The Best Gold Investment Companies in 2021

October 5, 2021- Written by Peter Wilt

With rapidly rising inflation rates, investors are looking to hedge their losses with precious metals. With a gold IRA, you can invest into precious metals but also get the great benefits of traditional IRAs.  On this page I'll share my list of who's best - based on what you're investing and what you want to accomplish.

Our rigorous review process first found 20 gold IRA company contenders. Then, we picked over those with the highest consumer ratings from the  Business Consumer Alliance  (BCA) & the Better Business Bureau (BBB), which narrowed it down to 10 companies. 

We moved on to screen these companies for the best ratings in these categories:

Customer support, investment options, legal assistance, transparency, educational opportunities, and fees & prices. 

This is how we came up with our top gold investment company list to ensure we present you with the best possible options on the market.

Our #2 Choice

4.5/5 Rating

  • Best for IRA rollovers
  • Best fee structures
  • Most inclusive

Putting your retirement or nest egg in the hands of a company you're not familiar with can be worrisome, but rest assured the companies below have exceeded their clients expectations.

They will do the same for you and secure your hard earned funds with the best possible investment strategy. 

Some of the links in this article are from sponsors. The list below is an honest review gathered from thorough research, experience, and consumer-based feedback.

Our top gold investment company picks 

Many gold IRA companies have little distinguishing qualities, but the ones on our top list stand out for transparency, professionalism, and experience.

Investment companies should make the process simple, easy to understand, with qualified support and responsive feedback. 

CoralGold's Research Team has examined 20+ gold IRA companies which are reviewed by over 3,500 customers, to compile our top list:

#1 Augusta Precious Metals - Top Overall Pick

No other company has 4 dedicated departments like Augusta does. They have  a customer success agent, a legal team, an order desk, and an economic analytics team. The legal team will take care of more of your legal paperwork, too.

Looking for a professional, client success-driven company and your 1st year of investing with no fees?

With Augusta, you have found it.  

#2 Goldco- Best for IRA rollovers

Goldco is best known for the speed and feasibility of rolling over your traditional IRA into a gold or precious metal IRA.

They have a great customer service team and are one of the most transparent IRA companies you'll find.

This is a great choice for beginner investors as well as those who have been investing for decades. 

#3 Birch Gold Group- Best for beginners

Birch Gold Group is great for beginner investors because they have a transparent process and walk you through exactly what the plan is and how they are going to handle your investments. 

If you're looking for an educated process and someone by your side, Birch Gold Group is a great choice. 

#4 Regal Assets- Most Diversity 

Regal Assets take our most diverse choice because they are an experienced company who has been around for a while, and also gives their clients the option to invest in crypto, too.

They are fast movers in the investment space and make room for those looking to invest in both precious metals and newer commodities hitting the market. 

#5 Noble Gold- Best customer service 

The reason Noble Gold gets our pick for best storage is because of their delivery policies and dedicated depository.

Any investor with Noble Gold can get a "survival pack" delivered to their door at no cost. 

They also have their own personal depository located in Texas. 

Let's Get Into the Comparison of These Gold IRA Companies....

1. Augusta Precious Metals- Best Overall

Founded in 2012, Augusta Precious Metals has since delivered education-centric investment opportunities to ensure you go down the right path with your money.

They protect your savings as if they were their own, and treat their clientele with the highest level of customer service on the market.
Augusta Precious Metals is a celebrity favorite, with Joe Montana as a big fan of the company. 

They also have very high ratings on Facebook, the National Ethics Association, Google, and the BBB.

Augusta has 4 different client-devoted departments in their company: a customer success agent, a legal team, an order desk, and an economic analytics team who all work together to deliver you the best offer with easily digestible knowledge along with.

Their legal team takes on 95% of the legal paperwork in the USA, from transfers to rollover forms, to rid you of any confusion or doubt in your actions.

Augusta Pros & Cons


  • Phone and web chat options for communication with your agents
  • No fees your first year
  • 4 customer success departments
  • AAA Rating with BBB & More great ratings


  • Online ordering not available
  • $50k IRA minimum, and $25k cash purchase minimum

2. Goldco

Goldco Precious Metals specializes in self-directed gold IRAs in the USA along with direct purchases of physical gold.
Founded in 2006, it is one of the more seasoned gold investment companies; they have years of experience and tremendous client feedback.
Once you get started with Goldco, you get an account executive to walk you through the IRA process while ensuring you meet your investment goals.
The BBB has awarded Goldco with an A+ rating and, as a private business, was also named one of the fastest-growing companies in the USA by Inc. 500.

Goldco Pros & Cons


  • No additional fees or hidden penalties
  • Highest rated on the market
  • Many years of experience 


  • No direct sales
  • To get started you must first sign up through this link:
    Link Here

Benefits of a Gold IRA Investment:

3. Birch Gold Group

Birch Gold Group aims to empower its clients to meet their personal investing goals.

They have a solid customer service department, tons of educational resources, and a transparent approach so the client knows what's happening 100% of the time with their gold investment in USA.

Since 2003, Birch Gold Group has maintained a great reputation and works with the likes of Ben Shapiro and other celebrity clients.

They have high BBB ratings, as well as Google and Consumer Affairs.
Their specialists are free to chat and explain the latest stock market information, changes, and how that applies to your IRA.

Birch's entire process is designed to empower their clients with the knowledge to make their own decisions and be confident in them. 

Birch Gold Pros & Cons


  • Dialed in one-on-one communication
  • Extensive precious metal IRA options
  • Market updates


  • high fees and setup costs

4. Regal Assets

Regal Assets has been around for about 10 years and has one of the best-rated profiles on the market, so naming them one of the top gold IRA investment choices is client-awarded.

What sets Regal Assets apart from the rest is the option of segregated metal storage at no extra fee. This means no shared ownership of your storage unit.

As a Regal Assets client, you also get free delivery to your door, anywhere in the world!
Another rarity is the flat rate for your account's life, not a percentage of your investment like other companies have.

Regal Assets Pros & Cons


  • Free delivery anywhere
  • Flat $250/year fee
  • Private segregated storage completely in your name


  • Gold prices can be above average
  • $5,000 minimum

5. Noble Gold Investments

Noble Gold Investments is based in Pasadena, CA, and makes investing in gold a breeze.

They protect your future with their personal depository in Texas that stores your bullion.
The International Depository Services is where your gold is stored, but you also have the option to get a "survival pack" delivered to your home or office, or you can pick it up yourself.

Another company with high ratings from the BBB, Business Consumer Alliance, and more which makes them one of the top gold IRA companies out there. They have a trustworthy reputation and make it a point to educate their clients on the ins and outs of gold IRAs.

Noble Gold Pros & Cons


  • Start the gold IRA process within minutes
  • Offers a buy-back program
  • Education guide that educated you on protecting your savings


  • A new company
  • Email required before startup, no direct communication

Precious Metal Investing FAQ

What is a Gold IRA?

There are two components to a Gold IRA account: an IRA and gold.

Gold is a precious metal that has been used as a secure investment for ages. It holds its value and is a commodity. Gold technically falls into the "investment diversify" category like real estate, or stocks, do.

Precious metals are a great hedge against inflation that comes with a fiat currency like the US dollar, which is thrown around and abused by politicians.

Precious metals are great because they're the actual commodity, whereas the U.S. dollar was once backed by gold, the commodity, but no longer is. It is literally backed by nothing but the government's word who issues it.

A great way to compare the US dollar and gold is by looking at their value in history.
in 1970, gold was priced at $35 per ounce. in 2021, gold is now at $1,800 per ounce.

If you had $35 in cash in 1970, it is still the same $35, but with MUCH less buying power it once had thanks to inflation.

Obviously more goes into the comparison than just their value changes in the last 50 years, but it gives you some good insight into which way both gold and the dollar are headed.

Now let's talk about what an IRA is.
IRA stands for "Individual Retirement Account"

Traditional IRAs are great because they take your pre-tax funds and invest them into your retirement. Then your account grows without any capital gains or dividends slapped on it.
The income tax comes later when you withdraw your money from the IRA.

A Roth IRA is similar to the Traditional IRA, but it only can hold stocks and bonds or cash.

Combining all of the concepts above, we get a Gold IRA, which is a gold-backed individual retirement account.

This can be made up of gold bars and coins, or different precious metals. The "traditional" approach is an IRA backed by stocks and bonds.

Your gold IRA account can also be set up with post and pre-tax income.

Gold IRA Meaning

The term "Gold IRA" refers to a specialized Individual Retirement Account (IRA) that holds physical gold and gold ETFs. 

A Gold IRA is separate from a Traditional IRA and is allowed to hold other precious metals and precious metal ETFs. 

How Does a Gold IRA Work?

A Gold IRA works just like a traditional IRA, but invested in it is gold or other physical precious metals.

You can also invest in Gold ETFs in your Gold IRA. 

This is great because a Gold IRA in the USA allows you to invest without paying capital gains tax. 

What is a Gold IRA Company?

A Gold IRA company is a company that's qualified to facilitate the purchase of gold and the setup of your Gold IRA under IRS rules.

Along with a Gold IRA company, you will also need a Gold IRA Custodian, as well as a security depository to store your gold. 

The best Gold Investment companies in USA help with this process and even take care of it all for you. 

Benefits of a Gold IRA- Why Should I Get One?

The benefits of a Gold IRA start with the diversification of your retirement portfolio in a tax-preferential way.

A great way to fund your Gold IRA is through rollovers or transfers which do not trigger any taxes when done properly.

How Do I Avoid Capital Gains Tax on Gold?

You can avoid capital gains tax on any amount of gold by investing directly into a gold IRA if you are investing within the USA.

Other taxes and fees may apply if you're investing in a different country.


The United States does not have capital gains tax on gold or silver purchased for an IRA.

How Much Does it Cost to Open a Gold IRA?

As with almost everything Gold IRAs come with fees. This usually amounts to anywhere from $250-$300 for the first year, and about $150/year after that. 

The investment minimum into your account, however, is dependent on whichever company you choose to invest with. This minimum ranges from $5,000 up to $50,000. 

Is Gold Allowed in an IRA?

Gold is allowed in a Gold IRA, which is also called a "precious metals IRA". 

There are 4 precious metals you can put into this which include gold, silver, platinum and palladium. 

Is Gold Good for Retirement?

Gold is great for the diversification of your retirement account. It hedges against inflation and actually performs best when the US Dollar is down. 

Who is the Best Gold IRA Custodian?

Our recommendation for the best Gold IRA Custodian is Equity Institutional & Self Directed IRA, which you automatically work with when signing up with Goldco.

This is one of the many benefits of working with them. 

Home Storage Gold IRA- Can I take Physical Possession of Gold in My IRA?

Although you are allowed to purchase gold and store it at home, the IRS does not allow you to store your IRA-approved gold in home storage. 

IRS Code Section 408 says your IRA precious metals must be stored with a trustee. 

Physical Gold IRA

Your Gold or Precious Metals IRA invests into physical gold and other precious metals.

With a Gold IRA, you also have the option of investing in Gold ETFs. 

$50,000 Minimum Investment

Free portfolio reviews for all clients

*Most Professional

*Most Transparent

Gold IRA Guide: What to Know Before Gold IRA Investing

Gold IRAs come with many small details you need to take into consideration- rules and regulations to comply to. 

A gold IRA is technically a self-directed IRA, which means specific rules made by the IRS need to be followed.

Below we touch on different investment options, rules, regulations, and more.

Gold IRA Investing Options

Before you begin gold IRA investing, you need to grasp what this does and does not include.

Along with gold, you can also invest in silver and platinum which are approved in the form of bullion bars and coins. 
The gold coins or bars you invest with need to meet the grade of 0.995 purity and up.

The IRS forbids any collectible investment with your precious metals IRA because they normally won't meet purity standards.

Along with physical gold investments, "paper" investments, as they're called, are also approved by the IRS.

Paper investments, also known as exchange-traded funds, or ETFs, include:
-Precious metal mutual funds
-Stocks in gold mining companies
-Precious metal commodity futures
-Gold commodity exchange-traded funds

Gold paper investments are just another way to take your diversification even further and are also a great option for those who are hesitant to put all of their investments into physical products, like gold bars and coins, alone.

Gold IRA Investment Tax Rules & Regulations

Just like any investment, the IRS has their noses deep in your business and slap a list of rules onto what you can and cannot do.

How is Gold Taxed in a Gold Backed IRA?

Taking your physical precious metals out of the vault (called a distribution) is subject to income tax once you withdrawal, but it is not subject to capital gains tax. 

Unless you have a predetermined exclusion, early distributions (before you are 59.5 years old)  get a 10% levy tax slapped onto it. 

Is a Gold IRA Tax Deductible? 

Contributions to your  Gold IRA are tax deductible, but the taxes are slapped on once you withdrawal, just like traditional IRAs. 

How Do I Avoid Capital Gains Tax on Gold?

You avoid capital gains tax on gold when investing in it through your Gold IRA, as opposed to just purchasing physical gold not through an IRA. 

Early Withdrawal Exceptions

Although you usually will get a 10% tax on any early withdrawals, some exceptions include: 

  • IRA owner has to pay medical bills and doesn't have the funds
  • IRA owner dies and the beneficiary can get access to the funds
  • IRA owner loses employment
  • IRA owner wants to do a first-time home purchase (can take up to $10k)
  • IRA owner wants to fund a family member's education

Contribution Limits

Gold backed IRAs have a contribution limit of $6,000/year and $7,000/year if you are over 50. 

It can be funded from a rollover or with a purchase made through the IRS-approved administrator. 

Age Limits

You can't withdraw your Gold IRA funds until you are 59.5, and you must take distributions of your funds once you hit 70. 

Gold IRA Investment Rules

Just like any investment, the IRS has their noses deep in your business and slap a list of rules onto what you can and cannot do.

Administrator Regulations:

To get a gold IRA, you need to go through an IRS-approved precious metals administrator.

Even though it is a self-directed IRA, administrators, custodians, and brokers need to take some action on your behalf. 

Gold IRA Approved Storage

your precious metals need to be stored in IRS-approved vaults. 

Possession of these precious metals is considered a distribution, which is subject to penalties and taxes. Surprise! 

Physical Precious Metals Storage Options

Gold is always at risk of being stolen, so having a safe depository is necessary, and, legally required. 

US Vaults:
  • Brinks Security
  • Delaware Depository
  • CNT Depository
  • Delaware Depository
  • HSBC Bank USA
  • Scotia Mocatta
  • JP Morgan Chase Bank North America

Both US and Offshore Vaults are available to your choosing, but off-shore vaults have become increasingly popular because of the chance your metal be confiscated. 

This has happened in the US in the 1930s so hesitancy is very understandable. Seizures from places like Singapore or Dubai are much less likely. 

Off-Shore Vaults 
  • Brinks Security in London
  • HSBC Bank USA in London, Singapore, Hong Kong, Zurich
  • JPMorgan Chase Bank in Singapore and London
  • Regal Assets in Singapore and Dubai
  • Scotia Mocatta in Toronto

Our Gold Backed IRA Guide: Step by Step Gold Investing

Step 1:
Determine where the funds are coming from. A rollover from an existing IRA/401(k), or a transfer?
If you're going with a rollover, you get the funds from the original account and deposit them into the new account for your gold IRA investment with a custodian.

This NEEDS to be done within 60 days, or the IRS considers it a withdrawal, which means you are charged a 10% tax if you're under the distribution age limit. 

One rollover is allowed per year.

If you're doing a transfer, the money goes straight from the old account into the new one.
You can make as many transfers as you'd like.

You can do both a
rollover and a transfer from a 401(k), a Traditional IRA, a Roth IRA, or a 403(b) retirement plan.

Step 2:
Choose your
gold IRA custodian and specific strategy.

We listed our favorites above, and I would personally go with either
Goldco or Augusta. They are two of the top gold investment companies you can work with; whichever you choose, consider it a win. The other gold backed IRA investment companies mentioned in this article are better than the other contenders like American Hartford GoldJM Bullion, Lear Capital, Rosland Capital, 7k MetalsSD Bullion and Monetary Gold

We usually see an average of 10% to 15% portfolio investment going to gold IRAs, but with the status of the US and its dollar, more is acceptable.

Step 3:
Make your purchase!

Don't make the mistake of going with a local dealer in your area. Go with a well-rounded, experienced, and
proven best gold backed IRA dealer online.

This gets you lower markups, better quality service, and a better overall experience and investment.
Just like custodians, look for
IRA-approved dealers that have great ratings, client feedback, and a stellar reputation. The best gold investment companies in the USA are most likely not in your neighborhood, they are found online. 

Getting in with a quality gold dealer is almost as important as working with a top gold investment company; they go hand in hand and each serve their own purpose.

Is Investing in a Gold IRA Worth it?

Diversifying your portfolio has always been a good idea, but now more than ever, keeping all your assets in the US dollar is a surefire way to lose your purchasing power and the level of wealth you have today.

Inflation is higher than ever, and as of today, September 5, 2021, things have never looked worse for the United States dollar.

Do yourself a favor and take control of your hard-earned retirement. Don't let these politicians control the trajectory of you and your family's future.

Finding the best company to invest in gold with is the first part, but following through is necessary. 

 Get in contact with one of the best gold IRA investment companies on the market and secure your retirement today!

Augusta Precious Metals

Augusta is the leading provider of Gold and other precious metal IRAs. They offer exceptional customer service and diversification options for their clients.

We hope this article pointed you in the right direction to compare the top gold IRA investment companies while deciphering which is the best for you to invest in gold with.

Secure your savings and future with one of the longest-standing commodities of all time.

Secure Your Retirement with a Precious Metals IRA