Dan Hollings The Plan Review

December 6, 2021
Written by Peter Anderson

Welcome to the OFFICIAL REVIEW: The Plan by Dan Hollings

Whether you know nothing about crypto or are a seasoned investor, this program called "THE PLAN" allows anyone who's interested to make steady passive income, reliably.

If that's you, keep reading for the keys to your passive income stream. 

Before we get started, let's clarify:

Who is "The Plan" For?

  • those looking for a reliable passive income stream
  • people tired of getting no return from their bank
  • anyone looking to secure their financial future

What is The Plan?

The Plan is a once in a century opportunity...

It is ABSOLUTELY the safest way to invest in cryptocurrency. Full stop.

The Plan gives you an "in" to profit from the volatility of the crypto market using bots. 

This is a "set it and forget it" strategy, which means: 

  • no maintenance 
  • no trading knowledge necessary 
  • no time wasted in front of your computer

The Plan is a program created by Dan Hollings; in just 3 years he ran through $5 million and spent thousands of hours testing formulas and gathering data to come up with the golden ticket- THE PLAN: a method for earning recurring income from the crypto market, with the use of AI (bots).

With The Plan, you learn how to set up automated bots that create immediate cash flow within a few minutes of it going live.

Who is Dan Hollings?

  • "The Secret" marketing strategist (Sold $300 million)
  • Very successful trend predictor (the internet, e-commerce, Amazon, etc)
  • Crypto millionaire

Dan Hollings is an uber-smart guy known for always being ahead of trends and becoming extremely rich because of it.

The famous program "The Secret" had its success because of Dan, and his work made it all the way to the Oprah Show.

He's coached over 30,000 people on becoming successful Amazon sellers, with some making over $1 million in revenue per MONTH....yes, per month. 

Just like how Thomas Edison cracked the code for many revolutionary inventions, Dan Hollings has cracked the code of the crypto and investing market for anyone to get in on and revolutionize the way they save and make money. 

Not just anyone can know the formula, though. That's top secret talk which requires you to sign an NDA when you join. 

Yes, it's that serious!