure which works in favor of customers looking to invest in precious metals.

The company has been around since then and specializes in buying and selling coins as well as other forms of metal investments such as rounds, bars, wafers, and ingots. They provide excellent customer service with knowledgeable staff who can answer any questions you may have about investing in gold or silver. And, they offer free shipping on orders over $500 and even discounted rates on bulk purchases.

This makes them an ideal choice for anyone interested in taking advantage of the current low price points for these valuable assets.

The bottom line is that BullionMax is not a scam but rather an established business offering competitive prices along with great customer service.

Shipping Cost

Bullionmax offers several payment methods for precious metals, making it a great choice for investors. Customers can pay by check or money order in USD from the US and Canada, wire transfer (USD), credit/debit card (Visa & Mastercard only).

Shipping cost depends on the type of metal ordered as well as the quantity. Bullionmax charges for shipping based on a flat fee structure:

  • For orders up to $999 worth of silver coins, bars or rounds – Flat rate shipping of $12 is charged
  • For orders between $1000 to $1999 worth of silver coins, bars or rounds – Free shipping is offered
  • For orders above$2000 worth of silver coins, bars or rounds – Free Insured FedEx Overnight Shipping is offered

For gold bullions and coins, customers need to pay an additional handling charge apart from any regular shipping rate. Bullionmax also ships internationally using USPS Registered Mail with tracking at a price range of $25-$50 depending upon the destination country.

All deliveries are insured against theft and damage while in transit till they reach their respective destinations. All packages delivered have signatures required when received which adds another layer of security to these transactions.

Customers should note that BullionMax does not offer free international delivery so there may be extra charges associated with such shipments.

Pros and Cons

The pros and cons of BullionMax must be taken into account when considering whether or not to do business with them.

On the positive side, they are a reputable bullion dealer offering quality products such as coins, bars, and rounds. They have an excellent customer service team that is available by phone or email to answer any questions one might have about their products or services.

There are many positive customer reviews online indicating satisfaction with the company’s offerings.

On the downside, shipping costs can sometimes be expensive depending on the size of your order and where you live in relation to their warehouse. Some customers have also experienced delays in getting shipments due to bad weather conditions or other unforeseen circumstances.

However, these issues seem few and far between according to most reports from customers who use BullionMax for buying precious metals.


BullionMax is a precious metals dealer that facilitates transactions of physical gold and silver. Customers can purchase certified coins, bars, and other metal products from the company with no minimum order amount.

They offer an online store where customers may browse their selection of investment-grade bullion without leaving the comfort of their home.

For those interested in diversifying their retirement portfolio, BullionMax also offers self-directed IRAs which allow investors to hold physical gold or silver within their retirement accounts.

A Precious Metals IRA is an individual retirement account (IRA) that holds certain types of approved investments such as gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. These are typically held outside of traditional stock market investments like mutual funds and stocks.

With a Self Directed IRA from BullionMax, you have complete control over your own investments so you can choose exactly what asset classes you want to invest in–including physical metals. The rollover process allows individuals to transfer existing qualified retirement plans into a Precious Metals IRA without incurring any tax penalties or fees.

When selling back to BullionMax it is important for customers to remember that the price paid will be based on spot pricing at the time of sale along with factors such as shipping costs and product premiums. It’s essential for buyers to keep in mind these considerations when making purchases from them in order to ensure they receive maximum value for their investments. 

There have been no credible reports suggesting Bullionmax is a scam thus far; however potential investors should always exercise caution prior to investing with any firm regardless if reviews appear positive or negative overall .

BullionMax provides customers with the ability to purchase quality precious metals for investment purposes while also offering Self-Directed IRAs for those looking to diversify their portfolios further by holding tangible assets within their retirement accounts.

Although buying and selling through them carries risk due diligence must still be exercised in order ascertain whether it is right choice financially before proceeding forward.

Fortunately there has yet been no evidence suggesting they are fraudulent organization either so long as proper research is conducted beforehand prospective clients can rest assured knowing this decision could potentially prove profitable down road ahead provided current market conditions remain favorable throughout duration course entire transaction process itself too will usually incur additional expenses such cost associated shipping charges applicable premiums added each item purchased alongside actual spot prices established during moment sellback occurs as well all times meaning careful consideration must first taken place determine exact worthiness venture.

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