USAGOLD Review: Scam Risk or Safe To Invest?

February 28, 2023
Written by Peter Anderson

Investing in gold can be a great way to diversify your portfolio and protect investments against inflation. USAGOLD is one of the most popular online options for investing in precious metals, but how safe is it? Is it worth taking the risk or should investors steer clear?

This article dives into USAGOLD reviews, exploring potential scam risks as well as the benefits associated with this investment platform.

USAGOLD has been around since 1987 and offers clients access to physical bullion coins, bars, rounds, and jewelry.

The company also provides storage services for those who wish to store their gold securely away from home.

In addition, customers have access to an extensive library of educational resources about gold investing that are regularly updated by experts.

It's important for any investor considering using USAGOLD to understand both its advantages and disadvantages before making a decision.

Understanding the level of risk involved in this type of investment will help you make an educated choice when deciding whether or not to use this platform.

Read on to find out if USAGOLD is right for you!

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Brief Company History of USAGOLD

"Strike while the iron is hot," goes an old adage. USAgold, a gold and silver bullion dealer, has certainly done just that over the past two decades.

Founded in 1999 as UsaGold coinshop with humble beginnings offering products through mail-order catalogs, the company today offers precious metals to both beginning investors and experienced traders alike.

USAgold's success can be attributed largely to its customer reviews – customers have consistently praised the selection of products offered by USagold along with their competitive prices.

From researching online sources such as Trustpilot, it appears that USagold receives mostly positive reviews from satisfied clients who appreciate the level of service provided by them.

Customers also seem happy with the variety of options available when choosing which product to purchase, including coins, bars, rounds and collectibles from different manufacturers.

Management Team at USAGOLD

The management team at USA Gold is a well-oiled machine, working together to make sure that investors have access to the highest quality gold products and services.

Like a puzzle piece fitting neatly into place, each member of the leadership team offers their unique set of skills and experience in order to bring success to the company.

From fractional gold coins to storage options and custodial services, every part of this equation works together for maximum efficiency.

At the helm are CEO Robert Viglione and President Peter Kuehne. Both men have decades of experience in financial markets, with an emphasis on precious metals like gold.

Together they provide strategic direction and insight into how best to serve their customers’ needs while continuing to innovate within the industry.

They are backed by an experienced executive team including Chief Operating Officer Steve Linnenberger, who has over 20 years of expertise in operational risk management; General Counsel Matt Anderson, who brings extensive legal knowledge; Chief Compliance Officer Rebecca Blasdel, with her background in accounting principles; and Chief Technology Officer Chris Cates and his innovative approach towards digital asset solutions.

USA Gold's management team combines decades of collective market experience with cutting edge technology in order to meet customer demands for high-quality gold investments.

With their comprehensive suite of products and services — from fractional gold coins all the way through custodial services — there is no shortage of secure investment opportunities for clients looking for a safe haven amid volatile economic times.

Usagold Storage and Custodians

Usagold takes its storage and custodian services seriously - like a vault of gold bars, securely locked away.

When it comes to the safety of your investments, Usagold offers only the best in secure storage solutions through their trusted custodian companies which are the same ones that Entrust Group & Orion Metal Exchange use.

These custodians provide independent self-directed plans that are tailored to meet each customer’s needs.

With these plans you can rest assured knowing your assets are safe and sound with high standards of compliance regulations being met.

All transactions made with these custodians must go through Usagold's own security protocols before they can be processed.

TIP: Make sure to think carefully when deciding which storage and custodian solution is right for you; not every plan fits everyone's needs equally!

USAGOLD Products and Services

What better way than to invest in the precious metals services that Usagold has to offer? As one of the leading providers for gold investing, they make sure their clients are able to have a safe and secure experience.

With different products ranging from coins and bullion bars to IRA’s and 401(k) rollovers, you can rest assured knowing your investments will be well taken care of.

Usagold offers investors access to some of the best gold investment options available on the market today.

During uncertain times like these, it is important to diversify your portfolio with something as reliable as gold.

With their storage and custodians being heavily insured and audited regularly by third-party companies, you don't need to worry about any potential scams or security risks when working with Usagold.

Instead you can focus on building your wealth through their wide array of gold related investments.

The team at Usagold provides valuable advice while helping customers navigate their product selection process so they can get started as soon as possible without having to stress over what might happen next.

The knowledgeable staff at Usagold understand how daunting this process may seem for first time buyers but aim to provide an easy transition into buying precious metals no matter where you are starting from.

They specialize in making sure each customer gets the most out of their purchase and enjoy watching them gain financial freedom along the way!

With all these features combined, there's no reason not to give Usagold a try if you're looking for a safe option when it comes to gold investing.

How To Set Up a Gold IRA or 401(k) Rollover With USAGOLD

The gold industry has seen a dramatic uptick in 2020, with the number of gold IRA accounts increasing by nearly 70%. Investing in gold is becoming an increasingly popular option for those looking to diversify their retirement portfolio and protect against market volatility.

Setting up a gold IRA or 401(k) rollover with Usagold can be done easily and securely. Here are 4 steps you need to take:

1. Open your account - You'll need to provide some personal information including your name, address, Social Security Number (SSN), date of birth, etc. Once your identity is verified, you will receive confirmation from Usagold that your account has been opened successfully.

2. Choose eligible products - Usagold offers various types of gold coins and bars that meet IRS requirements for IRAs. You can also opt for ETFs such as GLD and SLV if you prefer not to directly invest in physical precious metals.

3. Make your purchase - After selecting the type of asset you want to own within your account, it's important to understand how much money needs to be invested so that it meets certain thresholds regarding fees and commissions charged by Usagold when buying assets through them.

4. Set up funding sources - Depending on which type of IRA/401(K) plan you choose, there may be different regulations governing how funds must be transferred into the new account. It is essential that all transfer paperwork is completed accurately before any transactions occur so that everything runs smoothly without any delays or confusion later down the line.

Usagold provides professional advice via its customer service team who can help guide customers throughout the entire process from opening their account to making their first investment.

By taking these few simple steps outlined above, investors can establish a secure gold IRA or 401(k) rollover quickly and confidently with one of the leading companies in the precious metals industry today – Usagold!

USAGOLD Online Reviews

Investing in gold and silver can be a smart move, but it is important to do your research first. One way to make an informed decision about investing with USAGOLD is to look into the company's online reviews from current and former clients.

This article will delve into what these reviews say about this gold firm.

Precious metals companies have been around for centuries, but their use as investments has become increasingly popular in recent years as people search for alternative ways of growing their money.

As such, there are now countless firms that offer services related to buying, selling and storing precious metals. Usagold stands out among them due to its stellar client reviews--in fact, most customers report having positive experiences with the company, including quick shipping times, helpful customer service representatives and secure storage facilities.

Many reviewers mention how convenient the process was when setting up their gold IRA or 401(k) rollover accounts through usagold.

With all this considered, one can trust that they'll receive quality products and exceptional service if they choose to invest in gold and silver with usagold.

The sheer number of favorable client reviews speaks volumes about the level of care this gold firm takes in providing valuable investments for its customers.

Should You Invest in Gold and Silver With USAGOLD?

Investing in gold and silver is a great way to protect your wealth against inflation, currency fluctuations and stock market volatility. With the right Gold News informing you of the latest trends, investing with USAGOLD can be a smart decision.

Not only does USAGOLD offer IRA Eligible Coins for those looking to build their retirement portfolio but Precious Metals Investment options are also available from trusted sources.

When considering whether or not it’s safe to invest in gold and silver with USAGOLD, there are many factors that come into play such as understanding the current economic climate, researching trusted sellers of precious metals investments and reading reviews on customer service experiences.

Doing some research before making an investment will help ensure that your money is being used wisely.

It's important to remember that even though investing in gold and silver may take time and effort, it’s well worth the potential returns if done correctly.

Moving forward one should consider how they want to buy gold with USAGOLD.

How To Buy Gold With USAGOLD

Investing in gold has been a popular form of portfolio diversification since ancient times.

Gold is widely viewed as a hedge against inflation and market volatility, providing a sense of financial security to those who own it. As such, many investors have sought out the best ways to buy physical gold, American gold coins, and other precious metals through reputable companies like USAGOLD.

USAGOLD is one of the largest online dealers of gold bullion products on the market today.

Their selection includes pre-1933 U.S. gold coins certified by Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC), modern collectible coins, fractional bars and rounds from mints around the world, silver and platinum bullion, IRA eligible products, and more—all with competitive prices that are closely tracked to the latest movements in the global spot price for gold.

The company also offers storage services for customers seeking secure vaulted storage outside of their home or office location(s).

With USAGOLD’s convenient website ordering process and easy-to-understand product descriptions, novice buyers can safely navigate the current state of the gold market without feeling overwhelmed or making costly mistakes along the way.

How To Choose a Gold Company for Investment

Gold has long been seen as a symbol of wealth, power and success. It is also commonly accepted as an investment tool, to protect against inflation or economic downturns.

With the advent of digital technology, investing in gold has become more accessible than ever before.

However, with this increased accessibility comes the need for individuals to be cautious when choosing a company for their gold investments.

When selecting a gold company for your investments, it is important to do research into its reputation and trustworthiness.

Ask questions about how they source their products - such as American Gold Eagles, gold bars, and gold bullion coins - as well as any fees associated with transactions.

Check out online reviews from other customers who have purchased from them previously. Doing due diligence in researching companies will help you make sure that you are making wise decisions about where your money is going and that your funds are safe from potential scams.

Seek advice from reliable financial advisors if needed; this can provide further assurance that you’re taking steps towards secure investments.

TIP: When looking into investing in gold through a particular company, consider not only the type of product they offer but also factors like customer service responsiveness and competitive pricing structure – these may be indicators of whether or not the business can be trusted with your hard-earned dollars!


In conclusion, when it comes to investing in gold and silver through USAGOLD, there are several factors that must be considered.

The company has a long history of successful transactions, an experienced management team and secure storage solutions for investors.

The reviews from customers have been positive overall. As with any investment, however, individuals must consider their own financial goals and tolerance for risk when deciding whether or not to invest.

What's more important - short term gains or long-term stability? Will you choose security over uncertainty?

Ultimately, the decision is up to each individual investor.

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