Investment Rarities Inc Review

April 23, 2023
Written by Peter Anderson

Investment Rarities Inc. has been providing financial services to the public for more than 50 years, and their reputation in the industry is one of quality and reliability. They offer a variety of products from precious metals to numismatic coins, as well as investment advice tailored specifically to each individual's needs.

With so many options available, it can be hard to know where to start when investing with Investment Rarities Inc., but fortunately there are plenty of reviews online that can help you make an informed decision about what may be best for you.

In this article, we'll take a look at some of the pros and cons associated with investing through Investment Rarities Inc.

The first thing that stands out when looking into Investment Rarities Inc. is their longevity in the industry; they've been around since 1974 and have served thousands of customers over the decades. This long-term success speaks volumes about the trustworthiness of their services–particularly given how competitive the world of investments can be today.

It also means that they have plenty of experience helping individuals find solutions that work best for them based on their current situation and future goals.

When researching investment opportunities, it's important to consider both positive and negative feedback from past clients before making any decisions. Fortunately, there are hundreds of reviews online from people who have used Investment Rarities Inc.'s services in the past which provide valuable insight into whether or not using them would be beneficial for your own circumstances.

By reading these reviews carefully, you’ll get an idea of what others think about working with this company – allowing you to decide if it might be right for you too!

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Background on Investment Rarities Inc.

Investment Rarities Inc. is a precious metals company founded in 1974 by Jim Cook gold dealer from Minnesota who wanted to provide Americans with safe, secure investments outside of the stock market.

With over 45 years of experience and an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, Investment Rarities has earned its reputation as one of America's foremost experts on providing sound investment advice regarding gold and other precious metals.

This family-owned business is committed to helping customers protect their assets through investing in physical metal products that are highly liquid and can withstand volatility in markets around the world.

Over the years, this company has become known for offering quality customer service and competitive prices on bullion bars, coins, rounds, and other numismatic collectibles. Their knowledgeable staff provides guidance on everything from portfolio planning to tax implications when it comes to making smart decisions about purchasing precious metals. 

They also offer convenient online ordering options so clients can safely purchase items from anywhere in the United States at any time.

All orders come with free shipping insurance coverage, allowing customers peace of mind knowing their purchases are protected throughout transit.

Products of Investment Rarities

Investment Rarities Inc. offers a variety of products designed to meet the needs of investors, collectors and savers. Among them are gold coins, numismatic coins, bullion bars, Silver IRA accounts and Gold IRAs.

All of these products offer potential benefits but come with varying levels of risk that should be carefully considered before investing or taking possession of any product.

Gold coins have long been sought after by investors due to their historical value and the fact that they often increase in price over time.

Numismatics (or rare) coins can also provide an investor with additional upside potential as scarcity increases demand.

Bullion bars may not appreciate in value as much as coins do since there is no underlying rarity factor involved, but are still popular for use in diversifying one’s investment portfolio as well as providing liquidity during times when other investments may not be performing as expected.

Silver IRA accounts allow individuals to invest money from traditional savings into silver-backed investments through a self-directed account.

This provides tax advantages while allowing the individual to benefit from gains made on those investments over time.

Similarly, Gold IRAs enable individuals to purchase gold for retirement purposes without having to hold physical gold themselves; this type of investment allows access to certain types of gold investments which would otherwise require significant upfront capital costs if purchased directly by the consumer.

No matter what form your precious metals take - whether it's gold coins, numismatic coins, bullion bars or an IRA account - Investment Rarities Inc has something for everyone looking for tangible assets that will stand up against inflationary pressures and market volatility over time.

With expertise in all aspects of precious metal trading and storage solutions, Investment Rarities Inc is dedicated to helping customers make informed decisions so they can maximize their returns while minimizing risks associated with each purchase decision.

investment rarities

Silver Products

The silver products offered by Investment Rarities Inc. are a reflection of the company's commitment to providing quality and reliable investment options for those who seek them. Silver has long been sought after as a precious metal, with its value rising steadily over time due to its versatility and durability in storage.

As such, it is an ideal choice for those looking to diversify their portfolios or build up assets for retirement.

Investment Rarities offers both physical silver coins and bars, as well as access to a silver exchange where buyers can purchase these items directly from sellers. They also provide secure storage facilities and assistance with setting up a Precious Metals IRA account if desired.

They offer expertise on arts trade when necessary which makes the platform especially attractive to collectors looking to acquire rare pieces of art or antiques that may rise in value over time.

When it comes to buying silver, investors should make sure they are familiar with all aspects of trading before making any decisions. This includes understanding how market conditions affect pricing, knowing how much premium is typically attached to various forms of coins or bars, being aware of potential taxes associated with different types of transactions, and researching trustworthy gold asset dealers who have experience in handling precious metals investments.

With proper guidance and research into reputable companies like Investment Rarities Inc., anyone interested in investing in silver can do so confidently knowing that their funds will be handled securely and responsibly.

Precious Metals IRA

Investment Rarities Inc. offers a wide range of Precious Metals IRAs that allow individuals to diversify their retirement holdings with physical gold, silver and other precious metals.

These Self Directed IRAs provide investors the opportunity to purchase American Gold Buffalo coins, which are government-issued legal tender backed by the U.S. Mint, as well as various types of bullion bars issued by private mints such as Credit Suisse, Johnson Matthey and Engelhard.

Investment Rarities Inc., through its partnership with Goldstar Trust Company, provides an easy way for investors to set up a Precious Metals Portfolio in just minutes and begin building their retirement savings with gold or silver investments from any location in the US.

With an Investment Rarities Inc. IRA account, you can take advantage of daily fluctuations in Gold Prices to maximize your return on investment over time. As compared to traditional stocks and bonds portfolios that typically offer only limited upside potential when markets rise, gold prices tend to increase significantly during times of market volatility or economic uncertainty due to its inherent hedging properties against inflation and currency devaluation risk. 

Since gold is not subject to taxation until it is withdrawn from the account at retirement age (age 59 1/2), there's no need to worry about capital gains taxes or penalties while investing in gold throughout your working years.

Investment Rarities

Why Invest Gold in Your IRA?

Investing in gold has been around for centuries and is known to be a great way to diversify your retirement portfolio. Investing in gold with an IRA could provide you with protection from downturns in the stock market, inflation, and other economic issues.

Investment Rarities Inc., one of the leading gold IRA companies, can help you understand why investing in gold is beneficial for your retirement planning.

Gold bullion provides stability during times of economic uncertainty by protecting against devaluation of paper currency or traditional investments such as stocks and bonds.

By allocating funds into physical gold coins or bars, investors are able to protect their long-term assets instead of seeing them depreciate due to uncertain economic conditions. Gold also helps maintain purchasing power over time because its price tends to increase when other goods become more expensive.

The following list explains the benefits of owning gold:

  • Gold coins and bars enable investors to easily buy, sell, trade, or store precious metals without having to worry about fluctuating prices on the open market.
  • Investors benefit from tax advantages associated with holding physical gold since it does not incur capital gains taxes like many other types of investments do.
  • Owning tangible assets such as Austrian Philharmonic coins allows for more control over asset allocation decisions than non-physical investments would allow.
  • Because gold is considered a safe haven commodity in most cases, it will always retain some value even if markets crash suddenly due to global events or political upheaval.
  • Finally, buying physical gold products offers peace of mind that comes with knowing that you have something concrete backing up your investment decisions regardless of what happens economically.

With so many benefits associated with owning tangible gold products within an IRA account, it's easy to see why many people choose this option when planning for their financial future.

Whether it’s used as primary retirement savings vehicle or part of a larger strategy involving multiple asset classes, adding physical gold coins and bars can provide additional security for any investor looking for ways to further diversify their portfolio beyond stocks and bonds alone.

As we transition into understanding how precious metals IRAs work through rollovers explained next section, it's important consider these factors when making decision whether or not add gold ownership into retirement plan.

Precious Metals IRA Rollover Explained

The opportunity to invest in gold can be a rewarding one, and an IRA rollover is the perfect way to get involved. Just like any other investment vehicle, it's important to understand how it works before getting started.

Precious metals IRAs are retirement accounts where you can purchase certain types of gold and silver coins or bars for tax-deferred growth over time. It’s also possible to utilize what is known as a transfer IRA, which allows you to move funds from another qualified plan such as 401k into an already established precious metal IRA account with select custodians and bullion dealers like Twin Cities Gold.

When deciding whether or not this kind of investing makes sense for your situation, there are several factors that should be taken into consideration. The most obvious benefits include the potential for higher returns on investments than traditional offerings, along with added protections against political uncertainty and market volatility.

Another plus is the fact that all profits from sales of gold coins within an IRA remain tax deferred until withdrawn at retirement age.

With these basics in mind, it’s easy to see why so many people have chosen to focus their attention on gold company when considering their long term financial goals.

It would behoove investors interested in taking advantage of the unique opportunities associated with owning a piece of history through a precious metals IRA Rollover to arm themselves with knowledge prior to making any decisions; understanding the current market rates per ounce of gold is essential if they intend on maximizing their return on investment while minimizing risk exposure throughout their journey towards financial security.

What Causes Gold Prices to Go Up?

Investment Rarities Inc. is a trusted provider of precious metals, offering gold coins and bars to customers looking to diversify their portfolios with physical assets. The price of gold can be affected by various factors in the global market, making it an important commodity for investors. 

In this article, we will explore what causes gold prices to go up and how you can benefit from these changes in the gold industry.

The demand for gold goes up when there are concerns about inflation or economic instability because many people view it as a safe-haven asset that helps preserve wealth during times of uncertainty. When economies are strong and stable, the value of gold tends to stay relatively constant due to low levels of investment interest. 

On the other hand, if any major political events occur such as war or civil unrest, then investors may flock to buy more American Gold Eagles or Guardian Gold bars in order to protect themselves against potential losses caused by currency devaluation or stock market crashes.

Currencies around the world can also affect the price of gold since they often compete against each other in terms of purchasing power and stability. If one country’s currency weakens relative to another nation’s currency, then it might cause its citizens to purchase more gold as an alternative form of savings protection against further depreciation.

Central banks may increase their reserves of gold bullion whenever they feel concerned about future trends in foreign exchange rates since it is seen as a hedge against possible losses on investments made abroad.

Natural disasters such as floods or hurricanes could temporarily drive down production costs associated with mining operations which would lead to higher profits for miners who produce large amounts of high-quality ore containing valuable minerals like iron and copper - all leading ultimately to increased demand for physical gold products among consumers seeking a store of value over time.

These examples illustrate just some of the ways that fluctuations in global markets can influence the cost of owning physical precious metals like those offered at Investment Rarities Inc., so understanding what affects these prices is important for anyone considering adding these types of assets into their portfolio mix.

What Is a Numismatic Coin?

Numismatic coins are a type of collectible that has been around for centuries. These coins, which come in various shapes and sizes, can be found all over the world.

Numismatics is an industry devoted to the study and collection of these coins. It includes both antique and modern pieces from numerous countries. Coins have become increasingly popular due to their beauty, historical significance, or potential value as investments.

Coin dealers typically specialize in numismatic items, offering a wide range of products from different eras and locations. They often provide expertise on purchasing decisions and advice about storage options for collectors.

Many coin businesses also offer appraisals to help you determine the worth of your collection before selling it or insuring it against theft or loss. Collectors looking for beautiful coins with special meaning may search through online auctions or visit local coin stores to find what they’re looking for.

No matter where you go to purchase your numismatic items, it’s important to do your research first so you know how much they are worth and if they will retain their value over time.

Once bought safely, any collector should give serious consideration to protecting their investment by finding secure storage options such as safety deposit boxes at banks or specialized safes designed specifically for storing valuables like coins.

Options for Storage

Having discussed the features of a numismatic coin, let's now consider options for storing these desirable metal investments.

When it comes to protecting your coins and other valuable items, secure storage facilities are essential. Annual storage fees may be charged at some locations, so look into depository storage fees before choosing a facility.

An exceptional silver storage facility will provide all the necessary security while also offering convenience in accessing your collection when needed.

The type of protection offered by such a facility can vary depending on location and size of the area.

Some offer climate-controlled rooms with special alarm systems that alert authorities if any unauthorized access is attempted. Other facilities have digital locks or even biometric access control which use fingerprint scanning technology to ensure only authorized personnel enter the premises.

Many facilities are equipped with cameras that monitor activity both inside and outside the building 24/7.

When considering an option for storage, make sure you understand what level of security they provide as well as any additional costs associated with their services.

A highly secure environment should always trump price considerations since ultimately it’s more important to protect your investment than anything else!

Why Is It Important to Own Physical Gold?

In today's world, owning physical gold is becoming increasingly important.

With so much economic instability and the potential for future inflation or deflation, holding gold has become a smart move for those seeking to protect their wealth. Physical gold can be held in many forms, including coins, bars and rounds. 

Many investors prefer to have their physical gold stored by custodial services such as Goldstar Trust Company's Brinks Global Depository Services where it will remain safe from theft or damage until they choose to sell it or use it as collateral for borrowing money.

Not only does investing in physical gold provide financial security against market fluctuations, but also provides tangible assets that are easily traded on the open market through gold trade publications like Investment Rarities Inc.

These publications provide current pricing information which allows buyers and sellers of gold to make informed decisions about when and how best to buy or sell their precious metal investments.

With the help of a qualified Financial Advisor, these publications can even aid an investor in finding the best deals available on all types of physical gold products currently being offered in the marketplace.

Is Investment Rarities a Scam?

Investment Rarities Inc has been around since 1972, so it's not a new company. But with the internet and social media full of people asking if Investment Rarities is a scam, one can't help but wonder.

Take the case of Carmen C., who had a positive experience investing in gold coins directly from Investment Rarities. She invested $20,000, and was pleasantly surprised when she found out that her account had been credited with the right amount worth of coins. She now feels confident about investing through Investment Rarities, due to their excellent BBB rating and positive reviews from customers across the web. 

There are also positive reviews of Investment Rarities found in various directories like Google My Business and Yelp! Many customers give them high marks for providing financial security and helping investors make sound decisions concerning their money. 

Most reviewers state that they have had good experiences with their products and customer service representatives even though they experienced delays in delivery times or issues with ordering orders over the phone.

Ultimately, whether you choose to use Investment Rarities will depend on your own experience with them as well as how comfortable you feel investing through them based on their BBB rating and directory ratings from consumers across the web.


In conclusion, Investment Rarities Inc. is a trusted source for gold and silver investments. With its wide range of products – from precious metals to numismatic coins – it provides investors with an array of options to diversify their portfolios.

The company offers secure storage services and important advice on why owning physical gold is so essential. Despite some unfounded rumors that it might be a scam, the truth is clear: Investment Rarities Inc has proven itself as one of the most reliable resources in the industry today.

When you’re investing your hard-earned money into something as valuable as gold or silver, you want assurance that everything will go smoothly; and that's exactly what Investment Rarities Inc delivers.

They provide detailed information about each product they offer and also discuss various storage solutions for those who wish to safeguard their investments over time. Plus, their unparalleled customer service ensures that all questions are answered promptly and accurately – truly remarkable!

With such impeccable attention to detail combined with knowledgeable experts behind every transaction, it’s no wonder many people have come to rely upon Investment Rarities Inc when considering any kind of precious metals investment–they really know their stuff!

In short, if your goal is to invest wisely while protecting yourself against risk in these uncertain times, there's simply no better option than Investment Rarities Inc - absolutely priceless!

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