Gold in Healthcare

June 18, 2022
Written by Peter Anderson

The US is seeing a huge demand in the medical field, now more than ever because of Covid-19. Hospitals are needing more technologies, employees, and treatments for their patients.

Due to this reason, it is very important that you keep/recycle your metals because as the time goes by, they will become more valuable, and it will be much more in demand. Below we will talk about the reason behind it.

The Young Generation (1940-1960) is Aging

The population in the US highly increased between the years of 1940-1960s. Those people that were born during those years are now getting older which means they will require medical treatments and care. Again, since that was the time of the “boom” that means more technology now will be needed in the modern world.

Increase in Technology and Medical Facilities

In past history, when one would get sick, they would go to a family member that was a doctor and they administered a variety of tests. Now a days, depending what you have going on, you must go to a specific doctor and then they will most likely tell you to go to another doctor, etc. Not only do doctors exist, but now there are a variety of other places one can visit when they’re sick such as urgent cares, testing centers, and therapists. What does all this mean? It means that the demand for equipment and technology is going up.

Gold= the Key to Most Medical Equipment

If you didn’t know, now you do. Precious metals play a huge part on medical technology, and medical technology demand is constantly increasing. These metals are used in devices that can monitor brain functions, pacemakers, and neuro-vascular devices. As the demand for treating patients increases, the demand for metal does as well. They go hand in hand. Ever since gold was discovered, it has been used in many ways we'd never think were possible! 

Technology Relies on Metal and Metal Relies on Technology

Not only does technology and precious metals go hand in hand with each other, but now researchers have experimented that testing procedures will now use platinum-based inks. If things continue to go well with this, then the demand will continue to increase.

Therefore, it is important to recycle and keep any metals you have because it will be worth a lot more money than what you got it for in the future. Some examples of items with precious metals can be cell phones, thermocouples, circuit boards, and a lot more items. It is key to also keep those items because since they are a limited supply, that means people will be willing to pay that extra money for the item. Since gold is formed in a finite supply, it will always be in demand.