FideliTrade Review

May 12, 2023
Written by Peter Anderson

FideliTrade is a powerful trading platform that has been gaining popularity in the stock market. With its intuitive design and automated features, it's no wonder why so many traders are flocking to this online broker!

In this review, we'll take an in-depth look at what FideliTrade has to offer and find out if it really lives up to the hype.

FideliTrade promises fast execution times with low fees for all types of trades, whether you're buying or selling stocks or ETFs, physical gold, or bank wires.

It offers tools like charting analysis and educational resources designed specifically for traders who are just getting started.

It also offers a wide range of international storage options, including segregated and non-segregated storage options. Customers have the option of a free shipping method or a fee-based shipping fee depending on their needs.

So let's dive into our review and see if FideliTrade can truly be considered one of the best trading platforms around.

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Before we get started with this review:

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All About the Company

FideliTrade is a financial service provider that helps clients purchase, hold and manage their assets. It provides experienced investors with a wide selection of options to choose from and allows private investors to create an investment plan that meets their financial goals.

The company also offers financial advisors to help customers make the best investment decisions and plan for retirement.

They also provide round-the-clock customer service, commercial trading hours, and positive customer feedback.

With its extensive selection, competitive fees, and reliable customer service, FideliTrade is ideal for both beginner and experienced investors.

All these perks combined make investing with FideliTrade a smart move!

From here, it's clear that FideliTrade offers different products and services tailored towards helping people buy, store and monitor their investments safely and securely.

Different Products and Services From Fidelitrade

FideliTrade, the one-stop shop for all your payment needs. They make it so easy to find a way to pay that you'll be shaking your head in disbelief.

From liquidation services and order fulfillment to different payment methods and options, they have something for everyone's financial situation. 

With FideliTrade, you can rest assured knowing your payments are safe and secure - no matter what type of precious metals transactions you need completed!

Their customer service team is always ready and willing to help with any questions or concerns you may have.

Whether you're looking for an efficient way to send money overseas or just want the convenience of paying online without having to worry about pesky fees eating away at your budget, FideliTrade has got your back. 

You won't believe how quickly and easily these guys get things done when it comes to getting paid - from credit cards to wire transfers, they've got every payment method covered!

With fast turnaround times and reliable processing solutions, FideliTrade takes the stress out of managing finances.

No more worrying about whether or not a payment will go through - let them handle everything while you relax!

Who They Work With

FideliTrade prides itself on providing its customers with the best services possible.

They recognize the importance of their customers’ precious metals investments and understand that they need to be stored securely, so they offer non-segregated storage facilities as well as segregated storage for precious metals.

Here are some reasons why FideliTrade stand out from other companies:

  • Low shipping costs - Their low shipping costs make it easier for customers to move their assets between banks or trust accounts.
  • Secure storage - With secure non-segregated and segregated storage options, FideliTrade provides a safe environment for customers to store their valuable precious metals.
  • Professional staff - The experienced team at FideliTrade has been trained to provide excellent customer service and advice when it comes to investing in gold and silver, palladium coins, bullion coins and numismatic coins.
  • Flexible payment methods - Customers can use cash, check or wire transfer to purchase bullion services, precious metals operations, precious metals products, precious metals division and precious metals dealer from FideliTrade.
  • Online trading platform - Customers have access to an online trading platform which allows them to track prices and buy/sell gold and silver, as well as Gold American Eagle, Gold Austrian Philharmonic, Gold Canadian Maple Leaf and Gold South African coins, anytime, anywhere.

At FideliTrade, you can rely on professional assistance from knowledgeable staff who will help you find the best investment opportunities while keeping your metals at risk.

They offer custodial services, bullion dealer and commercial mints for precious metals business, as well as wide variety of services with no sales tax and many satisfied customers.

They offer flexible payment methods and low shipping costs so you don't have worry about moving your hard-earned money around!

Moving forward into the next section, we'll look at how FideliTrade offers segregated storage for precious metals and financial institutions services.

Segregated Storage for Precious Metals

When it comes to investing in precious metals, you want your investment to be secure. FideliTrade understands this and provides a segregated storage option for its clients who choose to purchase and store their gold, silver, or other precious metals with the company.

With segregated storage, each customer’s assets are stored separately from those of other customers at an insured storage depository. This way, individual investments are well-protected against any potential damage or theft that may occur down the line.

The benefits of storing your precious metals with FideliTrade extend beyond just security measures.

As part of their segregated storage services, they offer flexible delivery options when needed--allowing customers the freedom to take advantage of favorable market conditions without having to worry about where their commodities are being held.

Because every ounce is accounted for and properly tracked by FideliTrade's audited records system, clients can rest easy knowing that all of their investments remain safe and easily accessible whenever necessary.

Whether you're looking for added protection during uncertain economic times or simply seeking peace of mind while diversifying your portfolio with precious metals trading, FideliTrade offers a dependable solution that exceeds industry standards in terms of safety and convenience alike.

Precious Metals Trading

When it comes to investing in precious metals, FideliTrade is your go-to. With the current price of gold and silver skyrocketing, investors have been looking for a secure way to store their investments without fear that someone will try to snatch them away.

That's where FideliTrade comes in!

They offer top notch security storage options, so you know your money is safe and sound. At FideliTrade, they don't just provide security storage services; they also make trading precious metals easy as pie. Whether you want to invest in gold or silver coins, bars, rounds, or bullion - they've got all those options available.

With competitive pricing on each type of metal that makes it easier than ever to find the one that fits into your budget and investment strategy best.

No matter what kind of investor you are - whether you're just getting started out or an experienced trader - FideliTrade has something for everyone when it comes to precious metals trading!

Their knowledgeable staff can help guide you towards making decisions about what type of metal would be most beneficial for your portfolio; plus their online tools and resources provide additional support throughout the process.

From start to finish, their team will ensure you get the most out of your investments!

Is FideliTrade a Scam?

When it comes to FideliTrade, customers have a lot of questions. Is the company legit? Does it provide good customer service? Can you make payments with your credit card? With so many online trading services out there, can you really trust this one?

The truth is that FideliTrade Incorporated has earned an impressive rating among its customers. People who’ve used their services love them and they often recommend them to friends and family.

Their payment systems are secure, reliable, and fast - so you never have to worry about not getting your money.

If you want to use your credit card for payments, you won't be charged any extra fees!

Here's why people keep coming back:

  • They offer great customer support and help quickly resolve any issues or concerns;
  • Payments are quick and efficient;
  • Credit card payments don't incur any additional costs.

At the end of the day, when it comes down to choosing a reliable trading platform, FideliTrade should be at the top of your list.

Moving on from here, let's take a look at some of the pros and cons associated with using this amazing service.

Pros and Cons

When it comes to FideliTrade, there are definitely some pros and cons.

For starters, their advisors offer great customer service. They're available during a wide range of hours throughout the week, so customers can get help whenever they need it - which is really helpful if you want to buy or sell something in the precious metals market when markets are open.

Clients have access to a massive selection of products that were all hand-picked by expert advisors. So not only do customers get access to quality investments but also reliable advice from people who know what they’re doing.

On the downside though, FideliTrade isn't perfect either.

It's still relatively new compared to other services out there, so options may be limited for certain types of investments.

Since most transactions involve physical shipping or delivery of goods, clients will have to pay additional fees depending on where they live and how much they purchase. That could add up quickly over time!

While advisors provide excellent assistance with purchasing decisions, there aren't many resources available if you don't feel comfortable making those decisions yourself.

Overall though, FideliTrade offers an impressive lineup of products and services tailored specifically for investors looking to enter the precious metals market with confidence.

With fair pricing structures and knowledgeable staff members always willing to answer your questions directly – this company has certainly earned its spot among the top investment firms around today!


FideliTrade is a great company for buying and trading precious metals.

It's well-respected by many investors and provides secure storage options that make it easier to invest without worry.

The pros definitely outweigh the cons when it comes to using this provider, making it a great choice for those who are looking into investing in gold or silver.

They offer competitive prices so you get your money's worth every time!

With all of these advantages, there’s no reason not to give them a try - ‘strike while the iron is hot’ as they say!

So if you're interested in some extra security with your investments, why not check out what FideliTrade has on offer?

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