National Gold Consultants Review

July 7, 2023
Written by Peter Anderson

National Gold Consultants is a licensed and bonded gold and silver supplier that offers its services to individuals interested in purchasing precious metals.

They also provide assistance to financial advisors and help individuals set up gold or silver IRAs.

The company prides itself on its expertise and ability to cater to client needs, providing resources such as live price charts and information on different types of gold and silver.

National Gold Consultants places great emphasis on education, offering seminars and webinars for clients.

While there are limited external reviews available, the company has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

However, it is important to note that there may be potential conflicts of interest within the company's structure, making it advisable to consider alternative options before making any investment decisions.

Despite this concern, National Gold Consultants is not considered a scam and even offers a free gold investors guide.

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National Gold Consultant Clients

National Gold Consultants serves a diverse range of clients, including individuals interested in buying gold or silver, financial advisors seeking advice and services related to precious metals, individuals with gold or silver IRAs looking to reallocate their portfolios, and Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs) seeking information on utilizing precious metals.

National Gold Consultants aims to provide a positive client experience and ensure customer satisfaction through its portfolio management services.

They offer expert advice to individuals who are interested in purchasing gold or silver directly, emphasizing the role of these precious metals as 'wealth insurance' that can add resiliency to portfolios and protect against market downturns.

National Gold Consultants collaborates with financial advisors by providing them with advice and products related to precious metals for their clients.

For individuals with gold or silver IRAs, National Gold Consultants assists in reallocating their portfolios to better protect and diversify their holdings.

The company also works closely with Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs), offering them information on how best to utilize precious metals for their clients' financial strategies.

National Gold Consultants strives to meet the unique needs of each client by providing expert guidance and comprehensive services in the realm of precious metal investments.

National Gold Consultants Resources

The abundance of resources available on NGC's website provides individuals and financial advisors with valuable tools and information to make informed decisions regarding precious metals.

One of the key resources offered is a live chart of gold and silver prices, which allows users to track the current market values. The website features a ticker that displays real-time prices for gold, silver, platinum, and palladium.

NGC also offers educational resources that explain different types of gold and silver, including qualified and non-qualified versions. These resources can help users understand the performance of precious metals compared to other financial instruments.

White papers are available on the website that provide insights into how portfolios would have performed if heavily invested in precious metals during economic downturns such as the great recession.

In addition to these educational materials, NGC provides services such as seminars and webinars for clients.

These events offer opportunities for individuals to learn more about investing in precious metals and receive expert advice from National Gold Consultants' team members.

NGC's website serves as a comprehensive platform for education and information related to precious metals.

It caters to both individual investors and financial advisors seeking expertise in this field. Offering a range of resources and services, NGC aims to empower its clients with knowledge and support them in making well-informed decisions regarding their portfolios.

National Gold Consultants Reviews

Based on the limited availability of external evaluations, there is a scarcity of independent perspectives and assessments regarding the performance and customer satisfaction of National Gold Consultants.

Only one review can be found on their Better Business Bureau website, which gives them a five-star rating.

It is important to note that National Gold Consultants does have an A+ rating with the BBB and has been accredited since 2017, indicating that they have met appropriate standards.

While customer testimonials are lacking in quantity, it is worth noting that National Gold Consultants emphasizes its expertise and knowledge in the gold and silver market.

They provide resources such as live price charts and information on different types of precious metals. This suggests that they aim to educate their clients and assist them in making informed decisions.

Unfortunately, without more customer reviews or independent evaluations, it is difficult to gauge overall customer satisfaction or compare National Gold Consultants with other gold and silver suppliers. 

It would be beneficial for potential customers to seek out additional reviews or conduct further research before making a decision about working with this organization.

Positives of National Gold Consultants

One notable aspect of NGC is their comprehensive range of services, which includes educational resources, a user-friendly online portal, and collaborations with various organizations in the precious metals market.

NGC prioritizes client satisfaction by providing educational resources such as seminars and webinars for individuals interested in buying gold, silver, or other precious metals.

These resources demonstrate NGC's expertise in the field and their commitment to ensuring that clients have access to valuable information.

In addition to their educational offerings, NGC provides a user-friendly online portal that allows clients to easily manage their holdings and make transactions.

This feature demonstrates NGC's dedication to making it easy for clients and financial advisors alike to navigate the process of buying or selling precious metals.

NGC collaborates with various organizations in the precious metals market, which showcases their industry connections and commitment to providing comprehensive services.

Working with these organizations, NGC can offer a wide range of expertise and ensure that clients have access to diverse perspectives on portfolio diversification.

National Gold Consultants' emphasis on client satisfaction through educational resources, a user-friendly online portal, and collaborations with industry partners highlights their commitment to meeting client needs and providing a comprehensive suite of services.

Potential Areas of Concern

Concerns arise regarding NGC's potential conflicts of interest and the heavy-handed nature of their news section, which may cast doubt on their commitment to helping clients protect themselves.

One major concern is NGC's reporting to multiple clients of varying natures.

Selling to consumers, financial advisors, and RIAs, questions can be raised about who NGC owes its loyalty to. While NGC claims to act as a fiduciary agent for clients, the fact that they appeal to such a wide range of customers raises questions about their ultimate allegiance.

The structure of NGC creates an incentive for individuals interested in working with a financial advisor to bypass them and deal directly with NGC.

This dynamic can create awkward situations and potential conflicts between all parties involved.

The heavy-handed nature of NGC's news section is another area of concern.

The section contains a significant amount of negative information about the economy, which seems slanted towards encouraging people to buy gold or silver. This contradicts the idea that NGC is primarily interested in helping clients protect themselves rather than solely making profits.

While NGC has expertise in buying and selling precious metals and offers a range of services, these concerns raise doubts about their reputation and commitment to customer satisfaction.

It is important for individuals considering working with NGC to carefully evaluate these potential issues before making any decisions.


National Gold Consultants is a licensed and bonded gold and silver supplier that offers services to individuals interested in buying precious metals.

They provide resources such as live price charts and educational seminars for clients.

While they have limited outside reviews, the company has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

But, there are potential conflicts of interest with their structure, making it advisable to explore other options before investing in precious metals or setting up an IRA.

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