Personal Finance and Investing for Millenials

October 16, 2021
Written by Peter Anderson

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Quick Summary

The personal finance and investing for Millennials program that I recently authored with Michael J.Gerber because it tackles personal finance from a unique perspective - that of a Gen Xer. 

Gen Xer's are the most digitally empowered generation in history, with a mindset that their lives are so accessible and connected to everything they need that they seek perfection at all costs.

They are not willing to compromise what they want for a few small things.

They expect their lives to be lived to the fullest. That also means they'll spend more than they make.

For many Baby Boomers and Gen Xer's, the idea of personal finance and investing for them is foreign and seems complicated, even unappealing.

It is intimidating when someone without money takes over a family's finances.

They may not know where to begin or what to look for. I know.

I was lucky enough to have Michael Gerber as my mentor. 

He was able to help me understand what it means to invest in ourselves through planning and investing for future purposes. 

Many people never take the time to learn about how their money is being spent. 

They don't educate themselves on personal finance and investing and put themselves on the right track to living the life they want.

Basic elements of personal finance and investing

This article will address some of the basic elements of personal finance and investing for a new generation of consumers.

At the core of this material is a simple concept: Prioritize. 

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There are too many factors that come into play if they are to live the life they truly want to live.

If you truly want to make your money work for you, invest it wisely and use that money to reach your financial goals, even if you are investing with just $5,000 or less. 

There is nothing more frustrating than making money, investing that money wisely, and then having that money squandered because you haven't properly used your money.

That's why personal finance and investing for a younger generation is so important: The young people of this generation grew up with the Internet, with savings accounts, and with easy access to credit.

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Avoiding Debt For You and Your Family

This type of personal finance and investing for a younger generation isn't just important for their financial well-being, either.

By investing their money wisely, they can ensure that their kids will not find themselves in debt, jobless, or socially disadvantaged. 

You need to be careful, though, when deciding which direction your investments should go.

If you educate yourself and live according to a budget, you can help your kids make wise personal choices as well.

Here's where personal finance and investing for a younger generation differs from "old" generations in other ways, too. 

The boomers grew up during the 1950s and have since experienced one of the largest increases in wealth relative to any other age group.

Baby boomers are also notorious for being stingy when it comes to spending, so you don't want to be left holding the bag when they decide to let their money go.

Where to Put Your Money

In short, you can find a safe place for your money, like gold IRA depositories, as long as you do your research, stick to your budget, and educate yourself about personal finance and investing in gold for a younger generation.

If you don't want to leave your kids with someone else to raise them, give them the opportunity to follow their own dreams by giving them a chance at becoming rich.

Don't wait until it's too late to change the future of your family. Personal finance and investing for a younger generation can help steer them onto a better path towards their own happiness.

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