Legacy Precious Metals Review

April 19, 2023
Written by Peter Anderson

Legacy Precious Metals is a leading provider of gold, silver, and other precious metals. For decades they have been helping investors secure their future with precious metal investments.

But what makes Legacy Precious Metals different from the rest?

In this review we will explore how their service stands out from the competition and why it could be an ideal choice for your investment strategy.

Let's take a look at the selection that Legacy Precious Metals offers. They carry a wide range of products including coins, bars, rounds, and more! With such an extensive selection you can find something to fit any budget or investing style.

Legacy Precious Metals provides excellent customer service. Their helpful staff is always available to answer questions or provide guidance on which product might best suit your needs.

They offer free shipping if you purchase bullion over $500 in value! Combined with their great selection and pricing options, there’s no doubt that Legacy Precious Metals should be considered when planning your long-term investments.

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That being said, through our rigorous review process, we have compiled a list of our 5 top gold investment companies for 2022.

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Legacy Precious Metals Background Info

Legacy Precious Metals is a company that works within the precious metals industry, offering investments in gold and silver coins as well as gold IRAs.

Legacy provides access to some of the most sought after coins on the market today. With over 40 years of experience in providing quality coins and bullion products, they are one of the highest-rated dealers in the country.

Customers can purchase American Eagle Gold Coins, Canadian Maple Leaf Gold Coins, Austrian Philharmonic Silver Coins, South African Krugerrand Gold Coins, Chinese Panda Silver Coins, Australian Kangaroo/Nugget Gold Coins, and many more from their site or store locations.

Customers have the option to open a self-directed IRA with Legacy Precious Metals. This type of retirement account allows individuals to invest in physical assets such as gold and other precious metals instead of only stocks and bonds like traditional IRAs.

By diversifying an individual's portfolio into physical assets such as gold coins or bars held inside an IRA account, people can protect themselves against stock market crashes or inflation by preserving their savings' purchasing power for future use.

Why Invest Gold in Your IRA?

Investing in gold is becoming increasingly popular. According to a survey conducted by the World Gold Council, global demand for physical gold was at its highest level since 2013 with total consumer demand reaching 4,345 tonnes of gold.

With this surge in interest and investment in precious metals such as gold, it's important to understand why investing in gold through an IRA could be beneficial for your financial future.

When considering investing in a precious metal like gold, there are some key factors you should consider:

  • Physical Gold: An IRA allows investors to purchase physical gold coins or bars that can be stored either at home or with a custodian. This gives investors more control over their investments and ensures they have access to their assets.
  • Gold IRA Company: Choosing the right company is essential when looking into investing in a gold IRA. Make sure you do your research on any companies you are interested in working with and read customer reviews before making your decision.
  • Precious Metals IRAs: Investing in precious metals through an IRA allows investors to benefit from potential tax advantages while diversifying their portfolio with additional asset classes beyond stocks and bonds.
  • Gold Purchases & Prices: When investing in physical gold, understanding current prices and purchasing power are key elements of success. Many reputable online retailers offer competitive pricing so make sure you compare different options before making your purchase.

The process of investing in a Gold IRA can seem overwhelming but having the proper knowledge and resources available will help simplify the process. Knowing what options are available and taking advantage of them will ensure that investors get the most out of their investments while also protecting themselves financially for the long-term.

Legacy Investments

Gold IRA: What Is It?

A Gold IRA is an Individual Retirement Account that allows investors to diversify their retirement portfolio by investing in physical precious metals, such as gold, silver and platinum.

These investments are held within a self-directed IRA – meaning the account holder has control over which assets to invest in and when to do so. This type of plan offers many benefits for those looking to diversify their savings with tangible investments rather than traditional stocks or mutual funds.

Gold IRAs offer stability and protection from stock market volatility while also providing potential tax advantages depending on the individual’s financial situation.

Many companies specializing in Gold IRAs guarantee their customers money back if they decide not to move forward with the investment after signing up. As such, these plans can provide peace of mind knowing that one's hard-earned savings are safe and secure.

Dealing with a reputable company is essential when it comes to protecting against fraud or deceptive practices that could lead to significant losses or even criminal charges being filed against individuals holding Gold IRAs.

Doing research into different companies offering this type of investment is extremely important before committing any money into such accounts.

Self-Directed IRA: What Is It?

Moving on from gold IRAs, let's consider self-directed IRAs. This type of retirement plan offers investors a great deal of control over the types of investments they can make in their portfolio and allows them to choose from an array of precious metals companies and custodians for storage.

Self-directed IRA investments are handled by IRS approved depositories where fees associated with storage are usually minimal.

A self-directed IRA is set up like any other IRA but instead of investing solely in stocks or bonds, you have access to alternative asset classes such as real estate, cryptocurrencies, private placements and commodities including precious metals.

With this kind of flexibility comes more responsibility; it’s important that investors do their homework before making decisions about which assets to invest in and how to go about doing so.

Understanding all aspects of the investment process—from researching potential investments to selecting an appropriate depository—is essential for ensuring successful outcomes when investing in a self-directed IRA.

Legacy Investments

How Do Self-Directed IRA's Work?

Self-directed IRA's are a popular investment vehicle in the precious metals market. They offer investors an efficient way to diversify their retirement portfolio and gain exposure to gold, silver and other precious metals.

A self-directed IRA allows you to choose investments that fit your goals, such as physical bullion or coins, exchange traded funds (ETFs), stocks, bonds and mutual funds.

Legacy Precious Metals Services can help you get started with setting up a self-directed IRA account so you can take advantage of this money for retirement.

Legacy Precious Metals Services will provide guidance on structuring the proper type of self-directed IRA for each individual’s needs and objectives. This includes establishing custodianship of the assets within the account, opening an account at a broker/dealer firm approved by the IRS, transferring existing holdings into the new account, purchasing any necessary insurance coverage and ensuring all transactions meet Internal Revenue Service regulations.

An experienced representative from Legacy Precious Metals Services will also assist clients in selecting appropriate investments based on their personal preferences while helping them understand how they could potentially benefit from investing in gold, silver or other precious metals through their self directed IRA's.

The process is simple yet comprehensive – providing security for one's future financial stability.

By properly setting up a Self Directed IRA with Legacy Precious Metals Services investors have access to tax deferred growth potential which accelerates wealth building long term when compared to traditional forms of saving for retirement like 401K’s or annuities.

Benefits of Precious Metal Investing

Investing in precious metals affords investors a tremendous selection of products, from coins to bars and bullion. This variety means that customers can find the ideal product for their individual retirement goals or other financial objectives.

Many customers have left positive reviews about their experience with buying physical precious metal because it allows them to easily diversify their portfolio and hedge against risks associated with traditional investments.

When investing in actual metals, such as gold or silver, security is paramount. It is important to ensure that your wealth is stored safely by using an accredited storage facility with secure access protocols.

For example, Bullion Exchanges offers clients allocated storage solutions through its network of globally recognized vaults located in New York, London and Zurich - ensuring maximum protection for your hard-earned money.

Gold IRA Rollover Explained

The gold IRA rollover is one of the most popular ways to invest in precious metals such as gold. It allows an investor to move their retirement savings from a traditional or Roth IRA into an account that holds physical gold, silver, and other approved precious metals.

This type of investment can provide peace of mind for investors who are interested in protecting their wealth from market volatility and inflation.

To complete a rollover of a Gold IRA, there are four steps:

  1. Choose a provider – To begin your Gold IRA Rollover, you must choose an IRS-approved custodian/trustee and open a self-directed Individual Retirement Account (IRA).
  2. Determine what assets you want – You’ll need to decide which types of gold and other eligible precious metals you would like to include in your portfolio. Popular options include gold bullion coins, gold ETFs, Krugerrands, American Eagles, Maple Leafs, Chinese Pandas, Australian Kangaroos & Lunar Series coins as well as Austrian Philharmonics.
  3. Transfer funds – Your chosen provider will assist with transferring funds directly from your existing IRA accounts into the new self-directed Gold IRA account using either a check or direct transfer depending on whether it’s a Traditional or Roth IRA account respectively.
  4. Purchase approved Precious Metals - Once your funds have been transferred into the new account then you may purchase any IRS-approved precious metal coins and bars including those mentioned above at prevailing spot prices plus applicable premium fees associated with each purchase order placed through the custodian/trustee's network of authorized dealers).

Investors should take care to ensure they understand all regulations governing transactions within this asset class before beginning a Gold IRA Rollover process so they can make informed decisions about how best to protect their long-term financial security interests.

With careful planning and due diligence many investors find that investing in gold provides significant benefits both now and for future generations!

How to Complete a Rollover of a Gold IRA

A rollover of a gold IRA is an important investment decision that requires adequate knowledge and research. It is “a safe process to add physical gold or silver investments into your retirement portfolio for long-term growth potential”.

To complete this transaction, investors must first open a self-directed Gold IRA account with a secure depository. After the account has been created, customers can then transfer existing funds from their current retirement plan into the new Gold IRA account.

Once these funds have been transferred, clients may purchase precious metals from Legacy Precious Metals at market prices. It is also important to note that Legacy offers its own buyback program so customers are able to sell back their products when needed without any hassle.

At this point it is essential to understand all aspects of completing a rollover before investing in legacy precious metals because such decisions should not be taken lightly.

Making sure you have done your due diligence on both custodianships and other related services will ensure your gold investment decision turns out successful.

Is Legacy Precious Metals a Scam?

Legacy Precious Metals has received a five-star rating from Lloyd’s of London, one of the most respected names in precious metals. This is an indication that they are a legitimate and trustworthy company with solid financial backing and customer service policies.

Legacy Precious Metals offers limited supplies of rare coins, which can be difficult to find elsewhere.

The online gold dealer also has positive reviews from its customers who have purchased products from them. Customers report being extremely satisfied with their purchases, noting the quality of items as well as the excellent customer service provided by the staff at Legacy Precious Metals.

Many customers have spoken highly about their experiences when buying gold or silver bullion, numismatic coins, jewelry and other collectibles through the company's website.

Legacy Precious Metals is dedicated to educating customers on how to buy and sell gold, silver, platinum and palladium safely and securely.

They provide detailed information on each item for sale so buyers can make informed decisions before investing in precious metals.

This helps ensure all transactions are transparent and secure while helping customers maximize returns on their investments.

At this time there appears to be no evidence that Legacy Precious Metals is anything less than a reputable business offering honest prices for quality products backed by reliable customer service protocols.

The ratings earned from both industry leaders like Lloyd’s of London as well as customer feedback further supports this notion making it seem unlikely that this organization could ever be branded as a scammer or fraudulent enterprise.

All things considered, Legacy Precious Metals appears to offer valuable opportunities for those interested in investing in physical precious metals without sacrificing security or peace of mind.


In conclusion, Legacy Precious Metals is a leading provider of gold and other precious metal investments. It's important to research your options before investing in any type of asset class because it comes with both risks and rewards.

Gold IRA rollovers are popular ways to diversify one's portfolio, as they provide investors with the ability to invest in physical assets like gold coins and bars while still taking advantage of tax-deferred retirement accounts.

Self-directed IRAs allow individuals more control over their investments by allowing them to choose from a variety of different asset classes such as stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and real estate.

Self-directed IRAs also offer greater flexibility when it comes to withdrawals and contributions. However, there may be some additional fees associated with self-directed IRAs that should be taken into consideration prior to making an investment decision.

Overall, Legacy Precious Metals is a reliable provider for those looking for gold or other precious metals investments. The company offers competitive rates on products ranging from coins and bullion bars to ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds) and even rare coins – all backed by exceptional customer service.

With its wide selection of products available at competitive prices, Legacy Precious Metals is sure to meet the needs of every investor – regardless of budget or experience level.

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