Scottsdale Mint Review

June 24, 2023
Written by Peter Anderson

Scottsdale Mint is a private mint based in North Scottsdale, Arizona, that has been operating for over a decade.

It offers an array of gold and silver products, including bars, coins, collectible coins, antique coins, stackers, and rhodium plates coins. The company prides itself on its high-quality products and competitive prices.

Some independent review sites have raised concerns about slow response time and delayed delivery of orders.

This article aims to provide an objective review of Scottsdale Mint by exploring its products and services, ordering and shipping policies as well as its overall reputation.

We will examine the positives of Scottsdale Mint's offerings along with potential areas of concern.

By the end of this article, readers should have a comprehensive understanding of whether or not Scottsdale Mint is a reliable choice for their precious metal purchases.

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About Scottsdale Mint

Scottsdale Mint is a private mint based in North Scottsdale, Arizona that has been in operation since 2010.

The company prides itself on being one of the few private mints operating in the entire world and offers an extensive range of products and services tied to the creation of gold and silver bullion.

As a family-owned business, Scottsdale Mint aims to provide customers with high-quality precious metals at reasonable prices.

The ownership of Scottsdale Mint is not explicitly stated on their website.

It is mentioned that the company bills itself as family-owned in the field of precious metals.

This suggests that the ownership structure may be closely held within a family or group of individuals with experience in precious metal investing and production.

In terms of market position, Scottsdale Mint appears to have established itself as one of the American leaders in private minting for gold and silver.

The company's reputation seems to be mixed among customers, with some reviews praising their customer service and delivery times while others express concerns about slow response times and lack of delivery for orders placed.

While there are some concerns flagged on independent review sites regarding their service quality, Scottsdale Mint remains a legitimate option for those interested in purchasing precious metals from a private mint in North America.

Products & Services

The variety of products offered by the private mint includes IRA certified gold and silver bars and coins, legal tender that can be exchanged for goods and services in other countries, and intricate designs on both precious metals.

Customers have the option to choose from a wide range of designs for their gold or silver bars and coins, allowing them to customize their purchases based on personal preference.

The Mint takes pride in its attention to detail, with one customer describing the design on their silver coin as 'a miniature work of art.'

Scottsdale Mint also offers a specific guide on how to purchase cryptocurrency in order to buy gold or silver.

This unique feature allows customers to easily invest in precious metals using cryptocurrency.

All products are IRA certified, providing assurance about their authenticity.

The Mint has a buyback program where they will purchase back any unused products at current market value.

Scottsdale Mint's product offerings are diverse and cater to individual preferences through customization options.

Their commitment to quality is reflected in their intricate designs and IRA certification of all products sold.

The ability to purchase with cryptocurrency adds an innovative touch to the buying process while also ensuring transparency through a buyback program.

Specific Information on Products

Products offered by the Scottsdale Mint are varied and versatile, with intricate designs on both gold and silver bars and coins, allowing customers to customize their purchases based on personal preference.

The Mint's website showcases an array of products, including antique and collectible coins, stackers, rhodium plates coins, and legal tender that can be exchanged for goods and services abroad.

All products are IRA certified, meaning they meet the requirements of a precious metals IRA.

One unique feature of the Scottsdale Mint is its ability to purchase gold or silver with cryptocurrency.

The Mint offers a specific guide on how to purchase cryptocurrency to buy precious metals. 

Pricing updates occur every five minutes on the website ensuring customers have access to current market prices.

Customers can also sell their silver or gold bars or coins back to the Scottsdale Mint.

Design options are extensive at the Scottsdale Mint with many different intricate visual appeal methods available on its gold and silver bars and coins.

Full customization is possible ensuring customers get exactly what they want in terms of design preferences.

It is clear that Scottsdale Mint offers competitive products with unique features such as cryptocurrency purchasing capabilities alongside traditional payment options such as debit cards or wire transfers making it a viable option for those interested in investing in precious metals.

Sell Your Silver to Scottsdale Mint

Selling silver coins or bars back to a precious metals company can be a viable option for individuals looking to liquidate their precious metal assets, and Scottsdale Mint offers this service on their website.

While the company does not mention buying back gold, they do state that they will buy silver coins or bars from customers. But, there is no information available on potential prices for these items.

When considering selling your silver to Scottsdale Mint, it's important to keep in mind their shipping options and pricing considerations.

Customers will be expected to pay for shipping if the order is less than $500; otherwise, shipping is free.

While there is no information available on pricing for selling silver back to the company, it may be worth exploring alternative silver buyers and comparing prices before making a decision.

Customer reviews of Scottsdale Mint are mixed when it comes to purchasing and selling precious metals.

While some individuals noted that their orders were delivered quickly and praised the customer service of Scottsdale Mint, others had concerns about slow response times and lack of delivery of orders.

It's important to do your own investigation before deciding whether or not to sell your silver to Scottsdale Mint. Alternatively, you may want to explore other companies that specialize in buying precious metals from individuals.

How To Place An Order

Placing an order for precious metals can be a complex process, but Scottsdale Mint has made it easier by allowing customers to purchase either online or over the phone. 

The ordering process is highly intuitive and similar to any other online platform, making it easy for new customers to understand.

The website offers a variety of filters that sort products by metal type, year of production, series, and more, enabling both beginners and experts to find a product of their choosing.

Scottsdale Mint also offers various payment options for its customers. While it primarily accepts payments through credit cards and wire transfers, the company recently introduced an option to buy gold with cryptocurrency.

The website provides specific guidance on how to purchase crypto so that interested buyers can easily make transactions using their digital wallets.

Once an order is placed, shipping details will vary depending on the value of your purchase.

Customers are expected to pay for shipping if the order is less than $500; however, if the order exceeds this amount, shipping is free.

Order tracking information will be provided once your package has been shipped out. If you encounter any issues during the ordering process or have questions regarding your shipment or delivery status, Scottsdale Mint's customer support team is available via email or phone call.

Scottsdale Mint Resources

The Scottsdale Mint website offers a wealth of resources for individuals interested in purchasing gold or silver. These online resources range from background information on the company to investment strategies and industry news.

One of the most useful sections of the website is dedicated to educational materials, including best practices for vaulting precious metals.

This section provides valuable information on how to safely store your investment and protect it from theft or damage.

In addition to these educational resources, Scottsdale Mint also offers excellent customer support.

The website includes an easy-to-use contact form that enables individuals to reach out directly with questions or concerns. This level of customer service helps build trust with potential buyers who may be hesitant about investing in precious metals for the first time.

Scottsdale Mint's website provides information on becoming a dealer, making it an attractive option for those looking to enter the precious metals market as a business opportunity.

The combination of educational materials, customer support, and industry insights make Scottsdale Mint's online resources an invaluable tool for anyone looking to invest in gold or silver.

Positives of Scottsdale Mint

With its wide range of visually appealing design options and the ability to customize bars and coins, Scottsdale Mint offers customers a unique and creative approach to investing in precious metals, making it stand out from competitors.

Customers can choose from an array of intricate designs that are constantly updated on the website.

Full customization is also possible, allowing individuals to get bars or coins that look and feel like they want them to. This level of personalization is not available at many other mints.

Scottsdale Mint's products are IRA certified, ensuring that customers can invest in gold or silver with confidence.

The mint offers an extensive guide on how to purchase cryptocurrency to buy gold or silver, which adds another layer of convenience for customers who prefer this payment option.

The ability to buy precious metals with crypto is new and unique, highlighting Scottsdale Mint's customer-service orientation and innovative spirit.

Customer reviews highlight the quality and uniqueness of Scottsdale Mint's products.

The company has received praise for its visually appealing designs, customization options, and high-quality products.

Some independent review sites have flagged potential concerns about slow response times and lack of delivery of orders. It is recommended that individuals do their own investigation before purchasing from Scottsdale Mint.

Potential Areas of Concern

Independent review sites have raised potential concerns about slow response times and delivery issues when ordering from Scottsdale Mint.

Some customers reported placing orders that were not delivered, while others had difficulty getting responses from the company. These issues are significant and merit additional investigation before making a purchase.

Shipping concerns are also worth considering when ordering from Scottsdale Mint. Customers may be required to pay for shipping if their order is less than $500, which could add to the overall cost of their purchase.

Some independent review sites have flagged concerns about slow shipping times or packages being lost in transit.

It is important to keep these factors in mind when deciding whether to do business with this precious metals company.

While there are certainly positive aspects of Scottsdale Mint's products and services, it is important to weigh them against any potential problems identified by independent reviews.

Customer service and delivery issues should be carefully considered before making a purchase, as they can impact the overall experience of working with this company.

It may be wise for individuals interested in buying gold or silver from Scottsdale Mint to conduct further research and explore alternative options before making a final decision.


Scottsdale Mint is a reputable private mint that offers an array of high-quality gold and silver products.

The company has been in operation for over a decade and has established itself as one of the American leaders in private minting.

While some independent review sites have highlighted potential concerns about slow response time and lack of delivery of orders, the company regularly updates its prices and provides excellent customer support.

Despite these potential areas of concern, Scottsdale Mint's products and services are generally well-regarded by customers, with many appreciating the quality of the items on offer.

The company's website offers a wealth of resources for those interested in investing in precious metals or learning more about the industry.

While there may be some areas for improvement, Scottsdale Mint remains a solid choice for those looking to invest in gold or silver.

As we navigate uncertain economic times and volatile markets, it's important to consider alternative investments like precious metals.

Investing in gold or silver can provide stability and diversification to your portfolio.

By choosing a reputable mint like Scottsdale Mint, you can rest assured that you're receiving high-quality products from a trusted source.

Don't let fear hold you back - take control of your financial future today with Scottsdale Mint.

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