Money Metals Exchange Review

January 20, 2023
Written by Peter Anderson

Are you looking for a way to make your hard-earned money work harder? If so, then look no further than Money Metals Exchange. With their easy to use online platform and competitive rates, this company is the best place to go when you want to add some extra shine to your financial portfolio.

Money Metals Exchange has been around since 2010 and their reputation as one of the leading companies in the field speaks for itself.

They offer everything from gold coins, bars and rounds to silver bullion - all backed by their dedication to customer service excellence.

Plus, they provide up-to-date market information that helps customers stay informed on the ever changing landscape of precious metals investment opportunities.

Whether you're just starting out or an experienced investor looking for new ways to diversify your investments, Money Metals Exchange has something for everyone.

In this review we'll explore more about what makes them such a reliable source for investing in precious metals.

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What Is Money Metals Exchange?

Money Metals Exchange (MME) is an online precious metals dealer that has been in business since 2010. It offers direct storage options outside of the banking system, as well as a variety of payment methods for customers to use when purchasing products from it.

Customer service is available via phone and email, and MME also provides educational resources on its website about investing in precious metals.

MME carries coins, rounds, bullion bars and various other forms of gold, silver, platinum, palladium and copper products.

The company offers competitive pricing with no hidden fees or markups on orders. It processes all transactions securely through encryption technology.

Orders are shipped insured either directly to customer’s home or they can opt for secure vault storage at one of their depository partners located throughout the United States.

By offering a wide range of product selection combined with transparent pricing and excellent customer service, Money Metals Exchange has earned a reputation as one of the most reliable sources for buying physical precious metals online today.

What Products Does Money Metals Exchange Offer?

Money Metals Exchange (MME) is a precious metals retailer that provides investors with access to buy and sell gold, silver, platinum, and palladium coins, IRAs and bars. They are a decent company but outpaced by top competitors in the space with more experience such as 

Like the saying goes “cash is king”, but owning tangible asset such as American Eagles, Silver Bullions, Gold Bars are also part of an investor's portfolio.

Investors can choose from a large selection of both modern bullion products and rare coins at competitive prices in MME.

The company offers a wide range of coins for purchase including American Eagles which are minted by the US Mint.

They also offer other popular bullion products like Canadian Maple Leafs and 1 oz silver bars from various private refineries. For those looking for larger investments they have 10 oz gold bar options available as well.

The product line isn't limited to just coins; they offer many different forms of silver and gold bullions all which come in varying sizes based on what customers needs are.

No matter what type or size you're after, Money Metals has something that will fit your investment goals perfectly without breaking the bank!

What Is the Buying Process From Money Metals Exchange Like?

Navigating the buying process from Money Metals Exchange is like taking a journey into financial security. With an array of payment types and maximums on payment methods, customers can easily purchase precious metals without any hassle.

Getting started with Money Metals Exchange requires completing a few steps to ensure that your transaction goes smoothly.

To begin, you will need to pick the product you want to buy as well as select the desired quantity.

After selecting your products, it's time to decide whether or not you would like insurance for added protection when shipping.

Following this step, choose the type of payment method you'd like to use - such as check, bank wire transfer, or credit card - before entering in your contact info and address details.

It should be noted that some payments may include applicable fees depending on their type and size; make sure you read through all terms carefully before confirming your order!

With its reliable customer service team always available to answer questions about purchasing or selling gold and silver coins and bars, they are somewhat reliable but there's better companies on the market. MME is not a great option; we would qualify them as decent but not great - in like with others like Equity Trust, American Bullion, and LCR Coin

What Is the Selling Process From Money Metals Exchange Like?

Money Metals Exchange (MME) is one of the most popular online precious metals dealers in the U.S., with over $1 billion in sales since its inception in 2010. Selling gold and silver through MME is a straightforward process that can be completed within minutes – here’s what you need to know about it.

When selling your gold and silver, you'll get a buyback price from MME based on market prices for both metals.

Payment methods vary depending upon location but generally include checks, wire transfers or ACH deposits.

It's important to note that this buyback price may not equal what you paid when initially purchasing the metal; however, if you're open to taking other forms of payment like store credit or check, then there may be some additional discounts available to you as part of their “price match guarantee” program.

The reputation of Money Metals Exchange has been positive overall: they have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and customer reviews are mostly favorable across multiple platforms such as Trustpilot and Google Reviews.

Consequently, customers who sell their coins back to MME can feel confident that they will receive quality services and fair pricing compared to other competitors in the industry.

Are Money Metals Exchange’s Prices Competitive?

When it comes to precious metals investing, the prices of gold and silver can be as unpredictable as a roller coaster ride. As such, finding competitive rates is like searching for a needle in a haystack.

Money Metals Exchange offers investors an opportunity to purchase gold, silver and other precious metals at spot price or even below.

Money Metals Exchange's competitive prices are among the best in the industry – they beat out most major dealers' published buyback rates when purchasing coins and bars from them.

Additionally, their online platform allows customers to quickly compare current market discounts on all products with real-time pricing data, so buyers have full transparency over what they're paying for each item.

Furthermore, Money Metals Exchange closely follows movements in the global markets and adjusts its prices accordingly; this helps ensure that customers get the lowest possible premium over spot price on their purchases.

Ultimately, by utilizing Money Metals Exchange’s powerful search engine and live pricing tools, investors can secure top-tier deals while staying up-to-date on the latest developments in the precious metal marketplace.

Armed with these insights, savvy buyers can make well informed decisions about when to invest and how much to pay for their commodities.

Is Money Metals Exchange Safe?

When it comes to investing in precious metals, security is paramount. Investors want peace of mind that their investments are secure and the process is easy.

Money Metals Exchange (MME) has been in this space for years, providing investors with online customer service. They are not the best option but are technically not a scam.

With all these offerings, one might ask: Is MME safe? In short – kind of! 

At its core, MME strives to make gold and silver acquisition simple and straightforward for customers.

Its website provides users with a plethora of options when it comes to purchasing precious metals. Customers can choose from various coins or bars depending on what their goals are.

All items come fully insured and arrive at your doorstep quickly and safely due to MME's reliable shipping service provider.

Furthermore, if you ever need to sell back any products purchased through the platform, you have access to the company’s competitive buyback program.

Moreover, customers who value additional security may opt into using MME's own private storage facility located in Idaho which offers comprehensive vaulting services as well as insurance coverage against loss or damage up to $1 million USD per customer account holder.

This state-of-the-art facility features 24/7 surveillance monitored by professionally trained personnel so clients know their assets are always safeguarded - both physically and digitally - making Money Metals Exchange an excellent option for those looking for a safe place where they can store their wealth securely.


Gold is the color of success, and Money Metals Exchange offers a golden opportunity to investors. This platform allows users to purchase gold coins such as Golden Eagle Coins with confidence.

They offer an expansive selection at competitive prices and make buying precious metals easy for those who are new to investing. But just how safe is Money Metals Exchange?

The reviews from customers speak volumes about the quality of service that Money Metals Exchange provides - they have built a solid track record in terms of volume of transactions processed, customer satisfaction ratings and more.

People trust them enough to handle large sums of money when making purchases or selling their investments.

Furthermore, people can store their bullion safely through select third-party storage facilities if desired.

Fees vary according to the size and type of transaction but overall provide reasonable value for buyers looking for a secure way to acquire gold coins like Golden Eagles.

Storing Your Bullion and Fees

Savings and stocking fees are key components when considering Money Metals Exchange.

Customers have the choice of either buying bullion coins or other precious metals, which can then be stored securely in their storage facility.

Here's a breakdown of what to expect:

• Stocking fee - A one-time fee is charged for each order that is shipped out from Money Metals Exchange.

• Buyback guidelines - Customers can buy back their bullion at spot price with no additional charges within 60 days of purchase and receive full credit towards future purchases.

• Bullion coins – These include gold, silver, platinum and palladium coins available in different sizes ranging from 1 gram up to 10 oz bars.

• Safe Storage – The company offers secure vaults located in New York and Salt Lake City with insurance coverage provided by Lloyds of London.

• Shipping Costs - They offer free shipping on orders over $99; otherwise there is a flat rate charge of $4.95 per shipment.

Money Metals Exchange takes great care to ensure customers' financial information remains confidential and does not disclose customer information to the government without prior consent.

Does Money Metals Exchange Disclose Customer Information to the Government?

Even the most secure vault can't guarantee your gold is safe from government interference. So, when you're considering where to store it and who to use, one of the biggest concerns should be if Money Metals Exchange discloses customer information to the government.

Let's explore this issue in more detail.

When dealing with precious metals like American Gold Eagle coins or Credit Card Payments through Money Metals Exchange, customers have a right to know whether their financial information will be shared with the government.

Fortunately, that isn't something they need worry about because Money Metals Exchange has strict policies in place for protecting customer privacy.

The company does not share any private details about its clients without explicit permission from them or a court order.

In fact, even then only minimal data such as name and address are disclosed due to strong non-disclosure agreements signed between MME and its vendors.

TIP: When researching companies that handle your gold purchases and storage needs, make sure you look into what measures they take to protect customer privacy from prying eyes - including those belonging to Uncle Sam!

What Is the Minimum Amount of Gold You Can Buy?

The minimum amount of gold that can be purchased from Money Metals Exchange (MME) is dependent upon the type of product.

For example, MME offers a variety of gold bullion coins and bars in sizes ranging from 1 gram to 400 oz. In addition, they also offer golden eagle coins which are available in various denominations such as 1/10th ounce and 1/4th ounce.

Therefore, depending on what you're looking for, it's possible to purchase as little as one gram or up to several hundred ounces with MME’s selection.

When purchasing precious metals like gold through Money Metals Exchange, customers have the option of buying online or over the phone.

Online orders are processed quickly and securely while larger orders may require over-the-phone assistance from an experienced representative.

The customer service team at MME is always willing to help customers find exactly what they need – no matter how large or small their order might be.

What Are Customers Saying About Money Metals Exchange?

Money Metals Exchange (MME) is a precious metals dealer that specializes in gold coins and other forms of bullion. Customers have shared their experiences with MME online, providing an insight into the level of service they provide.

Reviews range from positive to negative, giving potential customers an idea of what to expect when doing business with them.

Many reviews are very positive, citing quick delivery times and competitive prices for precious metals.

Some customers noted excellent customer service as well, praising MME’s responsiveness and helpfulness whenever issues arise.

Furthermore, many statements were made about how quickly orders were fulfilled without any complications or delays.

Overall, it appears that Money Metals Exchange operates at a high standard of excellence and provides its customers with quality products and exceptional services consistently.

These glowing reports help to paint a picture of what one might experience when dealing with MME.

It's clear from these reviews that this company takes pride in helping their clients purchase gold coins and other forms of bullion quickly and safely – something that can be hard to find elsewhere in the industry.

With such overwhelmingly positive feedback from real customers, it looks like Money Metals Exchange has earned its reputation as one of the top precious metals dealers around today.

Real Customer Reviews

When it comes to investing, you want to make sure you are in good hands. One way to do this is by reading customer reviews and seeing what people have to say about the business.

Money Metals Exchange has an online reputation that speaks for itself - but let's take a deeper look at real customer reviews.

Money Metals Exchange has a five-star reputation across many review sites like Trustpilot, Google Reviews and Consumer Affairs due to their commitment of providing excellent service with fast bank wire transfers.

Customers praise the team’s helpfulness and prompt response times when placing orders or seeking assistance from customer support.

Online shoppers also appreciate the easy checkout process, great prices on products and reliable shipping methods that provide quick delivery.

Many customers state they will continue shopping with Money Metals Exchange because of their trustworthiness and quality purchasing experience!

The verdict? Based on these glowing reviews, investors can feel confident knowing that Money Metals Exchange stands behind its long tradition of delivering outstanding service no matter what precious metal product they choose - whether it be gold, silver or platinum coins or bars!

Why Put Gold in Your IRA?

One's financial security is like a three-legged stool, with social security, investments and savings making up the legs.

Putting gold in an individual retirement account (IRA) can provide added stability to one's portfolio as it has inherent value that cannot be taken away by market fluctuations or other economic factors. 

Shipping costs associated with purchasing gold coins or bars should also be factored in when investing in precious metals, along with considering the current gold prices and what type of coin will fit into your IRA such as Gold American Eagle Coins.

Diversifying one's assets allows for more control over their investment strategy while attaining greater long-term returns.

With many investors worried about stock volatility, allocating some of their funds towards physical gold may bring peace of mind knowing they've invested wisely.

For those looking to invest in physical gold through an IRA, understanding the potential risks involved as well as familiarizing themselves with reputable dealers can help them make informed decisions on where to store their hard earned money.


Money Metals Exchange is a reputable and trustworthy source for buying gold, silver, platinum and other precious metals. The buying process from Money Metals Exchange is fast, easy to understand and transparent.

Their prices are competitive which makes them an attractive option when looking to buy gold or any other precious metal.

Customers have given positive reviews attesting to the quality of service they receive at Money Metals Exchange.

Investing in physical gold or other precious metals provides stability in one's financial portfolio that paper assets can lack during times of economic uncertainty.

A metaphor illustrating this point would be comparing holding physical gold to carrying an umbrella on a rainy day - it may not guarantee you won't get wet but it will provide protection against the stormy markets ahead.

Investing in physical gold through Money Metals Exchange gives people peace of mind knowing their hard earned money is secure against inflation and currency devaluation risks associated with investing solely in stocks and bonds.

Overall, customers have found great value in using Money Metals Exchange as their go-to source for purchasing precious metals such as gold, silver and platinum.

With fair pricing, quick delivery turnaround time and helpful customer service representatives available to assist buyers every step of the way, there’s no wonder why so many are choosing Money Metals Exchange over competitors when making investments into tangible assets like physical gold.

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