GoldCore Review

June 28, 2023
Written by Peter Anderson

GoldCore Review is an article that critically evaluates the GoldCore platform, a prominent provider of gold and silver investment services.

The article aims to provide readers with an objective analysis of the platform's features, functionalities, and overall user experience.

It begins by introducing GoldCore as a reputable company known for its expertise in precious metal investments.

The article then delves into the various products and services offered by GoldCore, including buying gold or silver, opening a Gold IRA account, and utilizing their secure storage facilities.

The article also discusses GoldCore's partnerships with other industry players and examines the fees associated with their services.

It provides insights into customer reviews and any awards or accolades received by the company.

By presenting a comprehensive overview of GoldCore's pros and cons, the article aims to equip readers with the necessary information to make informed decisions about investing in precious metals through this particular platform.

This objective and analytical review serves as a valuable resource for individuals interested in exploring gold and silver investment opportunities.

Disclosure: Some of the links in this article are from sponsors. The list below is an honest review gathered from thorough research, experience, and consumer-based feedback. 

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About GoldCore

GoldCore, a reputable company recognized by international media outlets such as CNBC and Bloomberg, has established itself as a trusted provider of investment products with a diverse client base comprising over 14,400 clients and assets under management and storage totaling over $130 million.

With their team of experts serving various investor classes in Europe and the U.S., GoldCore caters to the needs of private individuals, companies, and institutional investors alike.

The company's solid reputation is reflected in its extensive coverage by prominent media sources like CNN, Wall Street Journal, Dow Jones, among others.

This recognition highlights GoldCore's expertise in offering investment solutions tailored to meet different investor requirements.

Whether you are a new investor seeking to build wealth or a large investor looking for portfolio diversification options, GoldCore provides an array of investment products designed to address these needs.

GoldCore prides itself on its commitment to meeting the needs of its clients. They offer an extensive range of investment products that can cater to investors at varying stages of their financial journey.

Whether it be physical gold or silver bullion coins or bars for those seeking tangible assets or digital gold for those interested in the convenience of online trading platforms, GoldCore offers options suited for all types of investors.

GoldCore stands out as a trustworthy provider of investment products with a wide clientele base and substantial assets under management and storage.

Their recognition by international media outlets further validates their expertise in catering to the diverse needs of investors across Europe and the U.S.

With their range of investment options tailored for different investor classes, GoldCore continues to establish itself as a reliable choice for individuals and institutions seeking to invest in precious metals.

Goldcore Products and Services

Investors have the opportunity to diversify their portfolios with a range of gold and silver products offered by GoldCore.

The company provides various options for purchasing gold, including gold coins like American Eagles and Gold Bullion Bars. These products offer investors a tangible and secure way to invest in gold, whether they choose direct delivery or secure storage.

GoldCore also offers a selection of popular silver investments, such as Silver Britannias and Silver Canadian Maple Leaf. Like the gold options, these silver products allow investors to add physical assets to their portfolios.

Whether investors prefer coins or bars, GoldCore provides a variety of choices to meet their needs.

The availability of both gold and silver investments allows clients to diversify their holdings across different precious metals.

This can provide added protection against market volatility and economic uncertainty.

With GoldCore's range of high-quality products, investors can confidently incorporate these assets into their investment strategies.

GoldCore offers an array of gold and silver products that cater to the needs of investors looking for tangible assets in their portfolios. The company's offerings include popular options such as American Eagles and Silver Britannias, providing clients with flexibility in choosing the type of precious metal they prefer.

By providing reliable storage services or direct delivery options, GoldCore ensures that its clients receive secure access to their chosen investments.

Opening an Account to Buy Gold or Silver

To begin the process of purchasing gold or silver with GoldCore, individuals must first open an account and follow a series of steps outlined by the company.

This article aims to provide a comprehensive guide on how to open an account with GoldCore in order to buy precious metals.

By following these steps, investors can gain access to a range of gold and silver products offered by GoldCore.

  1. Choose the type of account: When opening an account with GoldCore, investors have several options to choose from. They can opt for a personal account, joint account, corporate/trust account, or pension account. Personal accounts are designed for private individuals managing their precious metal investments, while joint accounts are suitable for two or more individuals. Corporate/trust accounts cater to companies, trusts, charities, and similar entities. Pension accounts are utilized for processing precious metal-approved pension investments.
  2. Provide identification documents: As per legal requirements, all clients need to go through an identification process when opening an account with GoldCore. This involves scanning and submitting a copy of their passport or driver's license as proof of identity. Clients must provide proof of residency through documents like utility bills or bank statements.
  3. Fund your account: Once the account is open, investors need to fund it before they can purchase gold or silver products from GoldCore. Funding options include bank wire transfers or credit card payments in various currencies such as USD, GBP, and EUR. Bank transfers are typically the most cost-effective option as client funds are held separately from GoldCore's own funds in their designated bank.
  4. Choose your product and delivery/storage option: After adding funds to the account, investors can browse through GoldCore's inventory and select their desired gold or silver products based on their investment needs. These may include physical bars in different formats such as one-10 format or kilo format for delivery purposes if chosen by the investor. Alternatively, investors can opt to store their precious metals in GoldCore's secure vaults located in Zurich, Dubai, London, Singapore, or Hong Kong. Another option is the Perth Mint Certificate Program, which allows investors to own unallocated gold or silver stored in a government certificate with a government guarantee and no storage fees.

By following these steps, individuals can open an account with GoldCore and gain access to a wide range of options for buying gold or silver.

It is important to note that investors should carefully consider their investment goals and preferences before making any decisions.

GoldCore's Gold IRA

The Gold IRA offered by GoldCore provides European investors with the opportunity to diversify their retirement portfolios by investing in gold, a tangible asset that has historically been considered a safe haven during times of economic uncertainty.

As a precious metals investment company, GoldCore has established itself as a reputable provider of precious metal IRAs, with over $1bn in precious metal sales and one of the largest storage networks in the industry.

By opening a Gold IRA account with GoldCore, investors can not only benefit from potential price appreciation of gold but also have access to secure storage options for their precious metals.

GoldCore's Gold IRA allows investors to hold physical gold within their retirement accounts, providing them with an alternative investment option beyond traditional stocks and bonds.

This type of account offers several benefits compared to other retirement vehicles.

Investing in gold through a self-directed IRA allows individuals to take advantage of potential tax advantages associated with retirement accounts.

By diversifying their retirement portfolios with gold, investors can hedge against inflation and currency devaluation risks.

Holding physical gold provides a sense of security as it is not subject to counterparty risk or dependent on the performance of financial institutions.

When it comes to storing these precious metals within the Gold IRA account, GoldCore ensures fully allocated and segregated storage options for its clients.

This means that each investor's holdings are physically separated and identified as their own property within highly secure vaults.

With one of the largest storage networks in the industry, GoldCore offers various storage locations globally to provide clients with flexibility and peace of mind knowing that their assets are stored in safe jurisdictions.

The Gold IRA offered by GoldCore presents European investors with an opportunity to diversify their retirement portfolios by investing in tangible assets such as gold.

With its reputation as a leading precious metals investment company and its extensive secure storage options for precious metal IRAs, GoldCore provides investors with confidence in the safety and integrity of their investments.

By incorporating a Gold IRA into their retirement planning, investors can potentially benefit from the historical stability of gold and protect their wealth against economic uncertainties.

GoldCore Secure Storage

One notable aspect of GoldCore's secure storage is its reputation for providing the safest vaults worldwide, ensuring the integrity and protection of investors' precious metal holdings.

GoldCore takes pride in offering secure facilities that are specifically designed to safeguard valuable assets such as gold and silver.

Their vaults are equipped with state-of-the-art security systems, including advanced surveillance cameras, motion detectors, and round-the-clock monitoring by trained security personnel.

This commitment to security ensures that investors can have peace of mind knowing that their precious metals are stored in a highly secure environment.

GoldCore's secure storage offers several key benefits for investors looking to safeguard their precious metals investments:

  • Legal ownership: GoldCore provides legal ownership of coins and bars to investors. This means that each investor has full title and ownership rights over their allocated assets, minimizing the risk of any potential disputes or claims.
  • Segregated and allocated holdings: GoldCore ensures that each investor's precious metals are fully segregated and allocated. This means that each investor's coins and bars are individually identified, tagged, and kept separate from other customers' holdings. This not only provides transparency but also allows for easy verification of the quantity and quality of the assets held.
  • Competitive storage fees: GoldCore offers competitive storage fees compared to other providers in the market. By keeping costs low, investors can maximize their returns on investment while still benefiting from the highest level of security for their precious metals.
  • Transparent process: GoldCore maintains a transparent process when it comes to storing precious metals. Investors have access to detailed reports on their holdings, including regular audits conducted by independent third-party firms. Investors have the opportunity to physically inspect the vaults and bullion holdings if desired.
  • Liquidity and accessibility: One advantage of storing precious metals with GoldCore is the liquidity it offers. Investors can easily buy or sell their gold or silver through GoldCore's trading platform without needing to physically take possession of the assets. This provides convenience and flexibility for investors who may need to liquidate their holdings quickly.

GoldCore's secure storage is highly regarded in the industry due to its commitment to providing safe and transparent facilities for storing precious metals.

With excellent company reputation and competitive fees, it offers investors a reliable option for protecting their valuable assets.

GoldCore Partnerships

In addition to providing secure storage services for gold bullion and other precious metal investments, GoldCore has established strategic partnerships with reputable financial institutions to further enhance the quality of their offerings.

One such partnership is with Loomis International, a leading logistics and storage company for valuables.

Since 2009, GoldCore clients have had the option to store their precious metals in Loomis's highly secure vaults located in Zurich, Hong Kong, Dublin, and London. 

This collaboration enables GoldCore to meet its clients' diverse needs by offering them a choice of secure storage locations around the world.

Another notable partnership that GoldCore has formed is with Brinks, one of the largest and most renowned security services providers specializing in armored transport and logistics as well as precious metals facilities.

Through this alliance, GoldCore is able to offer its clients access to a state-of-the-art vault in Singapore for storing their precious metal investments securely.

The inclusion of Brinks in their network of partners further strengthens GoldCore's commitment to ensuring the safety and protection of their clients' assets.

To ensure transparency and accountability in their storage practices, GoldCore has also partnered with Inspectorate International as their storage audit partner.

Inspectorate International conducts annual physical audits of the precious metals holdings stored in the affiliated vaults. These audits are then reconciled with both the vault's records and those maintained by GoldCore themselves.

By engaging an independent auditing service like Inspectorate International, GoldCore demonstrates its dedication to maintaining high standards of integrity and providing peace of mind for investors seeking reliable custodial solutions.

Through these strategic partnerships with industry-leading institutions such as Loomis International, Brinks, and Inspectorate International, GoldCore continues to strengthen its position as a trusted provider of secure storage services for gold bullion and other valuable metals.

These collaborations enable clients to benefit from a global network of highly secure vaults while enjoying peace of mind knowing that regular audits are conducted to ensure the accuracy and safety of their investments.

Whether clients choose storage locations in Zurich, Hong Kong, Dublin, London, or Singapore, GoldCore's partnerships reinforce their commitment to providing clients with the best possible service for their precious metal holdings.

GoldCore Fees

To ensure transparency and provide investors with clarity on costs, GoldCore's fee structure is openly disclosed, allowing clients to make informed decisions when investing in gold, silver, and platinum products.

GoldCore prides itself on offering market prices for precious metals, without any hidden charges or markups. Investors can easily access the current prices of gold, silver, and platinum at the top of GoldCore's website.

When it comes to fees, GoldCore takes a straightforward approach.

They charge a small premium above spot price for purchasing physical gold, silver, and platinum products. 

This premium covers the costs associated with sourcing and storing these precious metals securely. The precise premium varies depending on factors such as metal type and weight.

In addition to the purchase premiums, GoldCore also provides transparent information about storage fees.

If investors choose to store their metals in secure vaults provided by GoldCore in various locations worldwide, they will be charged storage fees based on the value of their holdings.

These storage fees are competitive within the industry and are designed to ensure the safety and security of investors' precious metal investments.

GoldCore's fee structure reflects their commitment to transparency and fairness towards investors interested in buying gold, silver, or platinum products.

By openly disclosing their fees for purchasing and storing precious metals, they empower clients to make well-informed investment decisions while providing peace of mind regarding costs associated with these assets.

Reviews and Awards

GoldCore has received numerous accolades and positive reviews from reputable financial institutions, media outlets, and satisfied clients alike.

Their commitment to providing excellent customer service and expertise in the field of precious metal investments has been recognized by various industry experts.

GoldCore's reputation as a reliable distributor of bullion products is evident through their partnerships with prestigious mints such as The Perth Mint, The Royal Mint, and the United States Mint.

Financial Institutions: GoldCore's dedication to professionalism and integrity has earned them recognition from renowned financial institutions. 

These institutions have acknowledged GoldCore's expertise in the field of precious metal investments and their commitment to providing high-quality services to their customers.

Media Outlets: GoldCore's credibility is further enhanced by their appearance on prominent media outlets such as CNBC, BBC, Reuters, Bloomberg, and CNN. 

These platforms have featured GoldCore as a trusted source for information on gold investments and have highlighted their role as distributors for reputable mints.

Satisfied Clients: Numerous clients have expressed their satisfaction with GoldCore's services through positive reviews. Clients commend GoldCore for their excellent customer service and expertise in complex transactions. 

This demonstrates that GoldCore not only has a strong reputation among industry experts but also maintains a high level of client satisfaction.

GoldCore has garnered positive reviews from both financial institutions and satisfied clients due to its commitment to professionalism, expert knowledge in the field of precious metals investments, and excellent customer service.

Its partnership with renowned mints adds further credibility to its position as a trusted distributor of bullion products like gold and silver bullion.

GoldCore Pros and Cons


GoldCore's accessible price chart and transparent fees set them apart from many other companies in the industry, as investors can make informed decisions based on real-time pricing information.

Unlike many competitors that do not make prices available online, GoldCore believes in providing investors with the necessary information to make the most informed investment choices.

By displaying current prices for precious metals, investors have the opportunity to track market trends and adjust their investments accordingly.

GoldCore allows customization of product prices based on individual needs, giving investors more control over their purchases.

Another advantage of GoldCore is its reputation for customer satisfaction and its partnerships with reputable storage and auditing companies.

Through positive reviews from clients and collaborations with trusted entities, GoldCore has established itself as a reliable financial institution.

This provides peace of mind for investors who want to ensure that their precious metal investments are secure and well-managed.

GoldCore's easy-to-navigate website simplifies the investment process by offering a user-friendly interface where investors can easily access information about purchasing precious metals, checking current prices, or opening a gold IRA account.


It is important for potential investors to consider some drawbacks when reviewing GoldCore as an investment option. U.S. residents cannot open gold IRA accounts through GoldCore since these accounts are only available to European residents due to the company being European-based.

This limitation restricts U.S. individuals from accessing certain investment opportunities offered by GoldCore.

Previous reports suggest that GoldCore may have relatively high storage fees compared to its competitors which could impact an investor's overall financial suitability when choosing this company as their preferred provider of precious metals storage services.

While GoldCore offers a variety of precious metals options such as gold, silver, and platinum; palladium is not included in their range of investment choices.

This exclusion limits investor diversification possibilities within the precious metals market since some financial institutions allow clients to invest in all four major precious metals.

Investors interested in diversifying their portfolios with palladium should consider alternative providers that offer this metal as an investment option.

GoldCore's accessible price chart and transparent fees provide investors with valuable real-time pricing information to make informed investment decisions.

The company's reputation for customer satisfaction and partnerships with reputable storage and auditing companies further enhance its appeal as a reliable financial institution.

Limitations such as the lack of gold IRA options for U.S. investors, potentially high storage fees compared to competitors, and the absence of palladium as an investment choice should be taken into account when considering GoldCore as an investment provider in the precious metals market.


The evaluation of the GoldCore platform reveals a comprehensive range of products and services designed to cater to investors seeking to buy gold or silver.

The platform's user-friendly interface and secure storage options make it an appealing choice for individuals looking to diversify their investment portfolios.

While GoldCore has garnered positive reviews and received industry recognition through various awards, it is important for potential users to consider the associated fees before committing to the platform.

Imagine GoldCore as a sturdy ship navigating through the unpredictable waters of the investment world.

With its array of products and services, it serves as a reliable vessel for investors looking to venture into the realm of gold and silver. Its intuitive interface acts as a guiding compass, directing users towards a seamless experience in opening an account and making purchases.

Meanwhile, its Gold IRA feature stands tall like a lighthouse, providing a safe haven for retirement savings.

GoldCore's secure storage facilities act as fortified harbors where precious metals can find refuge from tumultuous market conditions.

The platform's strategic partnerships serve as supportive trade winds propelling users towards greater opportunities and access to global markets.

Potential investors should be mindful of hidden reefs in the form of fees that may impact their overall returns.

While this analysis offers an objective overview of GoldCore's features and functionalities, readers should conduct further research before making any investment decisions.

Like any voyage at sea, investing in precious metals requires careful navigation guided by individual circumstances and risk tolerance.

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