Swiss America Review

August 18, 2023
Written by Peter Anderson

If you're considering investing in precious metals, Swiss America may be the answer.

With over 20 years of experience, this reputable investment advisor and gold dealer offers a wide range of gold, platinum, and silver bullion coins and bars.

Their team of expert consultants provides guidance and expertise to help you make informed investment decisions. With an A+ rating and over 60,000 satisfied clients, Swiss America has established itself as a trustworthy firm in the industry.

They prioritize fraud protection and have stringent measures in place to ensure the security of client information.

While they lack a 24/7 live chat support system and have received some online complaints, their transparent process for purchasing gold sets them apart from competitors.

Visit their website today to access a free gold investors guide and explore the benefits of owning precious metals with Swiss America.

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About Swiss America

Swiss America, with its extensive experience and reputation as a registered investment advisor and gold dealer, offers a wide range of gold coins, bars, and certificates to investors seeking the security and wealth that precious metals provide.

Founded in 1982 by Craig Smith, Swiss America has over 20 years of experience in dealing with precious metals, making it one of the longest-standing companies in the industry.

  • One of the key factors contributing to Swiss America's success is its impeccable reputation. 

With over 60,000 satisfied clients and an A+ rating from authorities, this company has gained recognition for its commitment to transparency and customer satisfaction. 

Their investment consultants have over 20 years of experience in the precious metals industry, providing clients with expert advice tailored to their individual needs.

Swiss America's services go beyond simply offering gold coins and bars.

They also provide precious metal accounts, allowing investors to diversify their portfolios with ease.

Whether it's generic numismatic coins or rare U.S. coins that you're looking for, Swiss America has a wide variety of options available.

What sets Swiss America apart from other companies is their focus solely on precious metals.

By avoiding delays in delivery or higher prices associated with dealing with other commodities, they ensure a seamless purchasing process for their clients.

Swiss America's history, success, reputation as a registered investment advisor and gold dealer make them an attractive option for investors interested in adding precious metals to their portfolios.

With their extensive range of services and expertise in the industry, they provide a secure platform for individuals seeking financial stability through physical assets like gold coins and bars.

Why Choose Swiss America?

Consider choosing Swiss America if you're looking for a trustworthy and experienced partner in the gold and silver investment market.

Here are some reasons why Swiss America stands out:

  1. Experienced Investment Consultants: With over 20 years of experience in the precious metals industry, Swiss America's investment consultants have the knowledge and expertise to guide you in making informed decisions.
  2. Wide Variety of Products: Swiss America offers a diverse range of gold, platinum, and silver bullion coins and bars. They also provide generic numismatic coins and rare U.S. coins, giving you plenty of options to choose from.
  3. Positive Reputation: Swiss America has served over 60,000 clients and maintains an A+ rating as an accredited company. They've been featured on television programs, newspapers, and magazines, further validating their reputation.
  4. Transparent Operations: Swiss America is transparent about its operations, including storage, handling, and delivery of precious metals. They deal only with precious metals to ensure timely delivery without delays or higher prices.

These advantages make Swiss America an attractive option for individuals interested in investing in gold and silver. Their experienced consultants, wide product selection, positive reputation, and transparent operations contribute to their credibility as a reputable company in the industry.

Swiss America Products and Services

If you're looking to diversify your investment portfolio, Swiss America offers a wide range of gold and silver products that can help protect your wealth.

They provide a variety of options to cater to different investor preferences.

Swiss America offers bullion coins and bars in gold, platinum, and silver.

These include popular choices like U.S. gold and American silver eagles. Bullion gold coins are available in one-ounce, half-ounce, and tenth-ounce weights, giving investors flexibility in their investment size.

In addition to bullion coins and bars, Swiss America also offers generic numismatic coins. These coins offer the gold value of bullion along with the added benefit of being 100% private assets recognized by the United States government.

For collectors or those interested in rare U.S. coins, Swiss America provides access to this market as well.

When it comes to pricing options, Swiss America is transparent about their prices and does not charge any hidden fees or commissions.

They also provide storage solutions for those who prefer not to physically hold their precious metals.

Swiss America keeps up with market trends and provides educational materials for investors to make informed decisions about their investments.

While they lack a 24/7 live chat support system, they do have knowledgeable investment consultants who can assist customers with any inquiries or concerns.

Swiss America offers a diverse selection of products backed by over 20 years of experience in the industry, making them a reputable choice for those looking to invest in precious metals.

Swiss America Credentials

Take a moment to explore the impressive credentials of this reputable company in the precious metals industry.

Swiss America has established a strong reputation over its many years of experience, serving over 60,000 clients and earning an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

This accreditation is a testament to their commitment to providing quality products and services.

The company's extensive media coverage on prominent television programs such as CNN, ABC News, Fox News, CNBC, Fox Business, Newsmax, Bloomberg TV, TBN, and CBN further highlights their credibility and expertise in the industry. They have also been featured in well-known newspapers and magazines including AZ Business Journal, USA Today, Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Star Tribune, and Arizona Republic.

Swiss America's reputation is built on their exceptional customer service. With investment consultants who possess over 20 years of experience in the precious metals industry, clients can trust that they're receiving expert guidance tailored to their individual needs.

The company's transparency in operations and storage further enhances their credibility.

Swiss America is also accredited by authorities as a legitimate precious metal dealer. They maintain records of all transactions for anti-money laundering purposes and have robust systems in place to protect client information.

Swiss America's reputation for reliability and credibility makes them a trusted choice for individuals seeking investment options in gold coins, bars, and bullion coins.

Benefits of Owning Gold

Imagine holding a tangible asset like gold, a timeless treasure that has preserved its value through the ages and is recognized worldwide.

Gold, as an investment, offers numerous benefits that make it an attractive option for investors.

One of the key advantages is the historical value of gold. Unlike paper assets such as stocks and bonds, gold has consistently maintained its value over a long period.

It serves as a hedge against economic uncertainties and financial crises.

In addition to its historical value, owning physical gold also provides tax benefits. Precious metals can be included in a taxpayer's Individual Retirement Account (IRA), allowing individuals to invest in gold while enjoying potential tax advantages for retirement planning.

This makes gold not only a store of wealth but also a strategic investment tool.

Another advantage of owning physical gold is its status as a store of wealth. Gold is widely accepted and recognized by countries worldwide, making it highly liquid and easily convertible into cash when needed.

Its intrinsic value provides stability in times of economic volatility.

And, owning physical gold offers the benefit of privacy and anonymity. Unlike paper assets that leave digital footprints, there is no record or traceability associated with owning physical gold coins or bars.

Owning physical gold provides several advantages such as historical value preservation, tax benefits, being a store of wealth, and offering privacy and anonymity.

These factors contribute to the appeal of gold as an investment option for those seeking stability and diversification in their portfolios.

Precious Metals IRA

Investing in a Precious Metals IRA can provide individuals with potential tax advantages and the opportunity to diversify their retirement portfolios.

Here are three key benefits of including precious metals in your IRA:

  1. Tax Advantages: By investing in a Precious Metals IRA, you can enjoy certain tax benefits. Contributions made to a traditional IRA are often tax-deductible, allowing you to reduce your taxable income for the year. Any gains made on your investments within the IRA are tax-deferred until you make withdrawals during retirement, potentially allowing you to defer capital gains taxes.
  2. Retirement Planning: Including precious metals in your IRA can be an effective strategy for retirement planning. Precious metals like gold and silver have historically maintained their value and provided a hedge against inflation. By diversifying your portfolio with these assets, you can help protect your savings from market volatility and economic uncertainties.
  3. Investment Options and Diversification: A Precious Metals IRA offers a wide range of investment options beyond traditional stocks and bonds. You can choose from gold coins, bars, or certificates as well as other precious metals like silver or platinum. This diversification can help reduce risk by spreading investments across different asset classes.

When it comes to storing precious metals within your IRA, it's important to work with a reputable custodian that offers secure storage options. They'll ensure the safekeeping of your precious metal holdings while providing easy access when needed during retirement.

How To Get Started With Swiss America

Now that you understand the benefits of a Precious Metals IRA, let's explore how to get started with Swiss America.

The first step is to consult with your account executive who'll guide you through the investment process.

They'll explain the selection of each coin and help you make an informed decision based on your investment goals.

Once you've made your selection, Swiss America will connect with their trading department through a conference call. This ensures that your preferred coins are reserved for you and provides a confirmation number for each purchase, guaranteeing price and availability.

When it comes to payment options, Swiss America offers several convenient choices. You can choose to make a bank wire transfer or send a cashier's check or personal check to their account.

The details for these accounts can be found on their website.

After making your payment, Swiss America will ship your coins via the reliable U.S. Postal Service.

One of the standout features of Swiss America is their commitment to transparency in their operations.

They provide detailed information about storage, handling, and delivery options for precious metals.

Getting started with Swiss America involves consulting with an account executive, selecting your preferred coins, making a payment using one of the available options, and receiving secure shipment via U.S. Postal Service.

With their transparent approach and reputable service, Swiss America offers a reliable pathway into investing in precious metals.

Resources for Investors

Explore the wealth-building potential of precious metals by accessing a range of valuable resources designed to empower you on your investment journey.

Swiss America understands the importance of providing investors with the tools they need to make informed decisions and maximize their returns.

Whether you're new to investing in precious metals or a seasoned investor, Swiss America offers a variety of resources to help you navigate the market.

One important resource available to investors is information on investment strategies.

Swiss America provides insights into different approaches for incorporating precious metals into your portfolio, including diversification options and risk management techniques.

They also offer market analysis reports that provide up-to-date information on trends and developments in the precious metals market. Swiss America offers guidance on portfolio optimization, helping investors determine the optimal allocation of assets to achieve their financial goals.

Leveraging their expertise and experience in the industry, they can assist you in making strategic decisions that align with your investment objectives.

Swiss America's resources provide valuable insights and support for investors looking to capitalize on the wealth-building potential of precious metals.

With their comprehensive knowledge and commitment to transparency, they can help you navigate the intricacies of this unique asset class and make well-informed investment decisions.

Fraud Protection

To safeguard your investments and protect against potential scams, it's crucial to be aware of the warning signs and take necessary precautions.

Fraud prevention measures are essential when investing in precious metals. Swiss America understands this and provides guidance on how to protect yourself from fraudulent activities.

One of the key steps in protecting your investments is by identifying scams.

Be cautious of any company that pressures you into making hasty purchase decisions or wires payments to their accounts. It's important to avoid companies that make unrealistic promises of high profits with little or no risk. Such ventures simply don't exist.

Online security is another critical aspect of fraud prevention. Swiss America takes customer satisfaction seriously and has implemented various measures to ensure the safety of their clients' information.

Their website is SSL secured, protecting against man-in-the-middle attacks. They also have 24/7 monitoring, a firewall, CCTV, and physical security systems in place.

In addition to online security, Swiss America emphasizes the importance of verifying the credibility of the company selling precious metals. They encourage investors to cross-check all data provided by the company before making a purchase.

This includes checking if the company is registered with relevant authorities such as the CFTC.

Following these fraud prevention measures, you can protect your investments and make informed decisions when investing in precious metals through Swiss America.

Remember, if you're unsure about a transaction or feel uncomfortable with a company's practices, it's best to avoid making a purchase altogether until you're confident in their legitimacy.

Why Gold the Price Rises

Gold's price continues to rise as more investors choose to diversify their portfolios with this stable and valuable metal. Here are four key factors influencing the gold price:

  1. Historical gold price trends: Gold has historically maintained its value and is widely accepted worldwide. As a result, many investors view it as a safe haven asset during economic uncertainties, driving up demand and prices.
  2. Global economic impact on gold price: Economic factors such as inflation, interest rates, and geopolitical tensions can have a significant impact on the gold market. When these factors create uncertainty or instability in traditional financial markets, investors often turn to gold as a hedge against potential losses.
  3. Strategies for investing in gold: Investors can choose to invest in physical forms of gold such as coins or bars, or they can opt for exchange-traded funds (ETFs) that track the performance of gold prices. Some investors use options and futures contracts to speculate on future changes in the gold price.
  4. Role of central banks in gold price fluctuations: Central banks hold significant amounts of gold reserves, and their buying or selling activities can affect global supply and demand dynamics. Changes in central bank policies or decisions related to interest rates can also influence investor sentiment towards gold.

Considering these factors, it's clear why more investors are turning to gold for diversification purposes.

Understanding historical trends, monitoring global economic conditions, implementing effective investment strategies, and considering the role of central banks, investors can make informed decisions about including this precious metal in their portfolios.

Are There Red Flags for Swiss America?

Take note of potential warning signs or indicators that may raise concerns about the credibility and reliability of Swiss America as a gold investment company. While Swiss America is a reputable firm with accreditation and sanctions from authorities, there are some potential red flags to consider.

One potential concern is transparency. Although Swiss America claims to be transparent about its operations, there have been online complaints about the reliability of their services.

There are few reviews and ratings from users outside of Trust Pilot, which may raise questions about the overall satisfaction of their customers.

Customer service issues could also be a red flag. Swiss America lacks a 24/7 live chat support system, which may make it difficult for customers to get immediate assistance when needed.

This can be particularly concerning when dealing with precious metals investments where timing is crucial.

Delivery delays and pricing discrepancies are other factors to consider.

While Swiss America claims to avoid delays in delivery or higher prices by dealing only with precious metals, there have been online complaints regarding these issues. It's important for investors to ensure that they receive their purchases in a timely manner and at the agreed-upon price.

Regulatory compliance concerns should not be overlooked. While Swiss America is legally operating as a precious metal dealer and has systems in place for anti-money laundering purposes, it's essential for investors to verify the company's compliance with regulations and ensure that their investments are protected.

While Swiss America is not considered a scam and has positive attributes such as longevity in the industry and accreditation from authorities, these potential red flags should be taken into consideration before making any investment decisions with them.

Security of the Company

Ensure your peace of mind by understanding the robust security measures in place to protect your investments with Swiss America. The company takes the security of their clients' information seriously and has implemented various measures to safeguard it.

  • Swiss America maintains 24/7 monitoring of their website and servers to prevent unauthorized access. 

This proactive approach helps detect and address any potential threats promptly. They have a firewall in place that acts as a barrier against hacking attacks, ensuring the integrity of their systems.

  • To further enhance security, Swiss America utilizes a CCTV system in their cash vault and offices. 

This surveillance technology serves as a deterrent against theft attempts, security breaches, and fraud. It allows for real-time monitoring and detection of any suspicious activities.

  • Physical security is also paramount at Swiss America. 

They have implemented stringent measures when it comes to the transport of clients' gold, as well as protecting their vaults and offices from unauthorized access. These precautions help ensure the safety and integrity of your precious metals.

  • Client privacy is another priority for Swiss America. 

They have a policy on client confidentiality that ensures your personal information remains protected. They strictly enforce a no-trespassing policy to prevent unauthorized individuals from gaining access to sensitive areas.

  • In terms of financial safety, Swiss America adheres to anti-money laundering regulations by maintaining records of all transactions. 

This not only demonstrates their commitment to compliance but also provides an additional layer of protection against fraudulent activities.

While customer support is essential for any reputable company, it's worth noting that Swiss America lacks a 24/7 live chat support system. However, they do offer other avenues for assistance should you require it.

With these comprehensive security measures in place, you can trust that your investments are well-protected with Swiss America.

Customer Reviews

Impressed customers have shared their positive experiences with Swiss America, highlighting the company's commitment to providing exceptional service and a seamless online purchasing process for gold and silver.

Here are some key points from customer reviews:

  • Customer satisfaction: Many customers express their satisfaction with Swiss America's services. They appreciate the ease of buying gold or silver through the company's online platform. The process is described as straightforward and hassle-free.
  • User experiences: Customers have had positive experiences while dealing with Swiss America. They mention receiving prompt assistance from knowledgeable account executives who guide them in making informed investment decisions.
  • Testimonials: Numerous testimonials on Trust Pilot praise Swiss America for its professionalism, transparency, and reliability. Customers commend the company for delivering high-quality products and fulfilling orders promptly.
  • Feedback: Customers appreciate Swiss America's dedication to customer service and responsiveness to inquiries or concerns. The company's commitment to addressing customer needs contributes to positive feedback from its clientele.
  • Ratings: Swiss America has received a high rating on Trust Pilot, indicating that many customers have had positive experiences with the company. This suggests that they value the quality of service provided by Swiss America.

Customer reviews reflect a high level of satisfaction with Swiss America's services, showcasing their ability to deliver exceptional service and meet customer expectations in the precious metals industry.

Benefits of Using Swiss America

One of the advantages of choosing Swiss America is the peace of mind that comes with their commitment to customer satisfaction and prompt assistance from knowledgeable account executives.

They understand the importance of providing excellent service and ensuring that their clients have a positive experience.

When it comes to investment potential, Swiss America offers a wide range of precious metals, including gold, platinum, and silver bullion coins and bars.

These metals have historically maintained their value and are widely accepted worldwide. Investing in precious metals can provide diversification benefits to your portfolio, helping to protect against market volatility.

In addition to its investment potential, owning gold also offers wealth preservation benefits. Gold has been considered a store of value for centuries and can serve as an article of wealth in challenging economic times.

It provides stability and security amidst uncertainty.

Swiss America provides tax advantages by offering the option to include precious metals in a taxpayer's IRA.

This can be beneficial for retirement planning purposes as it allows individuals to diversify their retirement accounts beyond traditional assets like stocks and bonds.

Choosing Swiss America for your precious metal investments brings numerous advantages such as investment potential, diversification benefits, wealth preservation, and tax advantages.

Their commitment to customer satisfaction combined with their expertise in the industry makes them a reliable choice for those looking to explore the world of precious metals investing.

Drawbacks of Using Swiss America

While there are many benefits to using Swiss America for your precious metal investments, it's important to be aware of the drawbacks as well.

One drawback is the lack of a 24/7 live chat support system. This means that if you have any questions or issues outside of regular business hours, you'll have to rely on email or phone calls for assistance.

Another concern is the limited number of reviews and ratings from users outside of Trust Pilot.

Without sufficient feedback from customers, it can be difficult to evaluate their customer support and reliability.

There have been several customer complaints about the reliability of Swiss America's services. While the majority of users believe in their services, these complaints raise concerns about potential service issues.

Considering these reliability concerns and customer complaints, it may be worth exploring alternative options before making a decision.

Researching other companies and comparing their track records could help in evaluating trustworthiness and finding a reliable partner for your precious metal investments.

To conclude, while Swiss America offers many benefits such as transparency and experience in dealing with precious metals, it's essential to consider the reliability concerns raised by some customers.

Exploring alternative options and conducting a thorough trustworthiness evaluation can help ensure a smooth investment experience.


Swiss America is a reputable investment advisor and gold dealer that has been serving clients since 1982.

With over 20 years of experience in the precious metals industry, they offer a wide range of gold, platinum, and silver bullion coins and bars.

The company prioritizes fraud protection and has measures in place to ensure the security of client information.

While they lack a 24/7 live chat support system and have received some online complaints, overall Swiss America is a credible firm offering investment options in precious metals.

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