CMI Gold & Silver Review

March 3, 2023
Written by Peter Anderson

Investing in precious metals can be a daunting and intimidating task for many, but CMI Gold & Silver offers an oasis of expert advisement. They are the lighthouse guiding people to making wise decisions regarding their hard-earned money.

With over 40 years in business, they have become one of America's most trusted sources when it comes to buying gold and silver coins or bars.

In this review, we will explore what makes CMI Gold & Silver stand out from other providers, as well as discuss their different services and products available.

CMI Gold & Silver is dedicated to helping customers through every step of their investment journey. Their goal is to provide investors with knowledge and advice on how best to grow their wealth using precious metals like gold and silver bullion.

The company also provides up-to-date market news so customers can stay informed about any changes that may affect their investments.

Furthermore, CMI has streamlined the process of purchasing gold and silver by offering competitive pricing and fast shipping options within 24 hours of placing an order.

No matter your experience level or financial goals, CMI Gold & Silver can help you get started investing in precious metals safely and securely. This review will give you more detailed information on why CMI stands out amongst its competitors and provide insight into their exceptional customer service that continues long after each sale is complete.

Disclosure: Some of the links in this article are from sponsors. The list below is an honest review gathered from thorough research, experience, and consumer-based feedback. 

Before we get started with this review:

We understand that choosing a company to invest with is an extremely important financial choice; good news for you, we have done all the research and digging in this field for years.

That being said, through our rigorous review process, we have compiled a list of our 5 top gold investment companies for 2022.

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About CMI

CMI Gold & Silver Inc. is a gold and silver bullion dealer that has built up a solid reputation since their establishment in 1977. They are known for their expertise in dealing with gold and silver coins, bars, rounds and jewelry as well as rare collectibles from all around the world.

CMI also sells gold bullion coins such as American Eagles, Canadian Maple Leafs, Austrian Philharmonics, Chinese Pandas, and South African Krugerrands.

In addition to this, they have an extensive selection of silver bullion including Morgan Dollars, Peace Dollars, Franklin Halves, Walking Liberties and more.

The experienced staff at CMI goes above and beyond when it comes to customer service - providing timely advice on buying or selling precious metals like gold and silver. Furthermore, they offer free shipping for orders over $99 within the continental United States so customers can get started investing right away without breaking the bank.

With competitive prices on both products and services offered by CMI Gold & Silver Inc., customers know they're getting quality products at great value.

As such, they remain one of best-known precious metals dealer in North America today. Transitioning now into the section about 'gold confiscation history'...

Gold Confiscation History

The history of gold confiscation has been long and tumultuous. Gold coins, bars and other forms of the precious metal have often been seized by governments or ruling authorities in times of conflict or economic hardship due to their immense value.

Imagining a horde of shining yellow coins, glittering from its secret hiding place only to be dragged away by forces beyond our control is heartbreaking – but this was part of life for centuries around the world.

In 1933, President Franklin D. Roosevelt issued an executive order that made it illegal for citizens to own gold coins and bullion (bars) when the US went off the international gold standard during The Great Depression. It wasn't until 1975 that American citizens were once again allowed to legally purchase and own physical gold as investments.

This event marked a major turning point in America's relationship with gold and created some sense of security regarding ownership rights within the country.

TIP: Investing in physical gold can provide stability against any economic uncertainties since its price tends to increase under such circumstances; however, it's important to remember that despite being a safe-haven asset, there are certain risks associated with investing in it such as taxes or potential seizure by governing forces if legislation changes over time. Therefore, research carefully before investing your hard-earned money!


Reviews of CMI Gold and Silver

CMI Gold & Silver has earned a sterling reputation of excellent customer service, leaving many customers satisfied with their purchases. They have achieved this through various means such as offering competitive lowest prices on precious metals and knowledgeable staff.

Reviews of CMI Gold & Silver have been overwhelmingly positive in the past few years, indicating that the company is doing an exceptional job at meeting its customers' needs.

The majority of reviews cite fast delivery times, friendly customer service representatives and great value for money spent.

Many people are impressed by how quickly they receive their orders and how well-packaged it is when it arrives. Some also express appreciation for the thoroughness of the product descriptions; they make sure to provide all relevant information so customers can make informed decisions before purchasing.

The overall consensus among those who use CMI Gold & Silver’s services is that they offer amazing products at unbeatable prices and with outstanding customer service - making them one of the top choices when looking to buy precious metals online.

This level of excellence has made them a favorite amongst investors and collectors alike, leading to glowing excellent reviews from satisfied customers across the board.

Buyer’s Guide

When it comes to investing in gold and silver, there's no better resource than CMI Gold & Silver. Their buyer’s guide is a gold mine of knowledge for anyone looking to get started with their golden journey.

From understanding the value of gold IRAs to discovering which gold investment coins are best suited for you, this guide has it all covered like a blanket.

CMI can help you make an informed decision when purchasing gold or silver; whether that means buying from online dealers such as U.S Money Reserve or finding certified bullion coins like American Eagle and Canadian Maple Leaf, they provide insights into each item that will ensure your purchase is worth more than its weight in gold.

They also give advice on how to buy and sell safely so that investors don't go down the wrong path and end up losing money instead of making any profit.

Furthermore, if you're ever unsure about anything related to precious metals investments, CMI offers reliable customer support at all times - something invaluable for those unfamiliar with the market.

From helping beginners navigate through the daunting waters of the investment world to providing experienced traders with detailed information on various products, CMI’s buyer’s guide is essential reading material for aspiring investors interested in getting involved with gold and silver.

Gold Investment Coins

Investing in gold coins is an incredible way to diversify your portfolio. With a wide range of options available, it can be overwhelming deciding where to start- but worry no more!

Here's a beginners guide to gold investment coins that will help you navigate the world of investing like a pro:

Gold Eagles are American Minted Coins and one of the most popular choices among investors. They come in 1/10, ¼, ½ and 1 oz denominations with varying face values ranging from $5-$50 USD depending on weight.

Gold eagles also have unique designs on both sides of the coin featuring Lady Liberty and an eagle soaring through a field so they are great for collectors as well as investors!

Other popular coins include Canadian Maple Leafs which feature Queen Elizabeth II’s portrait on the front side; South African Krugerrands which weigh almost exactly 1 troy ounce; Austrian Philharmonic gold coins which depict various instruments used by the Vienna Symphony Orchestra; and Mexican 50 peso coins commonly known as “centenarios” due their 100th anniversary celebration back in 1921.

•American Gold Eagles
•Canadian Maple Leafs
•South African Krugerrands
•Austrian Philharmonics & Mexican 50 Pesos (Centenarios)

No matter what type of coin you choose, investing in gold has been proven time and again to offer high returns - making it an attractive option for any investor looking to grow their wealth over time while protecting against inflation and other market risks.

And now armed with this knowledge – let us explore another form of gold investments – bars.

Gold Bars

Gold bars are a popular choice among those looking to invest in precious metals, and the market for them has been growing steadily. Gold bullion is often seen as a more secure option than coins due to its easy of storage and transportability, making it an attractive investment opportunity.

But with so many types of gold bars available on the market, what should investors look out for?

When investing in gold or silver bars, there are three key things to be aware of: weight, purity and size.

Weight will determine how much you pay per ounce - the heavier the bar, the higher price you’ll pay.

Purity describes just that - how pure (or impure) your bar is - typically this is measured in fineness or karats.

Lastly, size affects portability; larger bars may not fit into small safes while smaller ones can easily slip away unnoticed if stolen.

In terms of products available on the market today, gold bars tend to range from 1 gram up to 400 ounces whereas silver bars generally start at 5 ounces up to 1000 ounces.

Both come in various shapes such as rounds and ingots but have different taxes associated with each depending on where they're purchased from – something worth considering before committing any money!

Products and Fees

Investing in gold and silver products is like a rollercoaster – exciting, but it can be unpredictable. CMI Gold & Silver has created a reliable platform for customers to purchase high-quality gold bars, coins and other precious metals without extra fees or long waiting periods.

Mike Haynes, the CEO of this company, ensures that customers get only the best products at an affordable price. Below are four areas of focus when considering what CMI offers:

1) A wide variety of Gold Products including bullion coins, rounds, numismatic coins, and more.
2) An array of Silver Coins from American Eagles to Canadian Maple Leafs.
3) Low Fees on all purchases with minimal additional charges such as shipping costs.
4) Honest advice provided by experienced professionals who have been in the industry since 1981.

CMI also provides secure storage options through their self directed IRA program which allows clients to easily access their investments while being protected by federal laws insuring up to $250K per account holder.

 With expert guidance and top quality products available at competitive prices , CMI Gold & Silver stands out among its competitors creating an ideal environment for anyone looking to make sound investment goal decisions involving gold and silver products.

CMIGS’s Self Directed Ira

CMIGS’s self-directed IRA services offer the option to invest in precious metals such as gold and silver. This type of account allows investors to purchase physical gold or silver, store it with an approved custodian, and make other investments within their IRA accounts.

CMIGS's fees associated with this service include a setup fee as well as a small annual storage fee for each metal purchased.

When it comes to purchasing Silver IRAs specifically, individuals looking to open one can do so by transferring funds from existing traditional IRAs into new Gold/Silver Precious Metals Traditional Individual Retirement Accounts (PMTIRAs).

Additionally, there is also the option of rolling over employer retirement plans such as 401(k)s into a PMTIRA; however all transfers must be completed within 60 days in order to avoid penalties or taxes.

TIP: When investing in a Silver IRA keep in mind that you will need enough money saved up to pay both the initial setup fee and any subsequent annual storage fees - depending on how much silver you have invested your costs could add up quickly!

Gold IRAs

Gold IRAs are a popular way to diversify retirement portfolios, allowing individuals to store physical gold as part of their assets. Through CMI Gold & Silver Inc., investors can use these types of accounts and purchase IRS-approved coins or bars backed by gold certificates which represent the amount of precious metals stored in secure vaults. 

This type of private gold ownership provides an opportunity for people to supplement their traditional investments with tangible commodities that have long been considered valuable and safe havens during economic downturns.

In addition, CMI helps customers buy and store eligible precious metals such as silver, platinum, palladium, and copper.

Investors benefit from having access to a variety of options when it comes to purchasing metal bullion since different sizes, weights, designs, and denominations exist on the market. 

Furthermore, buying through providers like CMI not only increases the security of the customer’s holdings but also gives them more control over their own financial decisions regarding the supply of gold they wish to acquire for personal storage purposes.

By incorporating a self-directed IRA into one's investment portfolio, both current and future generations can reap the benefits associated with owning gold certificates while taking advantage of tax savings granted by individual retirement accounts (IRAs).

IRA Eligible Precious Metals

Investing in precious metals is a great way to diversify and protect your retirement portfolio. With the many options available, it can be difficult to know what is IRA eligible.

Understanding gold content, silver content, and gold bullion products that are allowed for an IRA will help guide you in making good decisions about which materials are best suited for your needs.

Here are some of the key points:

• Gold Content – Gold content refers to how much pure gold there is within a certain item or product. The higher the number, the more valuable the material is likely to be.

• Silver Content – Similarly, silver content indicates how much pure silver exists in a given item or product. Again, the higher this figure is, the greater its worth tends to be.

• Gold Bullion Products – Gold bullion products are those containing at least 99% pure gold such as coins and bars produced by government mints around the world. These items tend to have high liquidity since they’re recognized globally as having value beyond their physical weight alone.

By understanding these three elements when considering IRA-eligible precious metals investments, prudent investors can make well-informed choices tailored to meet their goals while ensuring maximum returns on their hard-earned money.

Now let's take a look at how GoldStar Trust Company Precious Metals IRAs could play into your strategy going forward...

GoldStar Trust Company Precious Metals IRAs

Investing in precious metals IRAs has become increasingly popular. Goldstar Trust Company offers a unique opportunity for those seeking to benefit from these investments; the company specializes in physical gold and other precious metal IRA accounts.

Like all investments, it is important that investors research their options carefully before committing funds.

Goldstar Trust Company provides an extensive range of services related to investing in physical gold or other precious metals within an IRA account; this includes custodial advice, secure storage and insurance coverage for the assets held within the account.

Additionally, they offer personalized assistance with selecting suitable investments based on customer needs and goals.

Customers can take advantage of resources such as educational materials about how to properly diversify their portfolio with alternative asset classes like gold and silver coins and bars. This level of service helps ensure that investors are aware of all available opportunities when making decisions about their retirement funds.

The potential rewards associated with investing in Precious Metals IRAs through Goldstar Trust Company make it an attractive option for those looking to maximize returns while minimizing risk over the long term.

Although no investment strategy is 100 percent successful, those who do their homework have a greater chance of success when choosing the right financial products to meet their individual needs.


As a precious metal dealer, CMI Gold & Silver has had its share of controversy. Many people have accused them of gold confiscation in the past and reviews of their services were mixed at best.

However, when it comes to providing buyers with a safe and reliable way to purchase gold, silver, platinum and palladium coins or bullion bars for investment purposes, they come highly recommended.

To make sure you’re getting the best bang for your buck, customers should look into companies like CMIGS who offer self-directed IRA accounts that are eligible for investing in certain types of precious metals.

With these accounts, investors can use their retirement funds to invest in gold without having to worry about taxes or other penalties. The GoldStar Trust Company also provides another option for those looking to protect their investments by offering Precious Metals IRAs so individuals can diversify their portfolio accordingly.

In conclusion, potential investors need not be intimidated by the prospect of purchasing precious metals from CMI Gold & Silver as long as they do their due diligence first.

They must understand all applicable laws and regulations before making a purchase decision and carefully research account options such as self-directed IRAs or Precious Metals IRAs offered through Precious Metals Market, and reputable companies like CMIGS and the GoldStar Trust Company if they want to maximize returns while protecting against losses.

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