Crypto Swap Profits Mastermind Review

December 13, 2021
Written by Peter Anderson

Are you looking for a transparent Crypto Swap Profits review? Keep reading! 

So, What is Crypto Swap Profits Mastermind? Is it Legit?

Crypto Swap Profits mastermind is the brainchild of Scott Peterson, also known as Scott Peterson Williams on his Linked-in account, who is a crypto trader from Lagos, Nigeria, and according to Twitter, he lives in Oklahoma.

On his Twitter feed, Scott claims to have made most of his income on Bitcoin mining, and he has over 10 years of experience in online training.

Scott has been selling various ways of "escaping the rat race since 2004, and frequently posts Twitter posts such as "Double Your Investment in 7 days."

So make no mistake, Scott is a bit of a salesman, however, on his Pinterest account, he claims to have traded over $200,000 worth of trades in 20 plus countries and turn it into $4.1 million.

So suffice it to say that Scott is no lightweight in online trading, and the proof of the pudding and his Crypto Swap Profits Mastermind Course has been in existence for a couple of years now with relatively few complaints.

The Crypto Profits Mastermind course is a subscription course which at the start I feel it's only fair to note that the course is fairly expensive, so those who sign up should be committed to learning and be seriously interested in investing in cryptocurrencies. 

How is the Crypto Swap Profits Mastermind Constructed?

 The course is devised into two parts: 

Part 1 gives newbies and experienced cryptocurrency traders alike a complete education into how Cryptocurrency works.

Part 2, which is the essence of the course, is the complete Crypto Currency Mastermind Course devised to give you a complete education into how to perform cryptocurrency swaps, when and where to enter the market, and offers complete support for being a successful cryptocurrency trader. 

Part 1 is the basics. You will learn:


What are cryptocurrencies

And why are they different than any other kind of investment because cryptocurrency has no governing bodies or controls, but operate completely, and independently on their own.


How blockchain technology controls cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency uses blockchain computer technology to post ownership data and sales from several computer sources across the world. As a consequence, cryptocurrency, their sale, the price that is paid, etc, can never be altered by some nefarious entity or government official.


Hardware wallets

You'll learn about the difference between hardware crypto wallets and simply just leaving your cryptocurrency on the exchange, and how you'll have a password to retrieve your cryptocurrency.


Decentralized finance

You'll learn about how an entire cryptocurrency market is a form of decentralized finance that operates without the need for human interference, and that in the event of government collapse or the sudden devaluation of a country's central currency, that
cryptocurrency remains untouched.


Smart trading strategy

You'll learn that by following certain rules, you can leverage trades into high rewards with much less risk, essential to training in the volatile cryptocurrency market.


Alt Coins

You'll learn about how alternative crypto coins have broadened the market for cryptocurrency, and that understanding altcoin maximizes your opportunity to trade at a profit.


DEX and DApps

You'll learn about how DEX, peer-to-peer trading eliminates the need for an intermediary broker, and how the connection with an ordinary computer allows you to access entire cryptocurrency ledgers to make trades, and how these applications work.

All of this is in the first stage of the Crypto Swap Mastermind course, and the mere educational value of Stage 1 is priceless.

It is taught almost exclusively by video, which is fantastic because you can access the videos everywhere, even during your lunch hour at work or between doing household errands.

Typically, in order to fully utilize Crypto Swap Mastermind, you'll want to spend at least 45 minutes per day just learning all the basics through course, and a big part of the basics is in fully understanding the complete risks of crypto trading, of which there are many, and how to minimize those risks.

Cryptocurrency trading is so much different than other investment opportunities that even experienced online traders in the market make many mistakes, mistakes that cost them serious money.

Part 2: The Live Mastermind and Support

First, you get access to the entire Crypto Swap Mastermind community.

Believe it or not, you are not alone in trading crypto. The courses community is there, through its various forums to make help fill in the gaps between you and the master trainers.

More often than not, reaching out to the community will fill in the gaps of the course that you do not understand, and you'll find that many crypto traders are a friendly bunch.

Another advantage of being in the community is being informed of trading opportunities before they become public knowledge.

With many investment courses and newsletters, you get anecdotes of successful trades that have been made but are now completely closed. Not so with Crypto Swap Mastermind.

You get notifications of up-to-the-minute opportunities which, because cryptocurrency trading operates 24 hours per day, can be an opportunity that can be utilized immediately.

Follow Scot's trades.

Unlike many investment advice forums, Scott Peterson actively trades all the time in cryptocurrency, and through the Mastermind Course, he makes all of his trades transparent.

And not only does Scott post his daily and weekly trades but he reveals the reasoning behind all of his chosen trades so that new and intermediate traders can get a better sense of how to trade in crypto.

Finally, there is direct coaching between the senior mastermind experts and those who enroll in the course. This enables new crypto traders, in particular, to develop confidence within themself that they too can do this. 

What's the Cost of Crypto Swap Profits Mastermind?

We mentioned earlier that the cost is fairly expensive but to be exact, you pay $1,497 for access to the complete course, plus $97 per month to access the complete mastermind network.

And there are no refunds.

Sign up for the course, and you are on the hook for the complete $1,497.

You can cancel the monthly fee at any time, but naturally, that defeats the purpose of the course, because you want to learn how to become a complete and accomplished Cryptotrader and you probably will need a minimum of 6 months or more to master the fundamentals.

And after you've gotten the hang of crypto trading, you'll probably gladly pay the $97 a month because even one great trading opportunity can net you thousands of dollars.

How Much Money Can You Make with Crypto Swap Profits?

Many crypto traders report making as much as 70% of their investment on a single trade. But the plain fact is nobody can tell you. If you are too aggressive, you can lose thousands in a trade or makeup to 20 times your money.

The best strategy is to go slow and build up steam and determine your genuine risk and reward levels. 

The Bottom Line

Crypto Swap Profits mastermind course is like investing in an MBA for cryptocurrencies.

It is extremely thorough and definitely worth the money, but only for those who are sincerely dedicated to the task.

Don't buy it if you just want to try cryptocurrency trading and see if you like it. Dedicate yourself to it and you will find that this course will likely reward you with a decent part-time or full-time income stream.

Cryptocurrency involves a lot of knowledge and you have to apply yourself to take advantage of its opportunities