Texas Bullion Exchange Review

July 16, 2023
Written by Peter Anderson

Texas Bullion Exchange is a reputable precious metal dealer based in Texas, offering a wide range of gold and silver products. With a strong emphasis on transparency and customer satisfaction, the company has gained recognition as one of the leading dealers in the industry.

Their extensive knowledge and expertise make them a trusted choice for individuals looking to invest in precious metals. Texas Bullion Exchange assigns each client a personal Bullion Specialist and provides educational resources for those interested in opening a precious metals IRA account.

It should be noted that they do not offer the option to open a gold IRA account themselves. While the company has garnered positive reviews and offers competitive pricing with no hidden fees, it is important to consider other options available for individual purchases and gold IRA investing.

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What is Texas Bullion Exchange?

Texas Bullion Exchange is a reputable precious metal dealer that offers low prices and no hidden fees, providing investors with access to a wide range of gold, silver, platinum, palladium, and novelty coins.

The company has built a strong reputation in the industry for its commitment to customer satisfaction and transparent pricing.

Texas Bullion Exchange is known for its exceptional customer service, as each client is assigned a personal Bullion Specialist who assists investors in completing their collections and staying updated on the value of their coins.

In terms of delivery options, Texas Bullion Exchange offers convenience by delivering purchases to clients who do not live in the area. This allows investors from all over to benefit from their extensive inventory and competitive pricing.

Creating an account with Texas Bullion Exchange is a straightforward process that requires personal information and login details. Once an account is created, investors gain access to the company's educational resources which provide valuable information on opening a gold IRA account and other aspects of investing in precious metals.

Texas Bullion Exchange stands out among its competitors due to its reputable status within the industry, excellent customer service, convenient delivery options, user-friendly account creation process, and comprehensive educational resources available for investors.

Texas Bullion Exchange Products

The product offerings at Texas Bullion Exchange encompass a diverse range of precious metals and collectibles. Clients can choose from a variety of gold products, including the popular American Gold Eagle and American Gold Buffalos, as well as gold bars, rounds, and world gold options.

For silver investors, Texas Bullion Exchange offers American Silver Eagles, Certified Silver Eagles, rounds and bars, Canadian Silver Maple Leaf coins, and IRA-eligible silver products.

Platinum enthusiasts can find American Platinum Eagles along with platinum bullion bars and rounds. The company also provides options for palladium investments with several American Palladium Eagles available for purchase.

In addition to these traditional precious metal products, Texas Bullion Exchange also caters to collectors with their themed and novelty coin selection.

This selection allows individuals to explore various interests within the realm of numismatics.

When it comes to pricing, Texas Bullion Exchange is known for its low fees and transparent prices. Customers can easily view prices on their website without any hidden fees or surprises during the purchasing process.

The company provides excellent customer service by offering 24/7 support for any inquiries or concerns that clients may have.

For those who are unable to visit their showroom in Beaumont, Texas Bullion Exchange offers delivery options to ensure that purchases reach customers nationwide.

They provide extensive educational resources on their website to help clients make informed decisions about precious metal investing.

Texas Bullion Exchange offers a wide array of products backed by transparent pricing practices and exceptional customer service while also catering to collectors' interests through their themed and novelty coin selection.

Recognition and Reviews

Renowned for their exceptional customer service and transparent pricing, customers have praised the remarkable recognition and positive reviews garnered by this esteemed precious metal dealer.

Texas Bullion Exchange has established a strong reputation in the industry, earning high praise from satisfied customers. Here are some key aspects of their recognition and reviews:

  1. Customer testimonials: Customers have expressed great satisfaction with Texas Bullion Exchange's services. Many have commended the company for its knowledgeable staff who go above and beyond to educate new investors on the benefits of a gold IRA and guide them through the process.
  2. Industry awards: While specific industry awards were not mentioned in the background information, Texas Bullion Exchange's membership in reputable organizations such as Numismatic ANA and National Coin and Bullion Association suggests that they are recognized within the industry for their professionalism and expertise
  3. Comparison with other dealers: Although it is stated that there are better companies recommended for gold investing, no specific comparisons or rankings were provided regarding how Texas Bullion Exchange compares to other dealers in terms of product quality, pricing, or customer service.
  4. Customer satisfaction ratings: Based on online platforms like Yelp and Google My Business, Texas Bullion Exchange has received predominantly positive reviews from customers. With an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 on Yelp and 4.7 out of 5 on Google My Business, these ratings demonstrate a high level of customer satisfaction.

Texas Bullion Exchange has earned recognition from customers through their outstanding service, as reflected in positive testimonials and high customer satisfaction ratings on various platforms.

What Does Texas Bullion Exchange Offer That Competitors Don't?

Distinguished by their diverse range of collectibles and extensive educational resources, Texas Bullion Exchange sets themselves apart from competitors. 

  • One unique service that they offer is the availability of themed and novelty coins alongside traditional precious metals. This allows customers to not only invest in valuable assets but also indulge in their personal interests or hobbies.

Offering this variety, Texas Bullion Exchange caters to a wider audience and provides a distinct advantage over competitors who may focus solely on precious metals.

  • Texas Bullion Exchange maintains competitive pricing for their products. They strive to provide customers with low prices and transparent fees, ensuring that clients receive the best value for their investments. 

This commitment to affordability sets them apart from other dealers who may have hidden costs or inflated prices.

  • Texas Bullion Exchange has established exclusive partnerships with trusted companies like PCGS and NGC. 

These affiliations allow them access to a wide selection of authenticated and graded coins, providing customers with assurance of quality and authenticity when making purchases.

  • Another aspect that distinguishes Texas Bullion Exchange is their specialized expertise in precious metals. 

They have a team of dedicated Bullion Specialists who are assigned to each client, offering personalized guidance throughout the buying process. This level of individualized attention ensures that customers receive tailored recommendations based on their investment goals and preferences.

  • Texas Bullion Exchange prides itself on exceptional customer support. 

They offer 24/7 assistance to address any inquiries or concerns that clients may have. Their commitment to customer satisfaction further solidifies their position as a trusted dealer in the industry.

Through their unique services, competitive pricing, exclusive partnerships, specialized expertise, and exceptional customer support, Texas Bullion Exchange distinguishes themselves from competitors in the precious metal market.


Notable for their straightforward pricing structure, Texas Bullion Exchange offers transparent fees for their products and services. The company ensures that the prices of their precious metals are conveniently highlighted, making it easier for customers to compare costs.

Unlike some competitors, Texas Bullion Exchange does not have any hidden charges or additional fees that may catch investors off guard. They guarantee that the price quoted is the final amount customers will pay, providing a sense of transparency and trustworthiness.

While the company does not provide a breakdown of shipping costs on their website, they do offer both showroom pick-up and delivery options for customers located outside of the local area.

Despite this lack of information regarding shipping fees, Texas Bullion Exchange assures clients that their purchases are fully insured, giving investors peace of mind in case of any unforeseen circumstances during transportation.

In terms of cost comparison with other companies in the industry, Texas Bullion Exchange positions itself as a provider with low fees and transparent pricing strategies. This can be beneficial for those who prioritize clarity when investing in precious metals.

Texas Bullion Exchange stands out for its commitment to offering clear and upfront pricing without any hidden charges. Providing a transparent fee structure, they aim to build trust with their clientele and ensure a positive experience throughout the purchasing process.

Texas Bullion Exchange Pros

Having a wide range of products and collectibles available, Texas Bullion Exchange offers investors the opportunity to diversify their investment portfolio.

Here are some of the pros and benefits of working with Texas Bullion Exchange:

  • Guaranteed Precious Metal Purchases: Clients can have peace of mind knowing that their purchases are guaranteed and insured by Texas Bullion Exchange. This ensures that their orders will not be canceled due to market fluctuations.
  • Extensive List of Products: Texas Bullion Exchange has one of the largest inventories of products compared to its competitors. Investors have a wide selection of precious metal coins and collectibles to choose from, allowing them to expand their investment portfolio.
  • Option to Collect Themed and Novelty Coins: In addition to precious metals, Texas Bullion Exchange also offers a variety of themed and novelty coins for clients who are more interested in collectibles. This adds versatility and caters to the diverse needs and preferences of investors.
  • Transparent Prices: Texas Bullion Exchange provides transparent pricing for all its products. Clients can easily view the prices without any hidden fees or additional charges. The company prides itself on offering some of the lowest prices in the industry.
  • Provides Education on IRA: While Texas Bullion Exchange does not offer gold IRA accounts, they provide extensive education on how to open a precious metals IRA account. They offer general information on the process and important considerations for converting existing IRAs into a precious metals IRA.

These strengths make Texas Bullion Exchange an attractive option for investors looking for guaranteed purchases, a wide range of products, transparency in pricing, and educational resources for opening a precious metals IRA account.


  • One drawback to consider when evaluating Texas Bullion Exchange is the lack of options for individuals seeking to open a gold IRA account. 

While they provide extensive education on how to open a gold IRA account, investors will need to seek elsewhere if they wish to pursue this option. This limitation may be disappointing for those who are specifically looking to protect their savings with a gold IRA.

Another aspect that could be improved is the customer service response time.

  • Although Texas Bullion Exchange offers 24/7 customer support, there have been some complaints about slow response times and difficulties in reaching a representative. 

This can be frustrating for customers who require immediate assistance or have urgent inquiries.

  • In terms of shipping options, Texas Bullion Exchange does deliver purchases to clients who don't live near their showroom location. 

However, it would be beneficial if they offered more flexible shipping options such as expedited or international shipping, as this would cater to a wider range of customers.

  • While Texas Bullion Exchange provides secure storage options for precious metals purchases, there is limited information available regarding these services. 

It would be advantageous if they provided more details about their storage facilities and security measures to instill confidence in customers.

  • Another area where improvement could be made is market analysis and predictions. 

While Texas Bullion Exchange offers educational tools and resources, including market updates and historical price charts, some investors may look for more in-depth analysis and expert predictions on the precious metals market.

Texas Bullion Exchange has many positive aspects as a precious metal dealer, it is still important for potential customers to consider these limitations when making an informed decision.


Moving on to the frequently asked questions (FAQs) about Texas Bullion Exchange, let's explore some key aspects of their trading process and customer support.

Where is the company's showroom? 

It is important to note that Texas Bullion Exchange offers a simplified process for buying precious metals. Clients can easily navigate their website and browse through a wide range of gold, silver, platinum, palladium, and novelty coins. The company is known for its low fees and transparent pricing, making it convenient for investors.

Does Texas Bullion Exchange offer 24/7 customer support? 

When it comes to customer support, Texas Bullion Exchange ensures that clients receive assistance whenever needed. They provide 24/7 customer support, allowing investors to address any concerns or queries at their convenience. This demonstrates their commitment to excellent service.

What is the company's delivery options? 

In terms of delivery options, the company not only caters to local clients who can visit their showroom located in Beaumont, TX but also provides online deliveries for those who do not reside in the area. This flexibility allows customers from different locations to access their products conveniently.

Does Texas Bullion Exchange offer IRA-eligible coins?  

To purchase coins from Texas Bullion Exchange, an account creation is required. However, this process is straightforward and requires personal information along with login details. Once the account is created, clients can easily make purchases through the website.

Does Texas Bullion Exchange have educational resources?

Texas Bullion Exchange aims to educate its clients by providing extensive resources on opening a gold IRA account and other educational tools related to precious metals investing. These resources enable investors to make informed decisions regarding their investments.

Texas Bullion Exchange offers a user-friendly trading process with comprehensive customer support and delivery options. Their emphasis on education further enhances the investor experience provided by this trusted precious metal dealer in Texas.


Texas Bullion Exchange is a reputable precious metal dealer based in Texas that offers a wide range of products and services. They have received positive recognition and reviews from satisfied customers.

The company prides itself on transparent pricing with no hidden fees and provides a personal Bullion Specialist to assist clients.

While they do not offer the option to open a gold IRA account themselves, they provide educational tools for clients interested in opening one.

It is important to consider other options available for individual precious metals purchases and gold IRA investing before making a decision.

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